Pre-College Program at Harvard Summer School

Pre-College Program at Harvard Summer School

took an Introduction to Criminal Law and
Criminal Procedure. And I loved it. I loved stepping
into Harvard Yard and seeing the
bustle of students around me, while at the
same time knowing that there were a bunch of kids out
there doing the same thing I was doing. REID BRADSHAW: It’s like an
entire semester of college that’s been distilled
down to two weeks. So there is exciting and intense
social experiences, and a lot of learning in the classroom. GABRIELA VECIANA: I had never
been away from home this long. So two weeks seemed
like the perfect time to actually experience it here,
and not get super homesick. I’m taking Intro to Computer
Programming, which is something I had never done before. So I thought, what better
way to introduce myself to it than at Harvard? [LAUGHS] It’s been a really
cool crash course in two weeks. I know so much more than I
did coming into the program. Yesterday we finished
a tic-tac-toe game. It was the hardest thing
in the whole world, but it felt so
good to finish it. DANIELA ABBO: Something I
love about this program is the independence that you have,
the responsibility that they give you. And you learn how to
have a routine, how it goes to your class on time. JOSHUA NG: It’s a simulation of
an actual college experience. You have 15 hours
of class a week. And you have the rest
of the time to yourself. So you get to choose what you
want to do in that free time, yet you still have
that responsibility to do your homework,
to study for quizzes. REID BRADSHAW: My
professors were really engaged with the class. They were really friendly,
and encouraging, and helpful. JOSHUA NG: At high school
I’m always pressed by grades. Because I’m always
trying to get that A. The non-credit aspect of the
program puts less stress on me. GABRIELA VECIANA: It’s
not as much about grades as it is about just
learning something. DANIELA ABBO: The Passport
program has been great so far. I have loved everything
I’ve signed up for. JOSHUA NG: It’s a
great opportunity just to get out of your shell. SARAH BRADSHAW: I did a
trip to Canobie Lake Park with friends who
I had only known for a week, which was very fun. GABRIELA VECIANA:
I’ve participated in Escape the Yard. It was kind of like a
scavenger hunt/trivia/game show in Harvard Yard,
that challenged us intellectually and
physically, because we were running everywhere. REID BRADSHAW: I loved being
in an environment of people from all over. And that’s the
kind of environment I am in now at college. JOAQUIN MOLINARI: I was kind of
surprised to see so many people from so many different
countries when I arrived. Coming from all
around the world, they had many different
life experiences and bring many
different perspectives. GABRIELA VECIANA: You
feel like where you live is the only place. And then you see these kids
from all over the world. And you realize there’s a
lot that you don’t know. DANIELA ABBO: It’s
a great experience academically and socially. It has all the opportunities
that you would ever want in a summer,
getting insight into what college is about,
and at the same time meeting new people. GABRIELA VECIANA:
This experience has made me feel more
prepared for college. It’s made it less daunting. And I honestly wish I was doing
it for a little bit longer. I’m not really
ready to leave here. I’m having too much fun. STUDENT: We’re saying goodbye. SARAH BRADSHAW: It’s so much
fun, and you learn so much. Absolutely, do it. It is a remarkable
experience that will change a lot of parts
of you for the better. STUDENT: This has
literally been like, the best two weeks of my life. And I love you
guys just so much. And you guys are the best. GABRIELA VECIANA: Go to
the Pre-College Program. [LAUGHS] That’s
all I have to say. Go and learn something
that you never thought you were capable
of learning before. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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