Pororo Season 6 | #07 The Adventures on Summer Island 1 [With CC] | Watch out for the shark attack!

Pororo Season 6 | #07 The Adventures on Summer Island 1 [With CC] | Watch out for the shark attack!

[♪♪♪] Hahahaha. Whoa! Ahhh! [waves lapping] NARRATOR: Pororo and his friends
are out fishing on the ocean. HARRY: ♪ Somewhere
Far off in the distance ♪ ♪ There’s the most beautiful
Voice in the world ♪ – EDDY: Harry?
– Huh? What? We can’t catch fish with
you singing so loud… You’re scaring all
the fish away, Harry! That’s just baloney! Everyone’s
been catching fish just fine. Isn’t that right, guys? – ALL: Yeah! Hm.
– LOOPY: I catch two fish. I caught three fish! I caught three too! Hehe, I caught four fish. – I told you so.
– Huh? Hm? Uh? Crong, did you catch any? – Crong…
– Hehehehe. See? Crong hasn’t caught
any either… Oh? Crong! Crong Crong! – Congratulations, Crong.
– Crong Crong! I guess you’re the only
one without a fish. I’m gonna catch one
too, just wait! Ah ha, I told you I’d catch one.
Whoa! Ahhh… Hey guys, I think
I need some help! I’ll help too, Eddy! Heave-ho! Heave-ho!
Ahhh! [♪♪♪] ALL: Watch out! Ahhh! Agh. Agh… – You OK?
– Yes. You did catch ‘something’.
Something really big. Not funny. OK, this calls
for drastic measures! – Whoa!
– ALL: Huh? Hehehe. Ta-da!
I’m gonna go deep sea fishing! Eddy, that sounds dangerous… I’ll bring back something
enormous, just you wait. – Here I go! Ya!
– Huh? [water bubbling] Where are you, fishies? There you are! – Agh! Agh!
– [fish bubble] – Oh?
– [fish giggling] – Brrr! Brrr!
– Argh! Stay right there! Agh! – FISH: Brr! Brr!
– Agh! Agh! Ah ha! I’ve got you both cornered. [fish babbling] Huh? There’s a giant fish. Wow! It’s enormous! Hehe, fine then,
I’ll let you guys go. Big fish, big fish! [laughing] – Hyap. I got you! Hahaha Uh!
– SHARK: Grrr! – Uh?
– [shark roars] It’s… It’s a big shark.
Hahaha. I’m so sorry… Ahhh! NARRATOR: Eddy is being
chased by a shark! Phew! – Huh?
– Huh? Huh? Huh? Uhhhh… what should I do? Ah! This should do the trick! Ah. Yap! Haha. Perfect! EDDY HOLOGRAM:
Hehehe! [singing] – [singing]
– Grrr! Grrr? Hey hey! Woohoo! Grrr! NARRATOR: The shark
tried to attack Eddy, but it was a fake Eddy. Oh no, the shark
found the real Eddy! Huh? Arrrgh! [roars] NARRATOR: The shark
is right on Eddy’s tail. Huh? Oh, nooo! I need a boost, eh! Woohoo! I wonder what’s
taking Eddy so long. – [Eddy shouting]
– ALL: Huh? – EDDY: Ahhh!
– SHARK: Arrrgh! Agh! Agh! Agh! Oh? Ahhh! Ahhh! Somebody help! Huh? Oh… ALL: Eddy, are you OK? Oh, I made it… Ah! We have to get out
of here, hurry, hurry! OK, Eddy! – Arrrgh! [shark roars]
– Huh? It’s a shark! [sinister laugh] – Arrrgh!
– Hold on! ALL: Huh? I’ll give you fish if you
promise to let us go. Huh? Argh! – Hm… Here.
– [chomping] NARRATOR: Poby gave the shark
all the fish they had caught. This is our last fish,
now you have to let us go. – Here.
– Agh! Yum yum. Arrrgh! But we don’t have anymore… You promised you’d let us go
if we gave you all our fish! – SHARK: Huh?
– ALL: That’s right! Uh-huh. Argh! – What? Oh?
– You’re going to eat us? Just hold on! We still have one
more fish, the biggest one. Huh? Hehe. – Pororo, we don’t have any more.
– Yes, we do, look. – Huh?
– Oh… [hushed laughter] Arrgh? This fish is a really big one,
so open super wide, OK? Hehe. Arrrgh! OK! Now get ready! – ALL: Get ready!
– Hya! Grrr. Grrr. [gagging] – Time to run!
– OK! Arrrgh! [gagging] – Grrr! Arrrgh! [roars]
– FRIENDS: Ahhh! Oh, no! Ah! – Ah! He’s gonna catch us!
– I know! SHARK: Arrrgh! Hm? Huh? That’s it! The rock! Poby! Steer the boat
toward that rock! Hm? We might crash
into it, then. Trust me, I have a great idea! Uh… all right! – Ahhh!
– Grrr! Ahhh! – Ahhh!
– We’re gonna crash! – Poby! Turn now!
– Yeah! [friends screaming] Arrrgh! [loud bang] – FRIENDS: Haha!
– Goodbye, shark! Grrr! Arrrgh! NARRATOR: The friends
have escaped the shark, safe and sound. Phew… I think it’s safe
to say we lost him. That was close. If it weren’t for Petty,
we could’ve been in trouble. ALL: Yeah, totally. Hehe, no prob… Crong Crong! – [wind blowing]
– Crong! ALL: Huh? It looks like there’s
going to be a bad storm… Come on, let’s hurry
home, you guys! ALL: Yeah. NARRATOR: The friends
hurried to return home. [♪♪♪] But the waves got
stronger and stronger. Poby, try and do something! OK, Harry! Hyup! – Oh?
– Ahhh! NARRATOR: Oh no! A giant
wave swallowed the boat! [wind blowing] – Crong Crong!
– Ha! Ahhh! Whoa… Hahahaha. NARRATOR: Are Pororo
and his friends all right? [snoring] Oh! Poby! Would you stop snoring
so loud? I can’t sleep! Oh… I’m sorry… – Oh? Uh?
– What is it? Ah? Whoa! – Huh? Hey guys!
– What is it, Pororo? – Huh?
– Look, guys! ALL: Huh? LOOPY: Where… where are we? We’re definitely not
in Porong Porong village… – Crong Crong!
– FRIENDS: Huh? – Crong Crong.
– FRIENDS: What is it? HARRY: It’s a giant footprint… I think… this is
an elephant’s footprint. – ALL: Elephant?
– EDDY: Uh-Huh. An elephant has
a ginormous body and a long nose like this. An… elephant? Arrrgh Arrrgh Arrrgh! Oh you guys, let’s hurry
and go back home. ALL: OK. FRIENDS: Oh, no! [♪♪♪] Our boat is damaged. If we want to go home,
we have to fix the boat first. OK, let’s hurry and fix it! But we need to find wood
before we can fix the boat. – [stomach rumbles] Uh-oh.
– Huh? Hehehe…We need to find
something to eat too… OK, let’s split up, one group looks for food and
the other looks for wood. Sounds good! – Let’s all be careful.
– Crong! NARRATOR: The friends went
deeper into the island. [♪♪♪] ALL: Wow! There sure are a lot
of cool-looking plants here. Do you think we’ll find
things to eat here? – Uh-huh.
– Crong! Crong! – Huh?
– Crong! [sniffs] Crong Crong! Mmm. I smell something sweet. The smell’s coming
from over that way. – Crong Crong!
– Huh? [rustling] – Crong!
– Huh? FRIENDS: Wow, yummy fruit! There’s a river…
What should we do? – Uh! Over there!
– Huh? PORORO: We can go across
on those rocks. Agh. Hyap! See? It’s easy-peasy! Crong Crong? What? There’s nothing
to worry about. Huh? Arrrgh! [crocodile growls] – FRIENDS: Uh!
– Crong! Huh?! Ahhh! Huh? Grrr! Grrr! I was caught off guard.
What are they? They’re crocodiles. I read in a book that they
were very dangerous animals. PORORO: Hm… How are we going
to cross the river now? NARRATOR: The others
are looking around for wood. Oh. This tree would
work pretty well… Why do we need wood? We need to get wood
so that we can fix our boat. Oh. Okey-doke.
I’ll get some branches! – Hm? Me too!
– Hey guys, wait a second! Brother… We need something
big like this tree here. Oh. [panting] [giggling] – There, happy? Hm.
– Is that enough? Sorry, these are too
small for the boat. We need a really
big piece of wood. Well, why didn’t you
tell us that earlier?! I tried to tell you
but you left… OK, then let’s go
and push that tree down! Let’s do it! It’s not going to be easy… – FRIENDS: Heave-ho! Heave-ho!
– You can do it, guys! – Eddy, go and help!
– Uh, oh, all right! Heave-ho! Heave-ho! It’s not even budging… [all sigh] Does that mean we can’t go
home and we’re stuck here? ALL: Oh, no. [sigh] HARRY: Oh, no! [screaming] NARRATOR: Will Pororo and his
friends be able to go back home?

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  4. The Scene At 6:54 Where Crong And Pororo Are Playing Soccer And Pororo Kicks The Ball When It Hits Him In The Head And Crong Laughs Should Be The Starting Scene O S7 Episode

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