Prague Hidden Gems – Places in Prague Without Tourists

Prague Hidden Gems – Places in Prague Without Tourists

Today I want to take you to a few of my
favorite places that are close to main attractions but at the same time a lot
less people so this is the beachfront of Malá Strana we come here sometimes to
feed the ducks and swans and if we’re lucky we catch a glimpse of a river rat the next stop is the beautiful Vojanovy sady most people are just gonna keep going by when we’re gonna check it out
and see how quiet is they have peacocks beautiful flowers beehives and even a
playground so quiet here other people not come here
how do they miss it? next stop is Střelecký ostrov a beautiful island in
the middle of the Vltava river a great place to bring your kids see a
concert and I want to show you a particular place that I really love
about it so how how cool is it that we’re at the tip of this island and have
this is such amazing view right in the middle of Prague I mean you can’t get
better than that this is it Zlatá, Golden street. Not the
one at the castle different one so it just a little tiny lane in Old Town
right in the heart of Old Town let’s check it out nobody’s ever really here it’s just like
a passageway walkway through but just around the corner here is all the
thousands of people going to Charles Bridge and to Old Town Square back and
forth but if you just took a second to get around the corner here it is quiet
old beautiful part of Prague so our last step I’ve come to a small area in
Malá Strana now which is one street down from one of the busiest streets in all
of Prague so the choice is yours you can be like everyone else
or like this thanks for watching and see you next time

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  1. I am a frequent guest in your beautiful city, and I always want to visit bars and restaurants where Czechs go and you rarely meet tourists

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