President Trump and The First Lady Participate in the Congressional Picnic

President Trump and The First Lady Participate in the Congressional Picnic

President Trump: Well,
thank you very much. We had some good news. The market hit
a all-time high today. The S&P just broke its record,
so we’re very happy about that. The stock market
continues to do well. Jobs have been literally
through the roof. And, speaking of jobs, we have the USMCA
with Canada, with Mexico. And we’ve come a long way.
It’s a great agreement. As you know, Mexico, yesterday,
approved it — Prime Minister Trudeau: Yep. President Trump: — through
the very positive vote. And you’re doing very well,
I understand, also. Prime Minister Trudeau: We are. President Trump: But
it’s an honor to have the Prime Minister of Canada,
Justin Trudeau. He’s been a friend of mine.
We’ve worked hard together. We worked, in particular,
on the USMCA. And we hope to have
bipartisan support. I think, Justin,
you’re going to be making the rounds
at Congress later on. Prime Minister Trudeau: Meeting
a few people. President Trump: That’s
a terrific thing. But it’s great to have you. So, we’re going to be
talking about that. And, generally, we’ll be talking
trade and other things. And we’re then going to have
lunch and some meetings. And it’s an interesting day,
but it will be, like, a positive day,
I think, like usual. That’s the way
we want to have it. We want to have
very positive days. We only have positive days. So, I want to thank you
very much, Justin, for coming
to the White House. Prime Minister Trudeau:
Thank you, Donald. President Trump: Thank you.
Please. Prime Minister Trudeau:
Thank you, Donald, for this meeting. It’s an opportunity for us,
as you say, to keep talking about
how we’ve worked hard to build a great trade deal that’s good
for Canadian workers, good for American workers,
good for Mexican workers as well We’re moving forward
on the ratification process aligned with you. Obviously, today, as well,
on top of the great news on the Canadian
and American economies, we’re continuing to work on a
broad range of global issues. Obviously, there’s news today we’re going to be talking
about as well. But this is just a really
great opportunity for us to continue to work
and to develop and to build on the closest
alliance in the world, between Canada
and the United States. President Trump: Well, this will
be the largest trade deal ever made,
and it won’t even be close. If you take a look
at the numbers, second is so far away,
you don’t even call it second. So, it’s very exciting. And very exciting for Mexico;
very exciting for Canada. And I have to also thank
the President of Mexico because he’s really been
doing a job on the border and a job in Mexico. A lot of very positive
things have happened. And the flow has
very substantially slowed down. They have 6,000 Mexican troops
on their southern border. And it’s been — it’s really been a tremendous difference. So, I want to thank Mexico
and the people of Mexico. Now, this has only been
for a short period of time. Our country has been
asking for this for 45 years, approximately.
And they’re doing it now. And we very much appreciate
that Mexico is doing that. It’s going to have a big impact.
It’s already had a big impact. So, with that,
I thank you very much. And we’re going to get on
with our discussions. Thank you. This is the new — (A model plane is presented on
the table.) The Press: Mr. President,
how will you respond? The Press: On Iran, sir — President Trump: I was going
to say this is the new Air Force One, which we ordered, which they’ve been trying
to order for a lot of years. We were able to shave
$1.5 billion off the price. When I got here,
they were going to spend a lot more money than we spent.
And I would say the plane basically is an upgrade
over that model. We actually are getting things
that they didn’t get. We’re saving about $1.5 billion.
So, it’s going to be terrific. It’s under construction,
right now, by Boeing. Go ahead. Question? The Press: Mr. President,
how will you respond to Iran? President Trump: Iran made
a big mistake. This drone was in
international waters, clearly. We have it all documented. It’s documented scientifically,
not just words. And they made
a very bad mistake. Okay? The Press: How will you respond,
Mr. President? How will you respond? President Trump: You’ll
find out. The Press: Does that mean
you’re planning to do something? President Trump: You’ll
find out. You’ll find out. I mean, obviously —
obviously — obviously, you know, we’re not going to be talking
too much about it. You’re going to find out.
They made a very big mistake. The Press: Mr. President,
what are your concerns about China and the Canadians
who are detained, sir? President Trump: No concerns.
We’ll be discussing that. It’ll be one of the issues that I think we’ll be discussing
right now with Justin. The Press: Mr. President, the Fed made no change
to the interest rate. President Trump: Say it?
The Press: The Fed made no change
to the interest rate yesterday. President Trump: Well, I guess
they indicated they’re going to be lower. He should’ve done sooner,
but what are you going do? Can’t win them all. He should’ve
have done it sooner, but you can’t win it all. And, eventually,
he’ll do what’s right, perhaps. Let’s see what he does. The Press: Do you intend
to bring (inaudible)? Prime Minister Trudeau:
Obviously, we’re very concerned about the escalation
by Iran recently. We have significant presence
in the area, including leading on the NATO
mission in Baghdad, in Iraq. We look forward to discussing
with our closest ally — their perspectives on this
— and how we can move forward as an international community. The Press: Will you help
Justin Trudeau get a meeting with Xi Jinping at the G20 next week to talk
about the detained Canadians? President Trump: Well,
I don’t know that he’s trying to meet.
Are you trying to get a meeting? Prime Minister Trudeau: We’ve
got a lot of things to discuss. The Press: He wants one,
but Xi won’t meet with him. President Trump: Well,
otherwise, I’ll represent him well,
I will tell you. We have a meeting set up
with President Xi, and it’s obviously
on the big transaction that we’re talking about
and negotiating. Our people are actually
speaking now, and we’ll see
what happens with that. But anything I can do to help
Canada; I will be doing. The Press: Are you planning
to bring it up with President Xi when you meet with him? President Trump: Excuse me? The Press: Are you planning
to bring it up with President Xi when you meet with him?
President Trump: I would. At Justin’s request,
I will absolutely bring that up. The Press: When the USMCA
is ratified, sir, will that be the end of tariffs? President Trump: Don’t say
when. The Press: When it is ratified.
If it is ratified. President Trump: Don’t say
when, because, so far, I have to get the Democrats
to approve it. So, I like
your positive thinking. But if — and the if is
really subject to the Democrats. Let’s see what happens. But I really believe that
Nancy Pelosi and the House will approve it. I think the Senate
will approve it rapidly. It’s going to be
very bipartisan. It’s great for the farmers,
manufacturers. It’s really great for everybody. And unions.
It’s great for unions. I mean, we have
tremendous union support too. It’s a tremendous
— it really is; it shows a partnership
between three countries. And it’s sort of three countries
— in a trade sense, we’re competing
with the European Union. We’re competing with China.
It gives us a bigger dialogue. It gives us
a much bigger platform. It’s really good for all three. It’s something
that’s very popular. I hope, politically, they can do
what they have to do. Now, a day after the election, it would win
with tremendous support. But we have
an election coming up. But I think Nancy Pelosi
is going to do the right thing. The Press: And will that be
the end of tariffs on Canada and Mexico? President Trump: Well,
we’ll see. I mean, you know, they have
to do what they have to do. We understand that. We can’t have big, tremendous
shipments of certain products. So, we understand
that very well. Prime Minister Trudeau: We were
very pleased with the lifting of the tariffs
on steel and aluminum. President Trump: They’ve
been lifted, as you know, and there won’t be,
hopefully, transshipping. If there’s transshipping,
I’ll call Justin and I’m sure
he’ll take care of it. And if he doesn’t take — I’ll
probably call him a second time. And if he doesn’t,
then we’ll have to talk, right? Prime Minister Trudeau: We’re
going to be fine. President Trump: But I think that that situation
is very well taken care of. Very important
for both countries and for all three countries:
the farmers. Very, very important. More so in that case,
from us and Canada. But the farmers
are really happy with it. The manufacturers
are very happy. Mexico is thrilled.
You saw the vote. It was a very lopsided
— in a positive way — vote. A great vote. And I think it’s going
to be something very special. Again, it’s the largest trade
deal, by far, ever entered into. And we’re very close
to having it finalized. This means a lot of jobs
for our country; a lot of wealth
for all three countries. And we’re really competing
against the world. You know, we’re not competing
with each other so much. This brings us into a position where we’re not
competing with each other; we’re competing
against the world. And that’s what we’re doing. We’re competing against big
sections of the world, including Asia
and including other areas. And I think it’s going
to be very special. I think it’s going to end up
being a very important deal, but the biggest ever made. The Press: Will you invite
the Toronto Raptors to the White House, sir?
President Trump: Say it? The Press: Will you invite
the Toronto Raptors to the White House? I’m from the Toronto Star.
I have to ask. President Trump: Well,
we thought about that. That’s an interesting question. They played
phenomenal basketball. I watched a little bit of it. They were really terrific.
Congratulations, by the way. That was a great job
by a great team. So, we’ll think about that. If they’d like to do it,
we’ll think about that. We have a lot of
other folks coming. And the presidential medal
— I just spoke to him — we’re going to be presenting
the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Roger Penske. Roger Penske
is a great gentleman who has won
18 Indianapolis 500s. He’s won — just won Daytona.
He won Daytona. He won Indianapolis.
He won probably more than anybody
in the history of racing. I can’t imagine anybody
even being close. But Roger Penske is going to be
getting the Medal of Freedom, and he’s very thrilled
to be getting it. And that’ll be announced
over the next little while, but, I guess, actually, I’m announcing
it pretty much now. But they’ll be –(laughter) — they’ll be putting
something out. They’ll be putting something out
in a little while. He’s very deserving.
He’s a great gentleman. I’ve known him a long time.
And a very brilliant guy. When you think of
all the countries that want to win Indianapolis
and Daytona, and they fight,
and they spend — even Canada; they spend
a lot of money and they — And, you know, when a man wins
Indianapolis, when he wins it 18 times
— and he just won the Daytona. And he won many things
over the course of years, and he’s become
a very successful man. We talked about
electric cars today. I think nobody knows
more about that subject, in terms of common sense,
than Roger Penske. So, Roger Penske will be getting
and receiving the Presidential Medal
of Freedom. The Press: Mr. President, you said
Iran is a different country. Do you still hold that opinion? President Trump: Oh, absolutely.
When I came here, Iran was in 14 to 18 different sites
of confliction. They were extremely hostile. They were hostile
when they signed the deal. They were screaming,
Death to America. And I think, probably,
Iran made a mistake. I would imagine it was a general
or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down. And, fortunately,
that drone was unarmed. It was not
— there was no man in it, and there was no — it was just — it was over
international waters; clearly over
international waters. But we didn’t have a man
or woman in the drone. We had nobody in the drone. It would have made a big
difference, let me tell you. It would have made a big,
big difference. But I have a feeling
— I may be wrong and I may right,
but I’m right a lot. I have a feeling that it was
a mistake made by somebody that shouldn’t
have been doing what they did. I think they made a mistake. And I’m not just talking
the country made a mistake. I think that somebody under
the command of that country made a big mistake. The Press: Are you still open
to talking to Iran’s leadership? President Trump: Let’s just see
what happens. You just
— let’s see what happens. It’s all going to work out. The Press: (Inaudible)
to strike the drone? President Trump: Say it? The Press: Are you saying
you think it wasn’t intentional to strike the drone? President Trump: I don’t know.
I find it hard to believe it was intentional,
if you want to know the truth. I think that it could have
been somebody who was loose
and stupid that did it. But we’ll be able
to report back, and you’ll understand
exactly what happened. But it was a very foolish move,
that I can tell you. The Press: Do you feel
like there are members of your administration who are trying to push you
into conflict with Iran? President Trump: No, not at all.
Not at all. In fact, in many cases,
it’s the opposite. But I will say — look, I said I want to get out
of these endless wars. I campaigned on that:
I want to get out. We’ve been in Afghanistan
for 19 years. As you know, we’ve reduced very
substantially in Afghanistan. We beat the caliphate. We took back 100 percent
of the caliphate. When it was 99 percent, Justin,
I said, We’re going to get out. We’re going to start
peeling back. And everybody went crazy
because it was 99. So, I said, All right.
So, we’ll finish it up. So, we got 100 percent, and we’re pulling that back,
out of Syria. We’re pulling
a lot of people back. But this is something — this is
a new wrinkle. This is a new fly
in the ointment, what happened
shooting down the drone. And this country will not stand
for it, that I can tell you. Thank you very much. The Press: (Inaudible.) President Trump: I can’t
hear you. The Press: (Inaudible)
Hicks testifying yesterday? President Trump: No,
she was terrific. I heard she was terrific. Really great. She’s a great
— she’s a great person, and I heard
she was terrific yesterday. Thank you very much.

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