100 thoughts on “Pokémon GO Travel: Research Tour—Meet the Team! (Ep. 1)

  1. Impressive video! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we love to come across this form of contents. We make Travel & Food video too, throughout the world, and also we are always hoping to find inspirations as well as techniques. Thank You.

  2. Most shiny pokemon caught in 30 minutes?! Outside of community days and legendary raid days I average ONE shiny every month and a half! I've been playing since the beginning and have around 69,000 pokemon caught.

  3. Devuelvanme mi cuenta porque yo no usaba hacks porfabor a los que si usan yosticks nada que feo de Niatic

  4. I would.like to request niantic that please release these kinds of events in Nepal because only few people play this game in Nepal so we have to support this game we have make other people of my country play this game

  5. I want to have a chat feature in the gym, and there is a country flag, so I know that the player is using a VPN or heack map.I want to have a chat feature in the gym, and there is a country flag, so I know that the player is using a VPN or heack map.Request Pokestop and Gym at this point -8.586433,116,480296 8.585778,116.480922 8.586047,116.481026 Requeat pokestop and gym please and pokemon noting this please please

  6. 7200 2797 1652
    Area 51 GIFTS
    JK,its just for 1 day 3000XP friendship.
    I am a rural player ,please send me 1 gift for supplies. U GET 3200 XP on day 1.

  7. Alola mates 🙂
    I'm lookin' for New Zealand players to build up our friendship-level before I'll be there later this year for work and travel.
    Will be stocking up Mr. Mime for you guys!
    My TC is 8503 2997 2015 (NZ players only pls)
    Currently, I'm located in Germany.
    Can't wait to see the most beautiful country in the world and meet up with you for trading!
    Gotta catch 'em all and see you soon 🙂

  8. How about you switch sponsored Pokémon youtubers each year? That way you get new people joining and a bigger audience. I have nothing against these youtubers. It just becomes a bit stale. Besides new people and new audiences means new people finding out about Pokémon go which equals more revenue

  9. I widen Pokemon fan since was kid I am 35,in 2014 I was diagnosed with cancer wen Game was released it my out let and help rehab made chemo more bearable catching while having treatment

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