Police Shoot Homeless Man Camping In Albuquerque (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Police Shoot Homeless Man Camping In Albuquerque (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Albuquerque Police have shot and killed
a homeless man by the name and James Boyd and a few the police officers have been
put on paid administrative leave now a video helmet cam video has been
released and it’s extremely graphic it shows
exactly what happens but let me give you the context of what happens in that
video it starts off with the homeless man
James Boyd who was a legally camping authorities confronted him about the
fact that he was legally camp camping and they allege that they were asking
him to leave and he had become combative with them as a result they
fired the first shot which was actually I of shot flasher
flash ot it’s just a flashlight it’s not an
actual gun I’m but that kinda disoriented him what
you’re about to see is what follows again it starts off with the flash shot take a look good thing to be with her
walker global there are no you were three ways of thinking where for her heart on your I’m do it well growing girl the wrong girl the wrong girl girl scoring well rock I’m you grow grow up gramm-rudman the Bernard her broaden
their with her proper not grow up heart
program got very bad remember Robert heartthrob Robert got the heart
repair girl may affect going on or rar are gone yeah but then I prefer or there are good for me step on that right
hander or when i repair her companion so they %uh should fired at him several times as you
can see in that video after he was already on the ground they shot him with beanbag
rounds and you can hear the cop thing in that video beanbag round beanbag I and then after that I mean he’s not
moving his on the ground they decide to release the canine in the
canine goes after min taxon now I should note that in the video you
can see him pull out not however there was still excessive use of
force used in that incident because you can use it aims are
you can you so many other means of getting him to drop the
knives but instead they decide no you know what we’re gonna shoot him not only with a regular God but they
were gonna go forward with bean bags were going to release the dog on him they had absolutely no regard for his
life and I went for what causes on legally camping he’s homeless what what do you expect
him to do where’s the supposed to go they can’t wait to use the gunmen they
just cant wait to use there was no need for that anyway look
you went on to tell you saw the video man what is he like some sort of knife
expert who is going to drop you from that distance is nowhere near you 3 is one the we
didn’t have the video and they said oh he pulled a knife from maybe he was close the officer new cell
can understand your your address great but nobody thought watch that
video think those cops right wrist they have they had their guns trained on
em they there was no question that EP made
any kinda mood to throw the night Billy crew him but they didn’t make a move to throw
the knife he was a it’s just they can’t wait to put him
down man and that’s the police think we look good but it went even further than
that they couldn’t wait to shoot him and they shot him but that wasn’t enough
he’s on the ground he’s not moving he’s not a threat to you is not an
imminent threat just add insult to injury you shoulda with the bean bags
and then you release the dog on him as well you just stand there what dogs attacking his man was bleeding
to death or is probably already dead now out the cops knew that
he had a history of mental illness they said that they suspected that he was a
paranoid schizophrenic I didn’t stop them from behaving the way
that he did or they did and apparently had a history with
violence probably because he’s a homeless man with mental illness and we
decide to neglect those people that have helped them %uh apparently in the past he attacked
people with knives box cutters and his hands and in 2010 he broke a female officers
knows okay obviously he was an issue so you wanna get them off the street and you want to put him in a situation
or place where he can get treatment not just leave them on the streets and
then go after him for legal camping and then end his life in not by a terrible way do they still remember that he broke one
of their noses and are they so pissed that I don’t know but look we don’t want the cops to get
hurt if he pulled out a knife and he was
going to anywhere within proximity of view we understand we
understand you have a dangerous job but when you have a dangerous job and we
trust you with that possibility in the authority to shoot people and the kill them you need to exercise
that authority with for more reason and caution and anybody looking at that video goes
may just want to shoot I want to give you guys a little more
contacts on the Department of Justice is investigating the Albuquerque Police
Department but not for this particular case they’re
investigating for a completely different reason apparently I in 2012 the police department head shot at 25
suspects killing 17 of them so that is a ridiculously high number in
fact let’s compare Albuquerque to New York City Albuquerque officers shot more people
than the NYPD a department serving as city 16 times
larger since 2010 as I New York cops are known
for being genteel exactly and and how if you’re shooting
is sixteen times are et tu NYPD in Albuquerque that means that hop the higher ups gave
me the green light that when you went to shoot people they
said have added boss and there was never any discipline Ford
that’s what leads to a culture for shooting a guy from that distance
when he doesn’t appear to be a threat to you is no big deal new supposed to protect this man a look that that’s a guy who could potentially
be dangerous when he was in that situation and you put him down and he’s a human
being that’s not what we’re supposed to do to
one another

100 thoughts on “Police Shoot Homeless Man Camping In Albuquerque (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

  1. Omg their so rude they should have a death penalty knowing his homeless and already has no life and suffocating and shooting him again like what I understand he has a knife u can tell him to drop him and handcuff like u really just wanted to kill him with a gun Hun and he wasn't even near u he didn't even make a move and he has a illness and that sad bro your sick in the head.

  2. Why a war… why so brutal???? Anythg u could've used, u did!!! Why murder over & over? It's not ever gonna be sumthg ppl understand! America's getting the wrong ppl in control & soon will go against THEMSELFS! Hopefully it will change!!!

  3. A rifle is particularly powerful; I counted 6 shots! Out of a handgun, that is SUBSTANTIAL, but out of a rifle, one round is devastating!

  4. this was 4 years ago and yall still putting cops up for killing. I wont feel bad seeing more people shooting and fighting back so many dirty cops.



  7. Bean bag after they shoot multiple rds wtf.. then they let the dog loose?.. no taser? Maybe let the dog loose on him before u shoot..

  8. Face down with a cheap blunt kitchen knife poor dude couldn't afford a fork to have a decent meal hope those cops eat well tonight.

  9. Well… If you look closely, you can see that the knife was turning into a knife-gun. Then he can use it as a gun… So yeah idk about this one… Besides he was homeless and CAMPING! how dare he camps!!

  10. I'm horrified the cops did this. They were not threatened WHATSOEVER. They were trigger-happy, and they do not deserve to "protect and serve."

  11. TYT next time someone rapes you Anna, call the firemen,try being in their shoes even for one day,untill then KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!!!

  12. So you are not loved anywhere else in the world except Israel, because they're just shooting at the weak.

  13. If I had been tired of walking all around town being told to move and I finally bed down the side of a mountain I think I'd have done the same thing ,just shoot me!

  14. I was poking around for some of the worse police shootings, and while the video is indeed disturbing, the thing that always strikes me about these videos is no one notices the like…. five times or whatever he was told to get on the ground. And he drew a knife…

    Maybe if you spent every day confronting violent criminals you would understand why officers err on the side of defending themselves, and maybe if the ever increasing police state wasn't being paid for by your favorite political tactic – spiraling out of control taxation (that goes directly to the corporations you pretend to hate so much) – you would understand why a lot of people don't want to have to hire enough police to make every arrest with a small army of baton wielding bobbies.

  15. The guy had a long rap sheet. He was out there staying away from the law. In the end, he gave resistance and the is the result. This guy is known for assaulting people with weapons and the cops are trained to respond in kind. Homeless guy lost…. Besides, who cares anyway right? The family that came out of the woodwork sued on behalf of this guy. Other than that, he was still sleeping outside. They should of took him in their home if they we really concerned than mabey he would be alive today!

  16. He was not even close to enough to be a threat. They should have shot him with bean bags and released the dog instead of using lethal force.

  17. I was actually living in Albuquerque at that time.
    The town people were awesome. They stood up and marched on Central Ave for James Boyd.
    Awesome heart.

  18. illegally camping on public land, because it actually belongs to the parks department. state park here let a bunch of their pals shoot all the deer in the park, nobody got killed for it, i guess they can do absolutely ANYTHING on THEIR land and get away with it.

  19. Still losing subs hey? They see through your one sided shitty agenda. It’s not about risk, by the way, it’s about being one step ahead of the perp.

  20. if this is somehow real that was not justifiable at all you can also hear the police guys sounds feminine as hell like they just hit puberty just teenagers i hope a liveleak video of the cops getting their legs cut off by cartel members comes up

  21. He has dog and friend with a rifle against one homeless guy and hes still scared :DDDD What a bitch. Defitently not fit to be a cop.

  22. Even if police has have more control over people it doesn't mean that they can just kill them I would sue those people if I was that personiand I was still living right now cuz why would you do that to a homeless person he just wanted to have a nice time sleeping while he was camping and all they want to do is kill him would want to know what they can go do they can go and be homeless and then gets shot and died cuz if they just imagined what they just did they should have imagined before they did that cuz that's just wrong bro just strong cuz if I was that police officer I would say get on the floor and then there will be no harm and if you did do something wrong then I would just chopped him and then there would be no real injuries.

  23. A tazer doesn't always work and they already tried using non-lethal methods on him. Cops only have split second to make decisions. Sure they aren't perfect people they make mistakes and yes they should be charged for that, but remember at the end of the day they are the ones putting there lives on the line for you and your family's. So just keep that in mind.

  24. Dumbasses. Drop the knife. That's it. Do that, and he'd be alive today. Point blank. Done. Drop the knife, you'd be alive today. Drop the knife, you'd be alive. Case closed.

  25. This is pure homicide by a bunch of criminal psychoes called the american police. I’m not american nor living in USA and I just wonder how come america is the so-called “best” in the world. Thankfully none of this could ever happen in my “not as rich as america” country. You suck US of A.

  26. I dont believe this is justified.its my 3xpert opinion he was out of engagement range for a fixed blade weapon.

  27. He was murdered by Police as simple as that.. So where are the Human rights activist from US which preaches about upholding Human rights to other countries ❓ America is just a hypocritical country

  28. HE DIDN'T RESPOND TO POLICE OEDERS AS THEY APPROACHED. But they were still far enough away that he could not have attacked them.
    Instead of fatally shooting him then using a beanbag gun, how about using the beanbag gun first, then only if necessary, use a firearm?

  29. They killed this homeless man OMG!! My heart is crying, I'm crying, they let a dog attack his dying or dead body. They just wanted to kill him because he broke one of their noses. It's nomore protect and serve. They are bullies that used to be pushed around and now they whatever they want because they will get off. Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, etc. this list us endless but it's one thing that is evident. There will be a day of judgement, you might escape on Earth and you might can hide your true intentions with lies because people are stupid but God isn't and you will be judged by the Highest of judges. Since days of being afraid to be black, you have the KKK. GOD WILL JUDGE YOU! Bullies and Oppressors, GOD WILL JUDGE YOU! Killers, murders, rapist all the unsolved murders, missing people cases GOD WILL JUDGE YOU! God knows where all the bodies are, he was there when the crimes were committed and you still took the life of GODS creations. We are not target practice. We are not how you suppose to get your little 5 minutes of Fame. This is really really really bad. God please help us.

  30. Lesson # 1: do not be homeless in Albuquerque. Lesson #2: be homeless in San Francisco, they won't shoot you and you can crap and pee on the sidewalk and they will applaud you.

  31. He wasn't turning around to get on the ground, that was after shots were already fired. However if officers knew he had mental illness they still were negligent.

  32. One of the most despicable acts in recent history. The police are lucky the rioting crowds stopped at trashing the central police station and didn't burn them all down.

  33. 5l gasoline + police-Car is What?? right its FUN in germany we have no weapon (as u in us ) so we burn their infrastructure when ever its possible

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