100 thoughts on “PlayStation Hits – Summer 2019

  1. Some of this games dont even worth 20 $ / £ or €, this is just a marketing strategy, sell old games for 19.99 something, that in reality they cost a lot less, dont get me wrong, i have a ps4 and i love to play it but this is just a marketing move. I only buy some of these games when they are on a discount.

  2. Just realised PS4 was released 6 years ago, it feels kinda late for their hit games being annouced after this many years

  3. All the Uncharted games + TloU are some of the best games of all time !
    everyone should Pick them up ! <3

  4. Years ago I sold my PS2, I regret it to this day. I own 2 PS3’s and a PS4 and I’ll never trade them for anything!

  5. Сони,Вы ахуели там совсем?Что это за подача пидорских игр в июле,Вы совсем забыли что в Ваши игры играют Блять люди,сука,Ark survival avolved,Follaut 4/76,Anthem,Horizon zero dawn,Noruto shipuden/shtorm (3,4),Star wars 1/2,Shadow of the mordor,Terraria Doom 4,Dayt layt,killzone,столько игр хороших,Вы Блять думать не можете,и выбрать.Вы так опустились уже,что скоро начнёте сами есть говно,нас Вы уже заставили,уже как 3 месяца,что случилось,Вы же совсем недавно Konan Exails давали,я,все мои знакомые были рады,а Щас кто рад будет и без подписки бесплатного футбола и гонок прямиком с мобилок,,фу,сами жрите это.

  6. Yakuza 3 4 5 remastered that'll be a great bundle Sega skipping on and a chance for ps4 player to get the full series from 0 to 6 and Judgement

  7. all of these games for 20$ or each game price is 20$?and Does i need a fast internet to play these games?even the offline games?or i can play it with any internet speed?!

  8. i am quite irritated that some of these playstation hits do not even include any DLC or season pass which had been released.

  9. I wish Sony would buy Silent Hill rights from Konami they aren't doing anything with it and make it exclusive for the PS5 would be the smartest thing they would do.There's a huge fanbase behind it and alot of gamers would be happy to see it back to life.

  10. Crazy how HZD is only 20 bucks. If you haven't played it, you're doing yourself a disservice. One for the best games of the generation. Top 5 PS4 Exclusives for sure.

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