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  1. Nice video but several pronunciations are cringe worthy…. 'Vaclav' Square and 'Kampa' park… It would make since the narrator is likely not living in Prague and just reading a script

  2. Excellent video and information!!

    However, have to say that Prague's historic centre has far too many of these 'modern art' monstrosities.

  3. We just got back from Prague and this video covers a big portions of the city and it's attractions. One big omission is the museum of communism, it really brings home the tumultuous past the city has been through in recent history in this wonderful City.

  4. Parizska has NOTHING to do with Paris. Vienna or Budapest if anything… Also those "nice" shops on Karlova Street are all tourist traps. So much for authenticity… And why is shopping something we're all supposed to like? What's so attractive about accumulating things? Shops, especially tourist shops have killed Prague's city centre. Faceless troops of weekend tourists, for whom this video is made, are killing the city as well.

  5. sorry but describing one of the biggest cities in Europe as small is kinda inaccurate imho, also the castle is described by guiness as THE biggest in the world.

  6. 14:30 food and things in streets markets are usualy ovepriced for tourist ..for example this food costs 80 czech crouns its realy too much you can buy main dish in restaurant for similar price of course you cant go to ovepriced restaurant for tourist i recommend check Trip Advisor

  7. Do you sell walking maps of this particular tour of Prague? If so, how can I buy one? Other cities as well? Planning a trip for fall. Thanks.

    Prague, the architectural jewel of Central Europe. Follow me on my architectural adventures through Prague, as I discover and explore the amazing , wonderful sites of the ancient city

  9. Fantastic! ????✈️???
    I listen to the Rick Steves travel app with this on mute, and then watch again with mute off.

  10. I used to live in Prague when I was 6 I moved to the uk. I remember so much of this. Thank you for this!

  11. Hi, nice video and thanks for the guide.. a quick question. Can you tell how much would a taxi cost from airport to Charles Bridge or nearby and how much it would cost from Charles Bridge and nearby to Central Train Station?

  12. Going to Prague next month and this REALLY helped me with the itinerary. With cities like London and Paris, it's fairly easy to know where to start. But in cities like Prague, I struggle more to find the "must do" type of attractions. This was AWESOME. I just wish you had one for Budapest 🙂 Take care!

  13. Don´t eat trdelník, don´t buy matryoshkas, skip the Prague castle – too many scams, too crowded. As a Prague citizen I have to say that I personally have been to Prague castle ONCE and that time I left it disgusted. Just look at it from other parts of the city and pay a visit to the other underrated castle in Prague; Vyšehrad. Josefov (the jewish quarter) is a MUST-SEE place, you have to try local bakeries and don´t leave without tasting as many local beers as possible (a pint of each minimum). Stay away from IPAs though, we don´t traditionally make them, so they don´t taste good here.

  14. Thanks for sharing!!! May I know when was this video taken? Ill be going to Prague next August and curious with the weather n also the crowd

  15. Thank you for sharing! You are so skilled. I like to travel too:)I just shared my first ever movie – My travel diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would definitely cherish your opinions on my video/editing and so I can develop like you!

  16. Fun breezy informative presentation! Thanks for taking the effort in listing down the places in your description. Keep it up!

  17. as a 16 Yo who never left his own country
    I don't find Prague interesting, the only fun thing I see from flying to Prague is for the shopping and drinking at night

  18. Fine, but try this about Prague and Czech Republic 🙂

  19. I was in prague 2013 for 3 nights while i was studying medicine in Poznan Poland , Prague is amazing city full of life and awesome food , architecture and beautiful people all around but unfortunately we didnt get to see all of it during our stay . Awesome video and great editing making me nostalgic to my good times in Europe before coming back to USA . keep up the good work !

  20. In Prague in 1997, a ticket-inspector showed his badge to me, and at first, I thought he was trying to sell a coin to me!

  21. Prague is just the kind of place where I would like to stay for a while to write a book. It is such a lovely inspiring city which can be covered on foot ????Na Zdravi ?

  22. Some information if you are thinking of walking in Prague. I just read a story in the news about some of the cobblestones in the streets of Prague being hewn from Jewish gravestones in the area. A man on his way to work in the 80,s had noticed a fresh pile waiting to be laid that day and noticed Hebrew letters on the side that would obviously be face down, so he took some and still has them today. The mans name is Leo Pavlat and he is the director of the Prague Jewish museum. There needs to be some kind of acknowledgment of this so people know what they are walking on.

  23. This video was so helpful in our travel to Prague. Check out our short journey (thanks to your tips!):

  24. THE WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!! I have never met such a rude and impolite waiters/waitresses and any other workers. They are all in the mood "give us your money and get the fuck out of here" They do not want to help you when you are looking for sth. No matter which country you come from, these people simply hate tourists.

  25. Superb! Very informative video! Keep visiting more countries, would love to follow your footsteps! ?

  26. I would show up more traditional czech cuisine than potatoes with French cheese. It has nothing to do with traditional Czech food. The same "Trdelnik" markets, it is definitely not typical Czech cake as it pretends to be. Then I would dive in another places which are nicer, less crowdy and not overpriced. Me as a tourist in any country I prefer to see country's inhibitants more than crowds of tourists in overpriced parts.

  27. You've completely missed Vysehrad, – you'd really like the place. It is one of the oldest settled places and former royal Castle. With a huge park where everyone can rest, an old church and a great view, its one of the must see places. A lot of Prague myths and legends is connected to this place including a hell hound, a headless knight and so on.

  28. You were doing great until you got to the part we have all been waiting for….shopping….how stupid. As if that is what is important in Prague or any other historically significant city is the shopping.

  29. what a shite guide …. total bollocks just shows you the tourist trap shite …not real prague or czech republic…. follow the honest guides if you want reality

  30. Thank God prague is not pluralistic and thank god students are not all that globalist and leftist quirky shit. Go home Yankee you can be a soros whore and a clown for big capital globalist regime somwhere else

  31. just came back from Prague. The city is very beautiful, like living in a fairytale. The buildings, the atmosphere, one of the best places i ve been.

    However, i would NEVER set foot again in Czech Republic. The reason? The Czechs…The most rude, inhospitable, ungrateful people i ve met, and i ve been to a dozen countries so far. And i am not saying that judging from one incident, it happened to a bar, to a restaurant, to a shop, in the street.

    From a friend that is working there for 2 years and other friends of his (even from a random guy i met in the plane who also works there!!!), i was told that they are a bit racists in general and seem like they envy foreigners (making much more money working in IT, economics etc..). And that, the same time half the city lives from tourism, such hypocrits.

    Honestly, we should all boycott them for a year or two and see what happens

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