Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Analysis – Dynamax Stats, Rotom Bike, Camping & More!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Analysis – Dynamax Stats, Rotom Bike, Camping & More!

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and today we’re gonna be analyzing the new Pokemon
direct further the reminder we are giving away a Nintendo switch worth 300
hours of eShop credit as well as a copy of pokemon sword or shield be sure to
stay tuned in the end of video for more info as normal we’re gonna be going
through this footage almost scene by scene we’re gonna be reviewing the
trailer at quarter speed so we’re about 12 FPS about the same frames per second
that I get in Zelda in the lost woods at the very beginning retreated to a whole
bunch of cityscapes and in which we’re gonna be seeing these large gyms
appearing also possibly a Pokemon Center and Pokemon just kind of hanging out in
the cities that was one of the things that they added in Sun and Moon that was
just something really nice to make it feel like the world was full and lived
in and totally awesome we also got the images of like really cool architecture
just straight-up castles homey shame your shirt doesn’t have a Gyarados on it
right here we have the champions younger brother who has too soft of eyes to
become a pokemon champion that’s known for a fact and then just a little bit
later we see a scene this is the choose your starter screen that you’re gonna be
seeing at the very beginning of the game is gonna be like y’all wonky score bunny
or the best one Sabo or the best one grew key this is the
first generation that I’m not really wowed by the fire type and then whoever
you choose apparently you fist bump them or maybe that’s just score bunny we get
another scene of very early in the game at that purple house on the right-hand
side of your house still in the Scotland area before making a way to the England
area there is a guy who looks like a trainer over here on the right is in a
very trainer II stance so maybe after you get your starter you’re gonna be
heading over here to this house for something we got this huge monument of
three diglettz inside of like a Roman pillar train station I don’t know crazy
stuff now their ruins their ruins I love the layout in the architecture of this
very modern steampunky City with all the gears and
everything turning really dope stuff we haven’t see the professor’s hot
assistant with her super dope nails and professor willow with a bird Kane
because she’s an old woman and yes the champions younger brother is your rival
so apparently you’re gonna be living near each other and then you’re gonna be
heading over to the professor for your starters and other professori things in
a sheet growing yes of weird-looking plant this is sort of an interesting
scene here and it reminds me of soon as you start up Omega Ruby alpha sapphire
once you start to head into the grass you can sneak up on a Pokemon for the
chaining of them I don’t know if we’re gonna be getting that feature back yeah
you see the exclamation mark and you immediately crouch down but then it ran
over to them then apparently you found Solid Snake and we get the new the new
sheep pokémon and the scone and we got the angry turtle our trainer is gonna be
catching the Sheep probably making himself some haggis this is really
interesting we see this very quick clip and there’s hearts coming off of them
and he has a music note above him so I think there’s a very good chance that
the interacting with your Pokemon it’s gonna be back we’re gonna be able to pet
them and feed them and then also back here this looks like a tent so I’m
wondering when you’re in the giant wild lands if you’re gonna be able to set up
your own tent and camp out and maybe that’s like a mobile Pokemon Center and
you get access to your PC as well as your trading online functionality this
looks like a updated version of a scene that we saw in the previous trailer of
these beautiful lush wheat meadows except now we have some construction
cones and you have this worker over here this farmhand we get this weird iceberg
area so in this scene we can clearly see that the trainer has the super big
bracelet on beta maxing we’re already made to presume that this is somewhat
later in the game because I mean once you find trainers with Saucon throughout
their lot like between 26 and 40 and you’re gonna have yourself your big
black Skarmory damn crows watching the wall get a really really
dope scene of zooming in on the character wall in the wildlands are the
calm lands is I’m probably going to accidentally refer to it at least once
where we see a whole bunch of wild Pokemon just chilling Wobbuffet but
where’s a ride on in a sandstorm which is really dope
golurk and dusk skull at nighttime and gas lease so we’re most likely getting
day/night cycles back which is awesome we have Gyarados here in the pond butter
fries mud steal he’s a good pony Tyranitar all the lug I’m probably
saying some of these names wrong so this is really interesting here we see the
bicycle return which is awesome obviously we need a bicycle to traverse
such a large area but does this mean that we’re not getting poked a ride back
so we’re not gonna be able to ride around a tauros we were already told
that the big black crow is gonna be how we’re gonna fast travel around so we can
theorize that that’s gonna be similar to how we use Charizard pokey ride before
but now we have a bicycle that lets us ride around and then it also goes on
water that’s dope now I don’t know if this is a separate bicycle that you get
at a later point or if just your bicycle by default when you go to water you’re
gonna be able to paddle through it which is pretty awesome fishing is back
alright we have berry trees available instead of berry piles I don’t get this
cuz like you’re just standing on the side and you’re whistling for Pokemon to
come out of the grass maybe that’s a way to get Pokemon that don’t normally spawn
they’re now retreated to what appears to be a very dark looking castle slash
building here on the left and sort of a Deadlands area we have all these little
pillars of light coming up that would infer that there’s a raid now I don’t
know if you’re gonna need to all run to one specific light for the raid or if
the raid the lights are gonna be circling where the raid is gonna be the
raid seemed like a pretty interesting idea I just hope that as a single player
you’re gonna be able to challenge it you ever notice that Flygon has a lot of
representation in this game so far I find that weird and then the trainer
uses the Betamax on – and then Raju becomes the thickest
over here at the gym this is when you’re going up against the grush trainer who
does he have six Pokemon or that’s just part of his outfit he is one of the
Betamax rings – now I thought this was the neat little detail we have a Rotom
over here and then we also have a Rotom right here in the overlay it looks like
they’re using Rotom as cameras in order to broadcast these battles which is
pretty neat that’s clearly a Rotom and now we have
ditto man with his Ultra Ball it was an Ultra Ball right
it looks like the giant pokeballs are sort of like premier balls but sort of
have like a net pattern at the top I’m interested to see what happens when
larger Pokemon have the the Dyna maxing effect what happens if you do it on
Wailord or Snorlax or dawn wings Nick Rosa now getting back to when they were
talking about the wild area this area they do mention that you have free
control over the camera when you are here with that specific language that
makes it sound like that when we’re in cities and just not to in the wild area
we are not going to have free rein over the camera and it’s gonna be a fixed
down perspective camera again but only once we’re in the wild area do we have
full control of the camera kind of like Twilight Princess HD how you get control
of the camera but then some places it’s a fixed camera the max rate battle
seemed really interesting on how that’s gonna work
additional accessories may be required from multiplayer mode it sounds like you
need to use the switches Wireless land feature play with other players they say
that you can play online and that Nintendo switch service is required for
that so you’re gonna be able to enter raids with friends because that sounds
pretty dope we had to meet the champion Leon we’re introduced to his Charizard
which has dope his little brother I love how they’re using phones that are
clearly rotom’s the hot professor assistant and then toward the end we get
to see the legendaries here that’s just a beautiful majestic Pokemon this is
obviously the shield of sword and shield which the shield design is incorporated
beautifully in his head and where his Mane would be and
then sticking out a little bit and then sword is just wolf holding holding a
sword in his mouth is like hard it would also appear that despite the sword and
the shield pattern they sort of have a crown design on their head very regal
legendary Pokemon now they have the exact same color scheme red white and
blue with some gold we have American soul Gallio and we have remix suicune
over here I’m sure we’re gonna see in the story if they work together if
they’re gonna be doing some weird fusing stuff if they’re gonna be viable on
their own there’s just so much left to explore with these boys and then also I
wanted to take a quick look at the press kit that went out to see if there is
anything super useful in here which we get high-resolution pictures of the new
Pokemon that were introduced to us including The Crow here is the new Dyna
maxing bracelet we have our rock salamander our pollen puff our female
trainer grew key-in in action that makes it look like it has three arms that’s
weird remember what I said he has soft eyes he has a soft personality too very
much living in his brother shadow his older brother the guy she tells you to
not worry about you dope part of the legendaries here which shield looks much
more vicious than sword with his mouth open and the large shield display here
ah really really dope we get artwork of the max raid battle a bunch of random
screen shots apparently when you enter an office building there’s just a buddy
chill in there he’s our incense makes the office small
nice here we get a really cool shot of the trainer customization option at the
beginning of the game where to avoid specifically stating genders it says
choose a photo from the lineup and we can see in this slight contrast that it
says zero to I assume step one is your name step two is choose a photo that
most closely represents yourself by the color of everyone’s eyes it’s very clear
that we’re gonna get contact options again because that’s not fun
oh nice we get a full look at the UI and what its gonna look like now keep in
mind this is all early stuff but I love it it’s flat it’s clean I like look at
this flat white look at how modern this text this font is how small these balls
are I would have never assumed it would have never thought that they would go
for such a clean clean modern look how beautiful is that we see a scene of
a groupie in a tree with Berry score bunny in a battle it looks like the
backdrop has a lot more depth to it than it did on Sun and Moon ultrasone altra
moon that there’s layers to it and it’s not just like here’s a flat image of a
backdrop of a city that was pretty weak oh I see crying what’s wrong buddy oh
and then for wild battles we now have an option to quick throw a ball also we see
that y is for info so we can assume that the info panel that we’ve seen before
that shows all the current status is gonna be available which is nice
definitely a fan of that oh yeah look at this core of at night look at him level
60 oh here it is here’s the bicycle now for some reason it has like those weird
electricity surrounding it and if we look in the bottom-left corner
why is some sort of scanning device or wireless device we don’t know if this is
for the switches online functionality or if this is gonna be for looking or
scanning for Pokemon in the nearby area something like that
also his bicycle has pegs on it which is really cool that’s a cool bicycle I love
how the lighting like all these giant spotlights are being very very
noticeable although if you have these giant spotlights from every single
corner you wouldn’t have this four directional shadow that’s for sure he looks very upset Oh perfect so we see
literally right next to each other everything grew Keys four moves scratch
razor leaf growl and taunt turned into max Shrike max overgrowth and max guard
so it sounds like similar to Z moves whatever move you have is gonna change
into something else so we could assume that all normal type physical moves like
scratch things like that are gonna turn into max strike and then grass-type
moves like rays relief turn into max overgrowth and whatever the move is
based off of is the bass power plus X amount of that max guard seems to be for
taunt growl and taunt so those are status moves so that’s what max guard is
gonna be doing all right so they’re combining mega evolutions because you
turn into a more powerful version of yourself we can clearly see that you
gain an additional 20 HP we go from 41 to 61 and then all the moves change we
could presume that they become more powerful I’m a big fan can you Dynomax a
mega it also looks like goo keys holding a giant Dynomax ball at the end of his
stick which is cool we are getting a whole bunch of information and I am
getting excited we also see the bicycle in water mode love bicycle water mode
this area feels very a Kalla breath of the wild eight this area is beautiful
I swear Pokemon looked at breath of the wild and got inspired and they were like
we gotta do something like that maybe not the whole game but a lot of it and
then we’re ending it off with individual artwork of the legendaries Rotom phone
Rotom phone and landscape mode I’m gonna be taking a closer inspection and look
at the trailer for anything else that we’ve missed if additional videos coming
soon because a reminder we are giving away a Nintendo switch and a copy of
Pokemon sword or shield or $300 of eShop credit be sure to check the link down
below if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications
until next time Boston John

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