Pooh Crashes the Vacation & the Guys Explore – Check Yourself: S8 E11 | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Pooh Crashes the Vacation & the Guys Explore – Check Yourself: S8 E11 | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

You’re watching Love & Hip
Hop Atlanta. Check yourself.
Season eight. You’ll be watching us- Watch the show- For the very first time. You’ll be getting our natural
and honest reactions. We’re watching it- With you. The scene you’re about to see
is a bunch of grown-ass men about to pee in they pants because they see monkeys
on the way. And you go, ooo-ooo-ooo ahh-ahh. Men are always trying to find
some damn monkeys. If you know what I mean. What are they doing
in the jungle? Looking for Karlie?
Ooo-ooo-ahh-ahh. Oh that is the hoe
call ain’t it? Karlie might jump
out the bushes. Look at- look at- look at Joc.
Joc you my brother, I love you forever but what
type of monkey do favor? Bro, my question
why are we here? Because we trying to. Hold on. Hey Kirk I ain’t
with this (beep), bro. I swear, these are the most
toughest (beep) dudes I know. But I promise you,
when it comes to them creatures, oh them creatures
scare anybody. stop. Why the (beep)
do you all have rocks? You all tripping
with all of this man. I don’t know Joc,
you got that green hair. Bird might land on your head
and thinking it’s grass. Oh, what in the (beep) was that? What the (beep) was that?
I’m excited. For real, you all, what was it? All this scary movie (beep).
Come on Kirk, let’s go. I don’t feel safe because
they out here in the woods, and we don’t know what the hell
going on, we’re in Trinidad. Why would you all venture off
by y’all self? Ain’t no way in the hell I’d be out somewhere
in a third world country, and I ain’t got no (beep)
tour guide. Tour guide could get (beep) up,
we can get (beep) up together. (beep) I ain’t getting (beep)
by myself. I’m a whole man out here
on vacation. Y’all the only one getting love.
You done step down yet? Definitely. You done step down yet?
That’s what I’m saying cuz- Love Doc Jock. Love Doc Jock? I’m gone tell you what you need,
they got this little pump. Man, go head on bro. Stretch that thing out. I don’t need no pump bro. Joc is so (beep)
he tells all my secrets. Why, what’s your secret
about the penis pump? Like, he just, he just get
on my nerve with this (beep). Nothing, nothing Why is Joc- No, nothing. Nothing! I only told Joc to get a penis
pump, you know what I’m saying. Tell me what to do Love Doc Joc. You suck her toes. I’m sick of all this toe
sucking (beep). I don’t like that. Why the hell
is y’all sucking toes? I have had my toes sucked and I
did not like the (beep) feeling. After he sucked my toes
I never wanted to see him again. Period. Have a couple of drinks,
give her a massage, get the lotion make sure you hit
a couple of the right spots. Then you good. Okay Kirk. All right, that’s how
you give a man advice. Kirk, Joc and Scrappy let me
give y’all a little advice how y’all need to get
y’all woman aroused. Y’all need to put
a little whip cream on that thing thing and (beep)
it a little more often. Okay. (Beep) the Punani. We in the game. There go the hoe call. It’s red light
Karlie oohhh ohhhhhh. Hishcabani. Look, it’s eating that lettuce
like Karlie was (beep)
my (beep). With your face. I saw the monkey,
y’all ready to go? It done started raining. All right, the rain
is coming down fellows. The monkey coming down too. Joc, you always
scared of a monkey. The next thing you’re about
to see is, the (beep)
hitting the fan, literally. So, you know y’all trip me out
last night acting like me and Kirk don’t be getting it
popping around this thing? Rasheeda glowing. Rasheeda look like she got
some (beep) last night. Y’all got me thinking I need
to turn up a little bit more
while we in Trinidad. I love to see Rasheeda and Kirk
happy. I’m like yes, more.
Give it! Rasheeda, I mean
you do need to turn up. Go put on some of them
different kind of wings and get into character girl.
You and Kirk in Trinidad and y’all got
the biggest suite girl, you better turn
the (beep) up. We’re going go to my
family house and see my family. Is your family gone be cooking
some of that island food? I hope so. I want chicken feet pigeon ass. What? That’s nasty. Pigeon ass?
What the (beep)? Who said they want
a pigeon ass? You want chicken feet and what?
Pig? Tok, we have to change
our eating habits. You’ll get some curry goat. Come on Mimi. Mimi coming through baby,
you can tell Mimi got. Stevie J ain’t never made Mimi
be this happy. I just want to let
everybody know that I brought
somebody with me? You brought Ty? No, Ty is in Israel. Oh hell no. Oh hell no again. What you bring this man
ass hoe for? Who the (beep)
snuck her in Trinidad? She already got snuck on earth, how the (beep)
she get snuck in Trinidad? You people got a little
shocked look on their face. You know I had a shocking
look on my face when I saw your big
dinosaur ass coming through. You guys have been friends
for way too long, and I just at least
wanted to see if you guys can clear the air. As you can see,
look at Rasheeda’s face, look at Joc’s face,
look at Shekinah’s face, look at my face,
look at Kirk’s face. Everybody’s like (bleep)
why are you here? I don’t even know what we
arguing about to be honest. Pooh. What do you mean
you don’t understand why y’all not talking? 1. You said Karlie (beep)
your ass you all her associates. 2. You said she (beep)
on your bed. 3. You said that you
and her (beep). I wouldn’t talk to you
no more either. If I did or didn’t
what the (beep) do it have to do with
the United States of America? You need to confess
that I never ever, because you know I never did. Whatever will make you
sleep good at night Karlie. No, whatever will make me sleep. See this is what
I’m talking about. I said talk the truth. Wait. What is the truth? We want the truth. The truth is you
a lying ass hoe. You had your (beep)
in my ass, my husbands ass, my toes, and everything else.
Joc, you know what I’m saying? I got you. Joc said he got me. Joc got me because
she (beep) his ass, and I know that
because Karlie told me. The truth gone come out
on you too Joc. Me and Pooh never did nothing. So, all of this, this whole
discussion is about alleged sexual encounters
that may or may not happened? Ain’t no alleged. My husband (beep)
her in the (beep). She (beep) on my sheets. I just want to
give her the sheet. This (bleep) done came out here
to Trinidad and threw some (beep)
sheets across a (beep) table. Everybody out here
need to get up really and whoop this hoe ass. If you want the sheets
you can have it. And I just want
to give you this. I made her so mad,
a hit dog will holler. I brought you some diapers
for that loose ass. Oh my God. She look older than Karlie. She should of kept them
God (beep) for her damn self. When you get (beep) in the ass
don’t (beep) on my sheets, okay? Stop playing with my (beep). Damn Tokyo. (beep) Tokyo. Why you got something
to do with something? Sit your ass down? Carve some of that fat
from around your heart. It look like her heart work
just fine to me, her lungs, and her legs and them arms too.
(Bleep) you better calm down. Diabetes ass (bleep). Did you just say
that my friend has diabetes? That ain’t nothing to play with,
come on now. That’s not funny
when you over here looking like a whole ass man. You diabetes ass (bleep). (Bleep) I’ll beat you up. You said you came to apologize.
You didn’t come to apologize. You came to drop off
some (beep). Shekinah, would you wire
those braces shut? Shut the (beep) up. That’s where you (beep) up
right there (bleep). Karlie (beep) my ass,
Karlie (beep) my ass. Fifty year old woman
ain’t running around here talking about who (beep) her ass girl, even the (bleep)
did (beep) your ass. No one gives a (beep).
Talking about I’m a (beep). Can’t believe that hoe
called me a egg. I didn’t know nothing
about these diapers. This (bleep) up here twirling. You know what? I’m done
with this psychotic (bleep). This (bleep) need
a mental institution. Somebody need to take
this (bleep) and get her
evaluated like, yesterday. Pooh. Are you (beep) kidding me? This (beep) got to stop. She’s seriously crazy
about me, y’all. Oh (beep), I didn’t know
it was this serious. This girl really really
is in love with me. If I really (beep) her,
she really gone (beep) go crazy.

100 thoughts on “Pooh Crashes the Vacation & the Guys Explore – Check Yourself: S8 E11 | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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