P!nk’s Daughter Asked for a Raise on Tour

[MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] They didn’t know you were here. Wow, that’s fun. Yeah, very surprising. Hi. Hi. They were tearing it up before. It was like a dance club. Yes it is. Yes, they’re very
excited to see you, Pink. And I’m excited to see you. You look fantastic. I wish Carey would do
that when I got home. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. He doesn’t do that? No. What about the babies,
Jameson, Willow? Jameson does. Willow? Willow’s like, eh. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. Nah. But Jameson does. Jameson’s like, hi, mama. Like, you little– oh! He’s adorable. He is adorable. It’s Earth Day,
and you are doing wonderful things for the
planet, first of all, just by being on it. And then also, you have
a 25 acre vineyard. Yes, organic. And organic. And when you said you were
going to start making wine, I pictured like you
had like a row of like, six plants back in your yard. You really– it’s amazing. You have a whole winery. A whole thing, yeah. And it’s selling, and
it’s doing really well. Well, I’ve sold 85 cases so far. Wow. We just started. [CHEERING] Thanks. Tell everyone the name and
where they can go buy it. It’s called Two Wolves,
and it is my heart project. I’ve had two dreams in my life. One I’m going to do in a minute. And the other is making wine. And the thing about it is– Wait, where do I fit into it? Am I– You’re there, you’re there. OK, OK. You’re there. Thank you. You’re with me, and we’re on
our knees listening to music, pruning. OK, all right. No, but talk about the wine. Because you really went into
learning everything about it. I did. I went to school. And I’m a high school dropout. It’s the first time
I’ve been a student. I think education is
sometimes wasted on the young, because we don’t know
what we’re interested in. But I love learning,
and I love hard work. I like work. I like to be busy. And it’s art too. And it’s beautiful,
and it’s creative. It’s me and one other woman. And we’re just doing
the damn thing. It’s so great. I’m so excited for you. [CHEERING] You look so good and so rested. You were at the Staples
Center last night. Do I? Yeah, you do. I have a very good
makeup artist. Yeah. No, you do. You look great. And your eyes are very
clear, and you look healthy. Thank you. You do. [LAUGHTER] I’m surprised myself to say it. And Willow is working now. What do you have
her doing there? She’s working. She works dancers quick change. So the dancers– we all have
a lot of quick outfit changes. And she works under the stage. And she really does work. She’s already asked for a raise. [LAUGHTER] And she also has
lemonade stands. And this one was
to save the sloths. Or actually– We have two. I think one is named Aretha, and
the other one is named Beyonce. This is for real, the Costa
Rican Foundation for Sloths. And she raises money. She did a report in school,
and she sold the report to all the suckers
on my tour for $5. [LAUGHTER] And they’re like, god,
you are expensive. Yeah. So it’s good. She raises a lot of money. She’s raised money
for the sloths. She’s currently trying to
find a lizard sanctuary. We haven’t been
able to find one. No? All right. Well, if she’ll give me
the money, I’ll find one. (LAUGHING) OK. If she wants to help my
gorillas, I’ll let her do that. She would. She would love to. She should help with that.

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