In the summer Prague get really really crowded But we have a tip how to avoid all these crowds the tips Includes an alarm clock if you want to experience Charles bridge in Prague like this you got to wake up early so right now It’s 6:40 our plan was to be here at 6:00, but somebody overslept so let’s go see what it looks like One two three four four people you’ll only see people going to work W data so this is what old town square looks like at six forty nine in the morning. There’s almost nobody here Crooks never sleep so even at this early hour this place is open 24/7 and what they’ll do is. They’ll take fifty percent of your money if you change It here make sure to watch our video that. We did about this place. So you know what’s going? So it gets really crowded in front of the astronomical clock. There’s so many tourists here. Is that you can move here Let’s see how many weddings. We can spot on the Charles Bridge one, two Two girls just asked me to take a picture of them. I’d say “well ask someone else”, but there’s nobody here, so. Love it Love it We are halfway through our walk. We’re going up to the castle So the first choice to buy something is this place called buttock it’s right off Charles Bridge And it’s a good place and a second option where you can refill or even stop for breakfast is Bohemia bagel it opens at 7:30 The store opens at 7 of course one of the places that opens early in the morning is McDonald’s But we’re not going there for food. We’re going to show you. Number 3 You know what’s the one word? I have not used yet this morning excuse me Another option where to buy something in Prague is place called the ZABKA opens at 6:00 and for 30 euro cents, you can buy doughnut Marmolada Four It’s 7:37. We finally made it to the castle And there’s nobody here, and the castle is open from six o’clock in the morning to wake up early. So you don’t have to wait This is EpIc nope 7:42 If you want to be inside of the cathedral you can mind that it opens at 9:00 So the whole thing with probably in crowded with tourists. I guess is a hoax Eight o’clock still empty at eight o’clock It’s 8:30 in the morning We’re ending our two-hour walk around Prague and if you really want to admire Prague if you really want to see what it should look like do this. Wake up early You can either skip the breakfast have it somewhere else or simply do this and then go back to your hotel for the breakfast I? Promise you you will love it. Thank you so much for watching the honest guy new episode is out every Sunday So hit that subscribe button, so you will get notified about new episodes? So you will not miss a single one come to Prague We will really love to see you here and the czech work would be morning. Which is Arana and also empty which is fasting 8:56 and it’s starting to fill up

100 thoughts on “PRAGUE WiTHOUT TOURISTS – HOW? (Honest Guide)

  1. Hey honest guide, I saw your video on what not to do as a tourist. Can you add to that list the horse and carriage tours? I feel so badly for the horses in old town walking in circles and slipping on the streets. They look like they are in pain but people only seen to care about a romantic moment and not these poor creatures

  2. I spotted the black madonna near the beginning. My aunt showed me that and told me to go to the cafe but I forgot

  3. We visited Charles Bridge at sunrise, it was fantastic and got some great pictures as hardly anybody around.

  4. Can you tell a place where we can buy economical carry on bags and also do a video for best shopping places in Prague.

  5. Lovely. But will there be any sun light this early in March? I plan to visit Prague in mid March since it is the only time I can afford for cheap flight, accommodation for a 2 weeks visit along with Berlin.

  6. agree with you brother! ive done this myself 2 years back and felt like a king. Prague should be seen in the morning, specially in summer.

  7. I also came back from Prague 2 hours ago!> A lot of crowds, but only in some places… great city, really loved it!, and…great Absinthe place 🙂

  8. You speak english very well, hardly any accent, my mom was czech but never lost her accent. I travelled to Prague in 2009 with my son, we got up early, and yes, we had the whole old town square to ourselves.

  9. Was in Prague in September and this was the best tip. I have some amazing photos with almost no people in them.

  10. I did this today, I was at 7 am at the castle and there were only three people including me. Absolutely worth it to get up early for this short trip. Thank you so much.

  11. Pro Janka: Nevěděl jsem, že jste byl poslední dobou hodně na sluníčku..:)

  12. Hi friend, you really are doing a brilliant job. I my all honesty, I must admit that you are the most useful vloger. All my salutations to your brilliant work.

  13. I with, my wife, wish to visit PRAGUE during coming June or July for about eight to ten days. You think this is a good stay. Should we increase or decrease the duration of our stay for a good memorable stay. We between 50 to 55 years of age.

  14. Praha in the dead of night , in the dead of winter. Deathly quiet streets. Only the sound of freash snow crunching beneath my feet. Paradise

  15. Thank you for the amazing guides. Currently in Prague and I discovered your videos just before I arrived. I've felt so comfortable in this city – a place I've never been before, because your content prepared me with places to see, eat and enjoy. Thank you so much! Off to Vyšehrad Castle now!

  16. Great video, keep up the good work! When that is said, instead of only showing exchange-places to avoid, what about showing places you recommend?

  17. The basic impression that you are giving Prague is " Dont come here" .
    You may think you are assisting the tourist , but what you are really doing is discouraging any and all visits.
    Which is actually not a bad thing.

  18. Do mekáče se v cizině chodí dělat hodně nutný number two, chvíli jsem se bála co je number three :'D

  19. I did this with my friend.. but we started our adventure at 4am 😀 I wish I saw this video before we did. this because we had no idea where to go for breakfast so sadly we ended up at McDonalds…but it was so worth getting up early :))

  20. I did that by accident and it was amazing to see everything and take pictures without anyone blocking my view.

  21. Hahaha we noticed wedding photographers and couples every single morning in Prague! They are everywhere. Only Asian wedding couples too. By the way, I went to Charles Bridge at 5 in the morning on a Saturday (early sunrises in the summer) and there were already tons of people there (tourists and drunks). Stick to weekday mornings if possible.

  22. I did exactly this and waked up early! I saw all the beauty of the streets on Old Praha. After visit the castle I returned and wow, wasn't the same place. The crowd by all sides, a tourist polution, so disgusting!

  23. Thanks we just made it like that, it was amazing, and we included the John Lennon wall… empty!

  24. Co udělat video o barech a nočním životě? @honestguide lidi budou rádi a vozraly lidi se přesunou z ulic do kloubů :))

  25. Короче, лучше всего идти гулять в 5 утра, в понедельник, в холод, в дождь…
    Стоп. Может всё-таки это не лучший вариант?..

  26. Yo he conocido Praha cuando no era destino turistico y me enamore de la ciudad. He vuelto hace poco y es un asco por culpa de la masificacion turistica. Y los checos se han vuelto mas bordes.

  27. If you want to go to Česky Republika without tourists go to Brno or Ostrava. They are beautiful cities

  28. When I went, in April 2018, there weren't so many tourists.
    Prague is a beautiful city, but very overrated: there's almost nothing to see: in the castle there's nothing, museums?, closed churches,… the cathedral is from the 20th century, you can only go for a walk in the center, climb to the top of three towers, many times you cross the Town Hall square, (old town is very small), and drink beer, not food: really it isn't a gourmet paradise. Maybe theaters with cheap musical and opera tickets were the best..
    With just two, perhaps three days I had enough to see the city. For me it was disappointing.

  29. Was at charles bridge at 5.30am..super empty, Astronomical clock and old town by 6.30am..empty except for few bridal photography groups.

  30. I just returned from your GORGeOus city and had a great time. I was looking for you guys!! It was super crowded but we there was no way we could drag our teenager out of bed that early to avoid crowds!

  31. I would like go to Prague and try to speak with locals, since Ukrainian and Polish (which I speak fluently) sound very similiar 😀

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