Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Sledge’s Vacation | Episode 18 “The Rangers Rock” | Legacy Wars

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Sledge’s Vacation | Episode 18 “The Rangers Rock” | Legacy Wars

No! My beautiful ship! She’s still a wreck! How could you not fix her after the crash? How could you not tell me you survived? (dramatic instrumental music) (groaning) You better have a good excuse! I can explain! Spit it out, then! Well, I barely survived the crash. (dramatic instrumental music)
(fire crackling) As I was trying to escape the ship, I found something very special in one of the abandoned cells. A plan began to hatch in my mind. It is bold, it was brilliant. But if I wanted to destroy
the rangers for good, I would need the help of one very bad egg. I had to secretly put pieces in place all over the world, so I fired up the old jet pack, and made for the sky. (dramatic instrumental music) As soon as I was done, I came right back to make sure you were okay! Oh! I cried myself to sleep
every night dreaming of you! Meanwhile, you were off having fun! No, not at all, Poisie! I wasn’t having any fun. Hawaii was awful. (soft instrumental music) And China, boy that was miserable. (soft instrumental music) And Japan? No one has any fun there. (fast dance music) ♫ Throw up your hands ♫ Having fun in Japan ♫ Just fun, fun ♫ Fun, fun ♫ Throw up your hands ♫ Having fun in Japan Can we just get to work? Right, power the ship’s fuel cells. Oh, we’re using all
the power we have left to cloak the ship from the Rangers! [Horned Villain] We need
to get the ship in the air! If we need more power, we’ve got this. Ah, good point. I was right to trust you, Snide. Finally, our plan is in place, and the dark energem is going
to make it all possible. (laughing)
(dramatic instrumental music)

100 thoughts on “Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Sledge’s Vacation | Episode 18 “The Rangers Rock” | Legacy Wars

  1. I wonder if those people were the suit performers or they actually brought the sledge costume to Japan. probably the first option.

  2. 😃😃😃😃ahahahahaha sledge was on vacation when the ohters were getting their asses kickked ahahahahaha!

  3. 1:25 Sledge: And Japan? No one has fun there. fast dance music Sledge: singing Throw up your hands. Having fun in Japan. Just, fun fun. Fun, fun. Throw up your hands. Having fun in Japan.
    Snide: groans Can we just get to work?

  4. I think i know why those japanese people didn't freak out were because they are always visited by kaiju and aliens from Godzilla amd Ultraman. Or they were so drunk and thought he was a mascot or cosplayer.

  5. hahaha 😂😂😂 its so funny wen they put sled photo vacation 😂😂😂😂 he say that he Didnt have fun i fink he was having fun beaucause he was dancing and singing 😂

  6. in my opinion, the villains the best thing about Dino charge. I don't know why but I just focus on them mainly sledge, wrench, and poisandra.

  7. Sledge really needs to get that jetpack fixed. How many times have we seen it go off after he smacks it?

  8. Sledge: You know, in Japan I found people who looked just like Power Rangers. I even found someone who looked like you Poisy.

  9. sledge is probably one of my new favorite villains ever, i love how he's not a overlord which is definitely original, and i laugh my ass off how he's whipped

  10. 1:18 You're lying through your teeth and plus Hawaii is not awful, I should know I've been there for a three day vacation with my mom and sisters

  11. I love Poisandra. But I wish they put more character development on her. She was so better in the Kyrorger (Idk how to spell, I'm lazy).

  12. Sledge has two things about him one of the top five Super villain one he uses all the resources that he has on demand and he also knows how to have a good time when he wants to relax.

    …… I can't hold it back throw up your hands, having fun in Japan.

    That song is going to haunt me every time when I think of karaoke now.

  13. Sledge:throw of your hands having fun in japan just fun fun fun fun
    Me:hes a monster why does the peopol trust him of singing?

  14. “Throw up your hands having fun in Japan” And Sledge, you said you weren’t having any fun at all, but turns out you were.

  15. This is the craziest thing a Power Rangers villain would ever do. It’s like if Nadira posted a nail polish trend, or if Zeltrax went to a breakdancing contest, or if Jindrax pulled out an Org Credit Card which definitely happened.

  16. Take off poisandra, replace snide with kuliner monster, replace fury with ghost monster, and take off wrench, sledge, and curio

  17. in One More Energem when the ship crashed Sledge told Heckyl about his plan and left him in charge of the ship while he's away planting Greenzilla eggs Snide took over afterwards not wanting his other half to ruin their pack with Sledge.

    The Rangers thought Sledge was destroyed but he wasn't Heckyl/Snide was the only one who knew Sledge plan duh.

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