Pororo Season 6 | #05 Loopy’s Camping Adventure | Pororo the little Penguin

Pororo Season 6 | #05 Loopy’s Camping Adventure | Pororo the little Penguin

[♪♪♪] Hahahaha. Whoa! Ahhh! [♪♪♪] NARRATOR: Today Pororo and his
friends are going camping. ♪ Hello everyone ♪ ♪ Hello everyone ♪ ♪ Let’s play together ♪ ♪ Silly lovable Pororo ♪ [sighs] – Huh?
– Loopy, hurry up. OK. [pants] – Loopy, are you all right?
– [Loopy sighs] Can we take a short break,
you guys? Uh? OK, sure, Loopy. EDDY: But we need to pitch
the tents soon… Yeow! Ah, that stings!
Ow ow ow ow ow. – FRIENDS: Huh?
– EDDY: Ow. My tushie! Oh, what is that? Oh dear, you got pricked
by a chestnut burr. A chestnut burr? Ow… Yeah! It may have spiky thorns
on the outside… but on the inside there’s
a delicious chestnut. ALL: Oh! I’m sorry, Eddy.
I feel like this is my fault… No… it’s OK. Ow… [♪♪♪] NARRATOR: The friends
set off once more. But Loopy soon
became tired again. [sighs] ALL: Loopy? LOOPY: Oh… I can’t go any
further; I’m too tired… Hang in there, Loopy! I’ll carry
your backpack for you! OK… Thanks, Poby. – Wow! Poby saves the day. Haha.
– Stop it. Haha. – [laughter]
– Crong Crong! [sighs] Why do I keep
causing trouble? [laughter, indisinct chatter] [hums a tune] Huh? It’s a log bridge. Hahaha. Wow! This will be fun. Haha. I’ll go across first. – OK.
– Wow! [laughter] – Come on!
– Here I come, Rody! – PETTY: After you.
– POBY: Hm. Careful… – [giggling]
– Crong! PORORO: Here I go! Now it’s my turn… Uh uh… – [water splashes]
– Ahhh! Whoa. Wah! – Whoa!
– Ahhh! [all screaming] Are you OK, guys? – [panting]
– ALL: We’re OK! Haha.
[singsongy] I didn’t get wet! – POBY: Hey guys! Watch out!
– Huh?! Ahhh! [water splashes] Oh! Poby! – Sorry.
– [all laugh] NARRATOR: Even though
her friends were laughing, Loopy was sad because
she felt responsible… – Ahhh… [sighs]
– [friends laughing] – Yay. We finally made it! Haha.
– Crong Crong! It’s late, we’d better pitch
the tents first. – [stomach rumbles]
– Oh! Haha. It sounds like you need
to eat lunch first. Hehehehehe. – I’m hungry too.
– Heheh… Me too… Just hang on, you guys! I’ll have a yummy lunch
ready soon. Hehe. – Loopy’s the best at cooking!
– Crong Crong! Now where are the eggs? [♪♪♪] Huh!? They’re all broken. [♪♪♪] The bread’s all soggy too. Ah! Don’t worry. I brought a bag
of flour with me. Here. [water splashes] Huh! It must have gotten wet
when we fell into the water… Yeah… – PORORO: I’m so hungry.
– Oh… I’m… I’m sorry, guys… I’m sure we can find food
in the forest. Let’s go look together! – OK…
– Wait guys! Let me go find food! This all happened
because of me anyway. Really? On your own? It’ll be hard all by yourself… I’ll be fine!
Pitch the tents in the meantime. – Are you sure about this?
– Yeah. I’ll be back real soon. ALL: Oh…Loopy… Do you think Loopy will be OK? She’ll probably come back
empty-handed… NARRATOR: Loopy went to
the forest to go look for food. – I have to find something yummy.
– [bush rustling] Ahhh! What was that sound?
Hm? Hm? Hm? Huh? – [squirrels grunting]
– They’re squirrels! [♪♪♪] – Agh!
– Oh… Uh? Your tail is stuck. I’ll help you get free! Agh! It’s so heavy. Heave-ho!
Heave-ho! Agh! [sighs] – Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
– Hm… There must be a better way. Ah! I’ll try using this. Ah! Oh… I’ll put this in here…
Just hold on, OK? Push it like this!
Hup. A little more. – Yap! [grunting]
– Huh? [gasps] Agh! There! Hurry. Whee! Hahaha! [squirrels giggle] Are you hurt anywhere? Be more careful, OK? – [squirrels chirp]
– Goodbye! Now, let’s find some food.
[giggles] [♪♪♪] – Agh!
– Crong! Ahhh! Whoa… Hahaha! – Crong…
– [Pororo giggles] Do you think
Loopy is all right? I hope she finds us
something to eat… You don’t think she’s crying
somewhere, do you? Crong Crong! We shouldn’t have
let her go… Yeah, we shouldn’t have. Maybe
we should go and look for her. Let’s give Loopy a chance
and wait a little longer. ALL: Uh-huh. There has to be something
good to eat. Uh! Hm. A chestnut burr… Poby said there was
a yummy chestnut inside… OK! Let’s give it a try! NARRATOR: Loopy wanted
to take yummy chestnuts to her hungry friends
who were waiting for her. Oh please… Open up…
Uh. Ow! Oh no, it’s broken… This is too hard… Ah! Hehe!
Maybe this will work. Let me try. Uh! Ha. Wow! Haha! This isn’t hard after all! I have to get more! [♪♪♪] I’m finished!
OK, this should be enough. [singsongy]
Now I think I’ll go this way. [water flowing] Oh? It’s the stream… There were fish in here before. – [water splashes]
– Oh, there’s one! If I cook them some yummy
fish, they’ll be so happy! I hope I can catch one. Hey… stop right there! NARRATOR: Loopy started
to fish with her bare hands. Hap! Yap! Huh…
Ah! Got you! NARRATOR:
But… it wasn’t easy. Ah! They’re so slippery!
I’m going in! Yap! I caught one! Uh? It’s just a shoe… [fish laugh] Uh? Hm…
What should I do? Huh? I know, I’ll use my apron. Ha. OK, here I come. Ha. [screaming] Yap! Hehe! I finally caught one! Haha! ♪ Lalalalala ♪ Hang on guys.
‘Cuz here I come! Hm. Hehe. – Oh? [stomach rumbles]
– Crong? – Oh, I’m really hungry.
– Crong Crong… What’s taking Loopy so long? ♪ Lalalalala ♪ Huh? Hmmm! This smells like…
Wow! Apples! Eh! Agh! Agh! Agh! Agh! Oh! I can’t reach. Ah… Oh! Maybe I should give up…
Oh? Oh? How did? Ha. [squirrels chirping] Wow! Am I glad to see you! [squirrels squeaking] Hehe! – Agh!
– Ahhh! [sigh] [giggles] [♪♪♪] Thanks for all your help. I should get going now! Goodbye. [squirrels chatter, squeak] Loopy’s been gone
for a long time… – Ohh. I’m starving…
– Crong Crong… The sun is going to set soon… I think we should go
look for Loopy now… Yeah… [disappointed] – Hey, guys!
– Huh? – I’m back!
– ALL: Loopy! Hehe! Haha! [giggles] ALL: Wow! Loopy! Sorry I took so long. Loopy!
Where have you been? We’ve been so worried. Sorry. I’m a bit late, huh? – Hehehe.
– ALL: Wow! You got so much stuff! That’s a really big fish! I told you I would find
us food, didn’t I?! Loopy!
You’re amazing! Haha. I’m really impressed, Loopy… [giggles] Are you hungry?
I’ll make you all a yummy meal! ALL: Sounds great! Haha! [♪♪♪] ALL: Yum, yum, yum. ALL: Wow. This is delicious. Everything tastes better because
Loopy got the food herself. Crong! Haha. Eat up, everyone. But how did you manage
to get so much food? I thought for sure you would
come back empty-handed. It wasn’t that hard really. ALL: It wasn’t? Do you want to hear about
all my adventures today? I found a squirrel
stuck between two rocks, so I lifted this giant rock
and rescued it. You lifted a giant rock
by yourself? That’s far-fetched,
don’t you think? No, I don’t! Ah! Never mind… Uh… Anyway… NARRATOR: Loopy’s story
continued on through the night. This camping trip
was very special for Loopy. She will never forget it.

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  1. Harry was laughing at her friends because they became wet and she not poppy fell in water she got wet that what you get harry

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