100 thoughts on “Powerful winter storm causes chaos with holiday travel

  1. It's historic…we haven't had this much snow since last years global coolling! Can't wait for the global warming to come.

  2. That's a blizard.
    No it's super storm. All white powder depositing on cars and roof top's and street's.

    Use thermals keeps warm and adjust the temperature control.

  3. Look at all that climate change falling from the sky. It must be the heat wave in the arctic pushing cold air south.

  4. Breaking News: Greta Thunberg was found frozen under a tree wearing flip flops. She was apparently waiting for her Uber to get to a protest for climate change in San Francisco but the driver couldn't make it.

  5. When I was a kid, we were terrified into thinking the next ice age was around the next corner. And back then we had some huge storms and snow…record stuff. It was great fun. Skating rinks everywhere. Lots of outdoor hockey.

  6. If your stupid you believe global warming cannot cause extra cold weather …or extra hot weather…..or more storms…… or more floods…..or more droughts…..or even Ice Ages.

  7. "Powerful winter storm causes chaos with holiday travel"… maybe it's global warming again! Or, maybe it's just a winter storm system?

  8. Back in 1980 they said we have global cooling, in 1990 it was global warming, now its an all out global disaster. How about it’s just the natural weather cycle. All of these time periods said we had 10 years to correct it, sound familiar. What a bunch of idiots, greedy politicians pushing their agenda to make money.

  9. Desolation from severe weather is a fact of life. Only the secrets of the firmaments may be revealed to us by "time travel and space exploration"! NASA is going military!

  10. В Москве нет снега, а Калифорнию завалило (!). Вы забрали у России снег.)

  11. Leonard Nimoy, In search of 1978 Big winter storm hits ! We are headed for a new ice age ! But then again it's global warming melting of the ice !
    So, which one is actually happening ? so- cold experts .

  12. This bitter cold has completely shut down all my plans, Dropped all the way down to the mid 60s this week.


  14. Sad reading the comments here, Fox viewers are DEEPLY ignorant. I guess that’s what happens when you listen to lies all day.

  15. Yeah, how's that for global warming .. It's sure ain't LOCAL warming, but who in their right mind would confuse global with local ? Huh ?

  16. Look Im also for Trump 2020 but how about we dont comment about politics and global warming jokes on a video that said one family had 2 children killed and one still missing. How about we all pray for this family. Come together people!

  17. If it's hot, it's caused by climate change, if it's too cold also climate change, if it's normal that is climate change again, how about we just call it weather, because that's all it is

  18. climate change – COLDER/COLDER/COLDER!!!! believe me I hate COLD and I know when I am getting COLDER & COLDER every year since 10 years ago!!!!🌨☃⛄️❄️ ice age is back!!!

  19. If global warming is real, why did I have to shovel 8 inches of wet heavy snow last night?? Why wasn't it all rain?

  20. "Adapt2030" , "Oppenheimer Ranch Project" , "Ice Age Farmer" , "Tony Heller" ….check them out Eddy Grand Solar Minimum incoming

  21. I lived in Phx. As soon as it rains the News, Police all warn about trying to cross washes even dry ones due to flash floods. worker work 24/7 putting up signs/barricades but ALWAYS someone going around them crossing or crossing anyway. NEVER a season when lives are not lost. so many rescues by helicopters, firedept running ropes that they started charging! Sad.

  22. Hah!! We can get 48 inches dumped on us here in Alaska and it dont even make the news! Why? Because it is just another day.

  23. Global warming ? in fairness they did change it to climate change when that didn't pan out ! Not sure if i should buy a jacket or more tee shirts both i guess.

  24. Blasted global warming! Cripes you can't count on the weather to warm up like Al Gore said it would. What can you do?

  25. Wow, must be from the global warming…..anybody who buys into that rubbish, is truly drinking the Kool aid!!!! It's called weather, people……if you ever notice on the weather reports on tv, they always show what the weather was back years ago and it's always showing hotter, hmmm……

  26. I notice on the previous video about the Dutch Stabbing Fox turned the comments off, probably pressured by gun manufacturers or politicians connected to them to not cover these too heavily because it destroys and gun nuts argument that they would do mass killings with a knife if they couldn't get a gun.

  27. Antifa are socialist but people forget about the German socialist workers party the worst of all the communist please type it in asap "German socialist workers party" we don't need more mass killings by Democrats and their puppet antifa or profa as they like to hide it.

  28. 2nd day of summer in Australia, I had to light the fire yesterday and it is still going to day. Where is this global warming taking place I am moving there. Stay safe and warm.

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