Pod Of Orcas Take Down Minke Whale

Pod Of Orcas Take Down Minke Whale

COMM: Off the coast of eastern Russia, an excursion of scientists and tourists, led
by photographer Mikhail Korostelev, witnessed a rare sight – a group of transient orcas
hunting a minke whale. There are two types of orcas, residents who live in one place
all year round and eat fish, and the more rare transients who roam and will take down
bigger prey, including other whales. COMM: The two types do not interbreed and have different social structures. Here, the
group of transients are weighing the minke whale down in the water, preventing it from
reaching the surface to breathe. COMM: When their prey has been weakened,
the orcas finish it off. COMM: For the first time, scientists captured the audio of the orcas chat to each other,
after they had made their kill. And they hope that analysing it, will give them new insight
into how the whales communicate.

45 thoughts on “Pod Of Orcas Take Down Minke Whale

  1. Two separate groups of Orcas that don't socialize or interbreed with each other, does this mean they're xenophobic?

  2. The two groups of orcas make me think of our early human ancestors. You have the classic "cave men," and then the nomads ho followed the herds.

  3. my english is pretty intermediate and I thought I was going to watch orcas being friendly with a whale 🙁

  4. Rather an orca taking a single whale, which is their food source, from their own larder the ocean, than humans pillaging whales en masse for economic gain.

  5. Orcas run the ocean, including great white sharks and any other shark. Ain’t no one fuckin with them. Lol. Smarter than the rest and travel in pods aka gang life.

  6. They say that killer whales are monsters. when we are really the monster, due to the excess fishing of salmon (their main source of food) they are left without food, which makes them look for other ways to feed themselves.

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