Portuguese Food Tour – FULL DAY of Eating in Lisbon, Portugal!

Portuguese Food Tour – FULL DAY of Eating in Lisbon, Portugal!

– More, more.
– More. – Much more.
– Okay, much more. – [Neighbor] Much more. It’s okay.
– Okay, good amount? A little bit of everything. All right. (chattering in background) (lively music) Good morning, everyone, it’s Mark Wiens with migrationology.com
in Lisbon, Portugal. This is my last full day in Lisbon, and I’m gonna do everything I can to eat as much Portuguese food today as possible. On the edge of this square there is a legendary coffee shop that’s known to be the first cafe in all of Lisbon, and while some people
say it’s a little bit of a tourist trap these days, they are known and locals have told me that they serve, they still
serve the best cod pastry, so I thought that would be a great way to start the day, and also with a cup of coffee. (speaks foreign language) This cafe and actually,
it’s a restaurant as well, they serve full meals. It is called Martinho do Arcada, and this is a legendary place. It dates back to 1782. They have an indoor section, but this outdoor patio
section is really nice under the arches of this old building, and you have a view of the
square, the plaza as well, and I came here mainly to have a coffee at the beginning of the day, and also to try their cod cutlets. These are the pasteis de bacalhau, and I think they are a mixture of potato, as well as the codfish, and then also maybe cilantro
or parsley in there, and then deep fried and you can little see the little, almost little
hairs of deep friedness coming off of them. This is one of those things
that’s right at that size where you’re not sure if you should eat it in one bite, or just bite half of it. Actually, for sake of
wanting to see what’s inside I’ll bite half of it this time. Mmm. Wow, that’s fantastic. That is like, I was expecting the fish to sort of be stuffed within the potato, but it’s actually mixed all together, and due to cod being that,
having that kind of rubbery, stringy texture to it, they’re like little,
it’s like fibers of cod that are mixed in, and it doesn’t taste too potato-heavy. It’s more like light and fluffy. Mmm, it’s salty and just a
little bit crispy on the edges. It’s awesome. Mmm, mmm. The mixture and combination, they have the ratio down perfectly. Follow that with coffee. Ahh, mmm. I’ve really been impressed
with the coffee in Portugal. They make really good coffee at every single coffee shop I’ve been to. The coffee is dark, it’s
strong, it’s smooth. It’s wonderful. And I’m down to my last
pasteis de bacalhau. I think I can one bite this. Mmm. Yeah, those are really good. And they go really well with coffee. I couldn’t resist ordering
one more cup of coffee. This is just such a
wonderful morning in Lisbon, such a wonderful patio, and such a legendary old cafe. Ahh. (trolley rattling) You’ve been to cafes and restaurants that say like since 1975 or since 1959, and those are really old restaurants, but this cafe just blows history away. Since 1782. I was just sitting there
thinking, drinking my coffee, thinking about how old that cafe is. That is just awesome,
and that was a great cup or two cups of coffee, and a very good cod pastry that is a classic. (upbeat music) We have about an hour until
the lunch restaurant opens, and so we are just slowly making our way, enjoying just the beauty of Lisbon, the old, narrow streets,
the cafes, the shops, and on our way to lunch, slowly. (upbeat music) I have some very unfortunate news. The restaurant, Ze da Mouraria, they should be open right now but it looks like they are not gonna open. Oh, that’s a little bit disappointing. This is the number one
Portuguese restaurant I wanted to try here in Lisbon. Things are just not quite
working out so smoothly for food in Lisbon, but that’s okay. Sometimes that’s how travel goes. There is another restaurant
just down the road here that serves Mozambique and a combination of Portuguese and
Mozambique and Indian food that I would also like to try, so we’re gonna check out that place next. (upbeat music) This place is called Cantinho do Aziz, and this is a lovely
restaurant on the sidewalk, up a flight of steps, so
it’s a quiet neighborhood. Beautiful environment, and
it’s a colorful restaurant. A yellow painted wall with art designed on the wall. The tablecloths are beautiful. This is fantastic, I
can smell the aroma of grilling meat, as well as maybe some like curry spices in the air, which smells delicious. Most of the dishes are Mozambiquan, but then there’s also some Indian influence and also
some Portuguese influence on the menu and what I
like is that each dish, all the dishes are listed on the menu and they each have a story about the chef and how the dish came about. They just served the beef samosas and they smell incredible. And when he served them, he said this sauce is very spicy. That is exactly what I wanted to hear. I’m gonna need a lot of this. That looks wonderful. (chattering in background) (crunching) Oh, that’s incredibly delicious. It tastes like curry minced meat, and it’s fried very, very fresh. The outside crust, the outside skin is completely crispy, and then, I think there are onions in there, and that sauce is actually quite spicy. That’s fantastic. I think I want to soak
my entire samosa in it. (crunching) This is one of the best samosas I’ve had in a very long time. That is amazing, and that sauce, I think it’s chilies, I’m not,
maybe some turmeric in there to make it orange. But it’s just awesomely good. (crunching) Thank you, yes. You want more samosa, you want one more? – Up to you. – After that absolutely sensational samosa there is nothing I could do
from ordering another one, so that’s on its way, but in the meantime, my main plate of food has just arrived. This is unbelievable-looking. I’m so happy right now. I got the lamb ribs, and
I think it’s coconut rice and this, oh, this is
just looking sensational. I’m gonna dig right into
that lamb rib piece. Oh, I need a spoon to eat this. Oh, they did serve a spoon in this. I’m gonna steal this spoon from the rice. I’m gonna go for that piece right there. Oh, yes, it is tender. Oh, yes, look at that meat and the rice. That’s as good as it looks. So tender, you can taste the lamb flavor. It’s like a salty, little bit spicy curry. You can taste that blend
of spices going there. It’s a little bit oily, and
it goes incredibly well. I think that is coconut rice. It’s a little bit sticky, and then has a wonderful fragrance to it. Oh, this is my kind of food. Like a drumstick. Yes, fantastic. This chili sauce is one of the award
winners at this restaurant. Let me add on a little
bit of that chili sauce, get some of the lamb with that chili sauce in rice. That bumps it up a notch. I had to get one more samosa. It was impossible to resist, actually. If you come to this restaurant, just go ahead and order yourself two to five samosas for yourself. You’re gonna want them, believe me. Just amazing. It turned out to be an
absolute stunner of a meal. Delicious food, the samosas were good, the chili sauce was
absolute award winning, and that lamb curry. They also have Peri Peri grilled chicken, which also looks fantastic. Next time I come I will
be eating that, and just a nice place, very friendly, and nice ambiance, nice environment, tucked away in a little
like, stairway cul-de-sac. Thank you very much to Isabel for recommending this restaurant. That has really lifted my spirits. (inspiring music) Ying and I are walking
just a couple blocks over to go have lunch number two, and this time Portuguese food. And this is a restaurant
that’s right in the heart of Lisbon, right in the
major touristy district, but it is down a little side, kind of almost a cove, and it’s full right now, so Ying
and I are waiting to get in. – The dishes of the day
is octopus and pork ribs. Fried pork ribs. – [Ying] You’re gonna need some of these. – [Mark] What I want to get is this one, capped with this one. I think I want to try the
(speaks foreign language). – [Waiter] Well, the codfish? – Codfish? – [Waiter] With the
chickpeas and potatoes. – And also the (speaks foreign language). We didn’t get a table yet but we got a menu and we
looked through the menu but I already knew the exact two
dishes I wanted to order, so we just ordered with the waiter. He’s gonna put our order in and then as soon as a table is ready we will sit down and eat lunch. (chattering) This is a pretty small
and compact restaurant, but it’s awesome that you
can see everything and you can see upstairs. Yeah, I don’t know where the chef went but you can see him cooking
upstairs on the upper level and then on the ground level there are communal tables. We got a table right in the
center of this communal table. This is a fantastic ambiance, and the food should be coming soon, since I already pre-ordered. Thank you. Huge portions, and this is some real
classic Portuguese food. There are many different
seafoods to eat in Portugal, but one of the local
favorites is bacalhau, which is codfish, and this one is a real classic dish, codfish with chickpeas,
there are potatoes on here, and it looks simple,
but it looks fantastic. I’m gonna take some of the codfish, put this over onto my plate. Oh yeah, you can smell that
preserved saltiness of the fish. Take some of the chickpeas as well, and then also I think this dish came with this plate of onions and
parsley to go on top. Add a little bit, oh and raw garlic. Oh I will be eating those
cloves of raw garlic as well. Okay. Okay. Now let me grab, let me change
my silverware to the fork and knife, piece of fish. Yeah, that’s very salty. Salted cod, but the
texture of cod is so good, and it’s yeah, it’s very flaky. It’s actually quite juicy,
and then very salty. – [Neighbor] Add a little of vinegar to see whether you like or not. – Okay, thank you, thank you.
– It depends on your taste. I used to like both, now I prefer only the olive oil, but many people, they’re trying it. – This time I’m gonna
drizzle it with olive oil. Okay, I think that should be good. Little bit of olive oil. – [Neighbor] Put more. Is that good? – [Neighbor] More, more. Much more.
– More. Okay, much more. – [Neighbor] Much more. – [Mark] Okay, much more olive oil. – [Neighbor] It’s okay. – Okay? Good amount? (Mark chuckles) Okay, so you have to
drizzle it in olive oil. That’s what makes it bacalhau. Okay. And now this time I’m
just gonna use my spoon to grab up, oh, I want
to get some potatoes in this bite too, a little bit of everything. All right. Oh yeah. That does make it good. – [Neighbor] Completely different. – Mm-Hmm. Now it kinda like tones
down the fishy taste of the cod, and makes it more juicy of
course, because of that oil, or oily, but the oil is very fragrant. That does like wrap it all together. I’m gonna move into this clove of garlic. Try to chop that up a little bit. Take it with a piece of garlic, cod and chickpeas. Oh yeah. Raw garlic. Raw garlic improves everything. Next I’m gonna try some vinegar. – When you put together you should, you should join them, okay, you put there. – [Mark] What, in the side? – [Neighbor] And you try a
little olive oil in the mix. – [Mark] Okay, so I should
put a little bit of vinegar, and then put olive oil down? – [Neighbor] Yeah, little bit more. You mix it. And then a little of potato there. It’s a different taste. – [Mark] Oh, and then mix it around. Okay. (Ying laughs) Thank you. Okay, so that’s a combination
of vinegar and olive oil at the bottom of my plate now. Mmm. It’s good with the vinegar too, yeah. Yeah, the vinegar gives it
of course a sour flavor, but it’s kinda refreshing
with the saltiness of the cod. And also got some tomato
salad with onions. Set this down. I think this is just pure tomatoes, maybe with some olive oil on top. Those are really juicy tomatoes, and the tomatoes are
also incredibly sweet. The next dish we got is also a very classic Portuguese dish, it is a pork stew with clams, and then it’s also served with some fried slices of potatoes on the side. I’m not totally sure what this is. It looks like, oh, it feels kind of like bread.
– It’s bread. Bread with garlic on the oven. – [Mark] Oh, okay. It kind of has a pudding feel to it. – This is fried pork, not stewed, and then the sauce comes from that. That’s fried. – You’re not supposed to eat
this dish with olive oil, so I’m gonna switch over to a clean plate, and then this, it feels almost like pudding in texture, it’s a bread, and then the potatoes on,
and then a few clams on top, so I will take a little bit of everything onto my plate again. Oh, and I got a clam
that came out already. Okay, and then some of those potatoes. Okay. All right. Pork. Pork and some of that bread. Mmm. Oh, yeah. The bread has like a, a bacon flavor to it, a very smoky meat flavor to it, and then the pork, those
are big nuggets of pork. It has like a roasted chili flavor. It tastes like, like paprika. Maybe that’s paprika. – Most always cooked on the same way, so we know that we will like it because it will taste the same thing as this one and that one, and yes. – Okay, but these are very– – Depends. – Very common dishes, classic dishes. – This is the most common dish. – The most common. – This is a common dish also. – Try one of these potatoes, and I may as well add
that piece of pork to it. Mmm. I like that potato. It’s sliced just thin enough, so it’s not like a chip, but it is crispy almost
all the way through, but then just a little center that is starchy potato. I have just, for the last 15 minutes I was just talking with the
man who was sitting next to me. He was very friendly, a very nice man and he kind of explained
about all of the food to me, which I didn’t know, I don’t
know much about Portuguese food so it was awesome to talk with him. What’s very interesting
about the codfish dish, or about codfish in general, the salty codfish that’s very
popular in Portugal is that Portugal is blessed to have an amazing seafood abundance in the Atlantic Ocean. They have so many seafoods available, and there are so many
delicious seafoods available. However, the codfish is not from Portugal. It’s not from the seas of Portugal. It’s from around the north
Atlantic near around Norway, and so even though it’s
one of the local favorites, it’s not actually from Portugal, and so that’s just a demonstration of Portugal and its history and its culture, and its influence in trade and yeah, it’s very interesting. Mmm. Finished with that meal, some classic Portuguese food. That was delicious, but
it’s extremely hearty food, extremely filling, and these
are some huge portions. We’re now walking over to the metro, and we are gonna take the metro. Our next place that we’re visiting today is the Lisbon Oceanarium,
which is an aquarium. It’s world-renowned, and I wanted to go to the aquarium to complete the top 10 things to do in Lisbon, and that is the final number 10, so we are on our way there now. Wow. My stomach is just bulging right now. (Ying laughs) (train rumbling) This is our train, all right. (chattering) We just got off the metro at Cabo Ruivo, and this is the closest metro station to the Lisbon Aquarium, Lisbon Oceanarium. I think it’s about a
15-minute walk from here, but I need that walk. (inspiring music) Immediately it smells like
a fish market in here. Oh, that’s because the first exhibition is like an outdoor exhibition of, of penguins or something. They’re not penguins,
but they are puffins. (chattering) (gentle music) The sunfish. Oh. Whoa, here comes the giant sunfish. It looks kind of like a turtle, but turned on its side. We are in the tropical
rain forest section now. Oh, back to Thailand. And I think they also have an
Indian Ocean section below. (inspiring music) I honestly was not
gonna mention food again in this aquarium, but I just walked into,
you gotta check this out, there’s a whole exhibition
and a whole poster dedicated to bacalhau, which is codfish, and that’s what I just ate for lunch. Finished walking around the aquarium. That’s an amazing place with
so many different sea creatures all in one aquarium, and then
in different exhibitions. It’s a great place especially for kids when you visit Lisbon, but also if you love marine
life, nature or animals. It’s a great place to visit
when you come to Lisbon. (inspiring music) We took the metro back to Avenida, and this is one of the most
beautiful streets in Lisbon. The trees, and I love how the sidewalks are huge and wide and
they have a lot of cafes along this street as well, so we are actually right
outside of our hotel, and there are a number of different cafes, local, neighborhood
cafes along the street, underneath the trees. I’m just soaking up these
last few hours in Lisbon, and I also really needed coffee. Ahh. This is fantastic. Sitting here under the
trees with the breeze. Good cup of coffee, and great atmosphere. There is a restaurant
right around the corner that we’re heading to now, and it’s gonna be our
final meal in Lisbon. (inspiring music) I’m looking at the menu out here, and it is quite an
expensive restaurant, but they are known to have
the best jamon here, and also really good seafood, so I think we’re gonna go
for it for our last meal. Ying and I went to the
aquarium this afternoon, but look at this aquarium. This might be the most impressive aquarium in all of Lisbon. – Can you see? – Yeah. Look at the size of these lobsters, and the clearness of this tank. These must be like, three
or four kilo lobsters. Look at this one. Cristiano Ronaldo. This restaurant is called
Solar dos Presuntos, and it’s a really big restaurant. It’s a legendary restaurant, especially for its high-end seafood, but actually along with the seafood they are really famous, and what I was really interested to come
in here to eat is the ham. When you see the
restaurant from the outside you can see the tank, seafood and all of the fresh
seafood in the cabinet, and then if you look
to the right-hand side, you can actually see them slicing the ham, and this is pata negra ham. They immediately tempt you because they have the plates of ham and cheese, as well as small little
starters already on your table, and when you sit down it’s
already right in front of you. You don’t even need to wait, so it’s right in front of me right now. This is some kind of a sausage, a chorizo, and then there’s cheese on this plate, and then this is the ham. I just gotta have one piece immediately. Look at those beautiful streaks. (chattering in background) That is unbelievable. It has such a smooth, and just completely pure
and smooth texture to it. It’s a little bit chewy. It’s perfectly salty, and it has this rich depth
of salty preservation. And what’s amazing is that that flavor, it lingers in your mouth. Oh, I can still taste it after swallowing. I did not want to leave
this region of the world without having one more dose of ham. And this is fresh bread. (chattering in background) I’ll take another piece of the ham, maybe with some cheese. Whoa, that’s a lot of cheese. Mmm. The cheese is very mild, and not too salty. That complements the ham. The main dishes have just arrived, and Ying and I ordered two dishes that we’re gonna share together. I got the grilled octopus, and this presentation is
also awesomely beautiful. The pieces of octopus are so big they almost look like sausages. Oh, and I can feel how tender they are, and there are two pieces
of octopus in here, there’s some onions on the top. I think that’s olive oil on the bottom and you can smell the
aroma of garlic just, just fuming off of this. There’s some vegetables on
the side and some potatoes, and then onions on the top,
and I love how they have poked the octopus with
a couple of toothpicks with some olives on top. I think I will go in for
this piece of octopus. Oh, the fork literally
just sinks in (chuckles) without even, like effortlessly. I’ll slice off a piece, oh wow. Okay guys, I haven’t even taken a bite but I can already predict
how tender this is gonna be, and I’m gonna scoop up
some of that garlic. Okay, now let me switch over. That is so tender. It’s almost like cheese. I don’t know if I’ve ever
had more tender octopus in my entire life. And I decided to order a
glass of house white wine to go with this. Mmm. Wow, very, very smooth. Mmm, that combination. That’s insane. I gotta take one more
bite of this octopus. You literally could slice
this piece of octopus with a fork. I’m just using the knife
because it’s handy but you wouldn’t need it at all. Now let me try to get some of this spinach on top this time. That is the softest octopus
I’ve ever had in my life. It’s a little bit on the salty side, but that tenderness and that garlicy-ness is what will blow you away. We also got the grilled sea bream. Let’s take a look at its face. This is what he looks like, but it came with a slice of lemon and a slice of orange, as well as some creamed spinach, and some potatoes on the side. And you can actually
see the freshness of it and how glistening with
all those fats it is. Just let me take a little
bite before I do anything. Mmm. Oh, a little bone. That is fantastic as well. Not fishy, a little bit dry
texture of a fish, and then you can really taste that grilled flavor. And follow that with some creamy spinach. Wow. That is really, it has a really like, sticky mashed potato texture to it. Ying and I just finished with that meal. That was a little bit more
high end than I had expected, but it was really good,
great quality food, and I’m standing here just admiring the, the ham in the window
as well as the seafood. We’ve come to the end
of our trip to Lisbon. Tomorrow we fly out, so our hotel is literally
right around the corner and that’s a good thing, because I am like half in a slumber already
from all of the food today. So I’m gonna end the
vlog for today right now. Thank you all very much for watching. Please remember to give
this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and also
make sure you subscribe for lots more food and travel videos, and I will see you on the next video. (beeping) So this is a, a good place to, oh, a couple burps there too, a codfish burp.
– Yucky. – That was a codfish burp.

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