PLAYTIME GOES CAMPING! (I Wanna Camp With Someone…) | Baldi’s Basics Roblox Roleplay

PLAYTIME GOES CAMPING! (I Wanna Camp With Someone…) | Baldi’s Basics Roblox Roleplay

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fire it’s dangerous. Ahhh! What?! It did the wow thing. [Captions by Y Translator] Hello everybody! I am Kindly Keyin and
welcome back to Roblox. So, once again here we are
in Baldi’s Basics role play. One of my favorite recreations
of Baldi’s Basics in Roblox. This thing is so good. Now, the last time we played,
we played around with with Camping Baldi, but we couldn’t actually go camping. Well apparently,
the game has been updated. So now we can go into the forest
and we can actually go camping. So I want to check
out all that stuff. There was also I guess
some new VIP morphs that you guys were telling me about
that I either missed or were not here. I don’t think these were
here when I last played, so that’s pretty cool. We can play as the original bully. We can also play as Arts
and Crafters, which is scary. He’s so weird, it’s just
like how his mouth opens and then he just chases you. And then of course we
have the other two that we had before, but– Oh my gosh, I just got
sweeping timed for real. But let’s uh,
let’s go over here. And I think that there might actually be
some new emotes for Baldi, I think I read that. If we put on the camp outfit
does anything change? Huh, doesn’t look like it. So maybe the new emotes
were new when we played so they’re not really new to us. And I think some of the new
emotes might actually be like, the camp instructions
and let’s go camping. Which apparently,
nobody wants to go camping last time we played. Nobody wanted to
go camping with me. I was very very sad. Yes, it looks like it’s
sweeping time go, go sweep. But anyways, let’s be Camping Baldi
for now and let’s teleport to the map and let’s find ourselves this Here Forest. Where’s the forest? We must find the bus to the forest. I think you guys said that
it’s where Porygon used to be. So I’m hoping that it’s
that it’s over here. It’s against this wall
over here– Oh! It is, it totally is. There’s Baldi’s bus, of course,
it might actually be Joe’s bus but let’s ignore that. Also, did you notice that baldy
spelled his own name wrong? Assuming that baldy is the one
who put this over Joe’s bus, continues to kind of
add more fuel to my idea that there’s a reason. A very very big reason why
Baldi is the Math teacher, and not the English teacher. Unless the apostrophe is actually an I,
but then he forgot the apostrophe because it’s possessive. Come on, Baldi! Get your English study straight. Alright, buddy? Alright, enough of that. Let’s just– I guess if we go. Oh oh. Yeah, I gotta sweep. You wanna… You want to go camping? Let’s see. Let’s see if he–
>>Let’s go camping.>>Somebody is in your office? Ohhh. Oh we better check
this out first. You know what? I’m gonna put on my angry face. Let’s… Yeah. Wait– stealing from me? Excuse me? Where? Where is this thief? Where where are they? This guy’s looking for me. You’ll never know. Here. We should set
our RP name, right? So, not Kindly Keyin. How’s that work? There we go. That way no one will ever suspect
that we might actually be Kindly Keyin, we’ll throw them off the scent. Alright, where’s the guy
who’s stealing from me? I got my angry face on and I’m mad. I’m real mad. Are you stealing from me? You’re not stealing from me. You’re just being weird. You’re just the weird dude that
I keep underneath my office and makes… Static-y noises. Okay. You’re just gonna send me back. Alright, let’s go back
into camping gear. It’s time to go camping. Look at how happy is now
that he is camping. See, this is a Baldi
that’s not going camping. This is a baldi that
is going camping. Let’s make our way
over to the bus. Alright, into the bus. Can we? Yes! This is so cool. Yeah, this this whole area
wasn’t here the last time I played. I know a lot of you guys were
like you missed it! You missed it! No, I came over here and there
was just nothing here. But now, we can go camping. So can I actually pick up
these bear traps, you think? Oh! That hurts! That was hurting me! Wait, so if I stand in that long
enough is it gonna kill me? No, it doesn’t look like it’s going
to kill me, but when I step in it, my screen goes all red. Oh, you know what? Actually, I think
I’m losing health. I think– Yep. I died. I’ve got murdered
by a bear trap. Okay, so we found
the camping area. That is like… That’s amazing. I’m so glad
that they added that. I mean, of course,
they would add it but you know, I mean,
it’s pretty sweet that they added it. Now let’s check out
these weird new VIP things. This is a Bully, I love it. Get do– So, do you think that I
actually block pathways? Cause that would be amazing. So where’s somewhere that
bully likes to hang out? I think he likes to hang out like,
in this hallway right here? Does he have any emotes that
aren’t on the regular Bully? Give me something great. Taking candy. Say it. Say it. I’m going to take your candy. It’s mine? What is that?>>I’ll take that. It’s mine now. Yeah, I think that was
one of the ones that I had never really heard, or at least when he says it there’s
too many other noises happening, that make it like impossible
to understand what it is that he’s saying. No items, no pass.>>What? No items. No pass. It’s interesting. Actually, I think what
I’m gonna do is reset my character. And let’s just switch over
to the bully that is built into the game, that’s not a VIP costume
and let’s see if he has the same emotes. Where you at? There.
It’s a bully. There he is. I love it. Yeah, he has the same
exact set of emotes. So, nothing special about
the VIP one, other than, that it looks pretty cool. That it gave me that looks exactly
like the Bully from the game. So let’s do the same thing
with Arts and Crafters here and– Oh, he has whoosh
and he has screech, and an angry face of co– Oh my gosh, that is terrifying! Yeah. That’s that’s definitely
the noise that he makes and then screech. Oh, I didn’t realize
that that was him making that noise. Angry Arts and Crafters
is very very scary and he’s gonna go for a swim. Angry Arts and Crafters
needs to cool off by jumping in the pool. Taking a little dip. Feels good. Right, buddy? Feeling a little bit better? Think that’s gonna put you
in a better mood, let’s see. Hey! He’s feelin’
a little bit better. I remember that we saw
Arts and Crafters in the pool and I thought that that was really weird,
and I also was concerned about him you know,
getting super soggy because no one likes soggy socks. But someone left a comment
in the comment section that was the perfect pun that I completely missed. I had the perfect
opportunity, right? I think I even said it looks
like the Loch Ness monster. Why did I say Loch Ness? You know what I
could have said? You already have it
in your head. The Sock Ness monster. Why didn’t I say that? It would have been so good. Whoever said that in the comment section,
you’re brilliant and you’re going places. I guarantee it. The Sock Ness monster. It’s so good. Anyways, there we are. Alright, let’s just
double check that the the Arts and Crafters, the special one has
the same emotes as the regular one. So, let’s jump back up
to the main area. Is this man a hamster? No.
He’s Doge. Oh, okay. All I saw was the back
of his head at first so I thought maybe this person has
a hamster head which is still weird. Arts and Crafters
neutral and angry. There’s angry– he looks like he’s made out
of marshmallows, which I kind of love. That is really good. This is really really good. Alright, enough messing around
with the VIP morphs. I want to play
with the OG morphs. I want to be playtime. And playtime wants
to go camping. It’s Camp Time! That’s her new name. Not playtime anymore,
she’s Camp Time. We’re going camping, let’s do it. Of course Susie
wants to go camping. Why wouldn’t she? She’s got a jump rope, and she’s got her camping gear on,
sort of but not really. But she’s going camping. That’s probably what
I’m most excited about. I want to go camping as Playtime. But I hope that there’s
a Baldi out there. Please, please. Camping Baldi? Hello? Oh, you can sit on the logs! That’s great! Hey, I want to… I want to camp with someone. I want to camp with someone. Hee-hee-hee. Let’s go camping. No? Nobody likes Susie,
everybody just leaves. She just wants to play. I just wanna– I just wanna go camping. Don’t. No, Playtime. Camp Time. Susie, don’t stand in
the fire it’s dangerous. Ahhh! What?! It did– It did the wow thing
but check it out! He came. Camping Baldi’s here. So now we can… Now we can learn. Okay. We gotta collect firewood. Okay. Alright. Alright, Playtime goes camping! Let’s do it! Let’s see if we
can actually do this. Can– Ooh! I think we can. We totally can! This is so great. I love it. Why is this RP, so well made? It is such an accurate recreation
of Baldi’s Basics, it never lets me down. It’s so good. Wow! Can I just do that
a bunch of times? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I sure can Susie’s
doing her part though, to keep this fire going! She loves camping. She absolutely loves camping. Who’s eating? Who’s yumming? Who’s yumming around here? Okay. Yeah.
We’re just– Oh, you guys are beating
each other up with rulers? Okay, I can do that too. Look at me. Look at me. I got a ruler too. I got a ruler. Oh my– Oh my, okay. Yeah, candy bars and
burgers the perfect camping food. Alright, let’s continue collecting
wood before the fire goes out. Let’s play. Let’s camp,
that’s what it should say. As soon as I teleport
into this world. It should be let’s camp. There we go. We got– oh no, I wanted to count
as I picked up the logs. Okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait, stop. Stop. You’re done? You done? Okay, check this out. This is gonna be great. Okay. No, gotta go faster! They’re too far apart. She’s not fast enough. That’s alright,
let’s get some wows. Let’s get some wows going. It’s so good. Wow. Wow. So, can you go back? Can we just go into
the bus and it’ll… Oh yeah, we totally can. That’s great. But I don’t want to go
back yet, I’m camping. But where did… Where did Baldi go? Baldi? Hello? Is he– he left? I’m a little worried. Little worried
that Baldi’s gone because what happens in a real game,
is baldy disappears for a little bit and then he comes back much much
angrier than he used to be. And that makes me scared. I’m scared. It’s not the bears
that I’m scared of, guys. It’s definitely not the bears. It’s the Baldis. It’s the Baldis. I’m just gonna explore
the forest a little bit more, see if there’s any secrets around here. I know how much these
guys like to hide stuff. Maybe Porygon is hiding out
in the forest, who knows? I do see the cloud. It’s little bit darker
in the Roblox version than it is in the real version, because I
remember seeing it in the real game and thinking is that the moon? That was a weird looking moon and then I thought it
was an elephant. Yeah, true story. Now, I realize that’s
a weird-looking elephant. Finally, we landed on clouds
which totally makes sense. Ooh!
The principal is here. Why is the the
principal camping? You were not invited
to this camping trip. Ooh, I’m scared. You know what’d be
really creepy? Is you’re walking around forest
and you hear this. Yeah. Yeah, you would not
be walking anymore. You would start running. Guarantee it. Do you think people
can see me out here? Do you think they know
that I’m out here? You think I could
sneak up on them? Play a little playtime prank. You think that can happen? I don’t know,
they might see me. I’m trying to like use
the the trees as cover. See, do they… Do they see me? Do you think I can go for it? Oh, I see sweeping time. He’s running around. Let’s go into sad mode. Oh yeah, we’re sad mode. Were gonna run up there and we’re going to
spam our sad emote. Oh, no. Does he see me? Oh, he sees me! He sees me! Do you think we scared him? Just a little bit. You think we did a good little–
little Susie prank there? It’s what kids do when
you’re camping, right? No? Alright.
I’m happy again. I’m happy because I’m putting– I’m putting firewood in the fire. That’s what I’m doing. The wow. It’s so good. It makes me so happy. JacobNiceGuy you’re doing
a great job, you want to play? I want to camp with someone. Ooh, we’re– No, I was going
to sit next to you. We were going to roast
marshmallows together. Why are you leaving
JacobNiceGuy? Maybe you’re not as nice
of a guy as I thought you were. He’s got scissors! He’s got scissors! No. No! No! Why would you do that to me? I was just hoping to enjoy camping with you. And you cut my jump rope. Even Susie has feelings
and you hurt them. You hurt these feelings. And I know every video we
get a few new viewers and people are like, who the heck is Susie? Susie’s the name
of play time that I gave her. It’s her given name. It’s the name that I gave her and I hope that it catches on. It’s a good name. It’s a great name. And it’s her name. So spread the word. Playtime’s real name, Susie. But let’s carry on, now
that we got saddened away, got our jump rope cut. I just wanted to sit next to the kid,
and he brings out scissors and cuts my jump rope. Not cool. Not cool. I guess, I’m not invited. I guess I don’t get to be… I guess I don’t get to be
one of the cool kids. They’re just gonna bully me
because I just want to jump rope all the time. So can I sit next
to you, JacobNiceGuy? There we go. Oh, that’s just adorable. That’s just… That’s a great shot
right there. Look at us! All camping together. Having a great time! This is great. This is so good. Oh no, is he gonna bring out
the scissors again? I want– Or are you gonna play? Are you gonna– Let’s play? Are you gonna– you gonna do this? You’re gonna cut
my jump rope again. JacobNiceGuy is
not such a nice guy. Keeps cutting my– What’s Baldi doing out here? Why are you
collecting the wood? You’re supposed to tell
the other kids to go collect the wood, and you’re collecting the wood. Alright, I think we’ve
experienced the world of camping. I think it’s pretty good. I do want to see if there’s
anything else that I’m missing if there’s anything
new in the school here. So let’s do a quick kind
of run around the school. Look around. We know we have the library here,
of course, which is cool because there is no library in the real game,
but I like how they added a little something else here. I’m looking forward to
seeing Porygon come back with his mysteries and his secrets. I liked that little minigame,
it was really really hard but I liked it. Of course, here’s Baldi. Big update coming
whenever the expansion for Baldi’s Basics comes out. Is there an expansion
that I don’t know about? Or is this referring
to the actual … like camping
update that came out? Great question. Do not have the answer. Yeah. I really like that, that Porygon like jumping
thing that you had to do. Granted, it was really hard
but I hope that something cool like that comes back. Hey! Hey where you going Camping Baldi? You’re going– you’re not going camping. This is the s– You’re going
to the swing set? Alright. I mean, we can do that. Let’s do this. Yeah, here we go. Here we go. Let’s swing together. That’s fun. Playtime and Baldi just
swinging on swings. Can I do– I did
a full flip, right? I gotta do this again. Here we go. Let’s go. Do it. You’re almost there. Almost there! Come on, you could do it. You can– Come on! She’s so close. Full flip. Full flip! Oh my gosh. There we go! Oh, look at her go. It’s magic. That would be incredibly disorienting
and probably make you throw up. But Susie loved it. It was one of the greatest experiences of her life. Oh. Oh, we’ve got VIP
bully here too. Why is he following me? It’s kind of creeping me out. I guess eventually, a bully
and playtime are going to get married as we learn from the college mod. So good for them,
good for them. I’m very happy for them. But in the meantime, Playtime,
she’s just interested in jump roping with everybody,
everywhere, at all times. Oh!
Can we pick this up? Can I pick up the WD-NoSquee? I can’t pick up
the WD-NoSquee? Do I have to– nope. Nope, can’t pick it up. Alright, that’s fine. Can we still go to Banana land? Also, there’s hamster doge. Let’s see if we can
still go to Banana Land because I love Banana Land,
upside down Banana Land, of course. Upside down Banana Land? Oh, a banana. Yes! We can still go to Banana Land and it’s as still as magnificent
as it has always been. And there you go, Playtime sitting
at the dinner table upside down in Banana Land. Yeah, it’s a weird game. It’s a really weird game,
but it is so much fun to just mess around
with all the mechanics and see how people interact with you. I know a lot of you guys
want me to use the chat, but I kind of prefer just
trying to communicate with people by using the emotes. That’s it. That’s all I’m gonna give them. See if they can figure out and if we can
interact in a way that kind of, sort of makes sense. At least in the Baldi universe. But yeah, this game
is a ton of fun. I will have a link to it
in the description down below. I know a lot of you
guys ask for links to the games that I play. I always put them
in the description. Maybe there’s a few
instances where I forget. But eventually,
I’ll get them in there. So be sure to check
out the description. Sometimes I’ll even pin a comment
at the top of the comment section with a link to it. So maybe I’ll do that in this video so
that you guys can definitely find this RP because it is top notch! But guys, that’s gonna do it
for this episode. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you did, be sure
to hit that like button. And of course,
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and I will see you guys next time.

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