Portable Outdoor Shower Attachment for Water Hose – RV Camping and Glamping

Portable Outdoor Shower Attachment for Water Hose – RV Camping and Glamping

Sometimes I don’t even want to let my
kids in the house without hosing them down first. And other times, I’m the one
who needs to be hosed down. So I found a great solution that we can use either at our house or when we’re camping. You are NOT coming in here like that, young lady. That shower is probably one of the most genius inventions you ever made. YES! I’m serious! Thank you! I can put my foot down here, I can put my arm in here. I could turn the shower on you. I wouldn’t want to get water in your
bourbon, though. For this project you’ll need an 8 or 10 foot length of 3/4 inch PVC
pipe. An inexpensive showerhead. A 3/4 inch ball valve. A 1/2 inch sillcock. and various PVC connector pieces. You’ll also need some PVC cement. Now don’t let this list freak you out: the majority of these items, with the exception of the showerhead, are likely to be found in the same aisle in your home improvement
store. And while you’re there, it’s a good idea to fit some of these pieces
together, and make sure you’re getting all the right things. Because those bins
can get really jumbled up. I was doing a video a while back where I cut some PVC, and I was using different methods to do it. And I guess my dad must have seen it
and decided I really needed one of these PVC pipe cutting tools. The problem is it doesn’t have any instructions on how to use it. Ah, okay. Anybody else reminded of Lorena Bobbit right now? The height of this shower, as well as the placement of the water outlets, is entirely up to you and what works for you. The only
requirement is that the ball valve which controls the shower must go above the
Sillcock. This way you can run each one individually or both at the same time. The PVC cement dries rather quickly, so
make sure you fit everything together first, and then go back and glue afterwards. There’s ants all in here. That’s showers probably one of the most genius inventions you’ve ever made, I didn’t exactly come up
with this idea myself I saw a similar shower a year ago at that same campground, and I thought it was a brilliant idea. That person made their
base out of PVC, and I chose to use an umbrella stand, simply because I wanted to be able to break it down and make it a little more
portable for use in the camper. With PVC, you have to glue everything together, otherwise this happens: This way, it’s easily portable and I can attach it to a post or a tree or anything else that I can strap it to. Well, don’t we have a rubber… A rubber? Hiiiiiiiiii! What’s up, my brewskis? I am sorry….

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  1. This is an embarrassing question, but where is the water coming from? I have only done tent camping. I have rigged up solar shower bags and shower curtains to trees, but have never had a hose around.

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