Prius Stealth Camper Build, living, dometic, car, Boondocking Urban Camping Vanlife

Prius Stealth Camper Build, living, dometic, car, Boondocking Urban Camping Vanlife

100 thoughts on “Prius Stealth Camper Build, living, dometic, car, Boondocking Urban Camping Vanlife

  1. For such a small space in this Toyota Prius you are very organized to make everything fit. Having two large batteries wouldn't effect you gas mileage when traveling? There are now some portable batteries packs with all kinds of hookups for most electronic gadgets that run for a good eight hour on its own lithium batteries and it is portable and much lighter. Check this out?

  2. Did the same thing, out of necessity, with a Pontiac Vibe.

    The vibe front passenger seat folds flat forward (table mode) which was ideal for the head of my "bed" (leather, one-piece couch cushion).

    My clothes were on the far back on the right – where your microwave was.
    My kitchen was the floorboard of the front seat. Cooler with ice, cold stuff in sealed bins to avoid water. Shop for 2 days at max.

    Livingroom, dressing room was the driver side passenger area.

    Remote hatch release allowed me to pop vent the vehicle even when raining.
    Rain guards are handy vent too but didnt have them.

    Being 6 1 with Kermit the frog legs, I actually fit relatively well with my head in the front seat.

  3. Where did you get the usb light distribution center? i don't see a link to that. Very well organized set up!😀Do u also have a vid on your microwave set up? I've tried that with no luck.

  4. Hi there! First of all… excellent Prius build! I do have a question… regarding your ambient light configuration. What products did you choose, especially the control panel??

  5. Dude. This is an awesome setup, right down to how you use a plastic storage container… everything so well thought out. Thank you for sharing, I expect to steal a few ideas!

  6. I have same car in black, However, where the Domestic Fridge is, I elected to put my cassette toilet there, and fridge in the rear!!👍🏻✔️🇨🇦 Cheap Living…

  7. Great channel. Thank you fir sharing. I am researching Prius and know nothing about setting it up, but hope to make use of your videos.
    Any reason you decided to keep the back seat?
    Would you use the front seat removed for storing toilet solutions for off grid? Or it’s just to close?.

  8. This is my dream set up. Ive been tent camping for years mainly in the spring and fall. But the heat and humidity at night in the summer kill my enjoyment when I can’t sleep. Going to price out a 2000’s Prius plus insurance which is my only negative at the moment.

  9. So the propulsion battery charges the 12V? I have a 2016 (the model after yours) and I once was running the heater, rear window defrost, and the headlights with the car on and when I went to shift into gear it wouldn't and threw an error saying the 12V battery was low. I thought I was screwed but turning the car off and then on (reboot like Windows) and it shifted and went fine. I do know that I once was unsuccessful jump starting someone from my 12V battery because of course the engine won't come on necessarily. I wonder if your model is different from the newer one in some way.

  10. So I’m watching this again and I’m wondering how you make your morning coffee? I can’t get started in the AM without coffee. Also do you carry a set of pans to cook with? Looking for the minimal set up. Thanks!

  11. How tall can sleep in a Prius? Also, why do most ppl choose Prius and not larger Prius V? Only 5mpg less but like 14 cubic feet more room. They’re cheap too. Just wondering why I don’t see more camping/living in those.

  12. I so want to live this way. So easy and simple, everything you need in one area, and you can travel when ever you want.

  13. Zig says Thank u japan for our future in resolving our housing shortage, zig raised his family in a 68 dodge valiant, great memories.

  14. Excellent video. I got to see how far forward the front seats are which is something I look for in boondocking. You can’t see in the back of my 4Runner so no one has a clue I’m back there sleeping.

  15. Very good one thing is important is new air circulation.after a while your air ducts reak of condescension.

  16. could you provide links to all the electrical equipment and setup?

    (invereter, switches, battery (if possible), microwave, tablet stand etc)

    excellent clean setup and video btw thank you

  17. I am wondering if it is possible to modify the electrical system so that I can be OUT of the car, have it locked and still leave it on so the air conditioning or heat will run. I have a 2012 Prius. I can start the car, leave with the key, but the car will not lock. If I got a remote starter installed, the car would be locked, but it would turn the car off after 15 minutes. I have a dog, and a setup like this would make it possible for me to leave my dog in the car when I went into a restaurant or something. For safety, I would also have a thermometer which I could monitor with an app.

    Update: I've figured it out! Someone on a Prius forum suggested opening the emergency key out of the FOB and locking and unlocking the door manually (I didn't even know about the emergency key). And it works! You have to do a few things in a particular order, but it works like a charm. Right before leaving the car: put it in park, turn off the radio and lights, adjust the temp level and fan, use the auto-door-lock to lock ALL the doors (must do this), open the driver's side door, get out, close the door, lock driver's side door with the emergency key. When back, unlock with the emergency key, and everything resets and is just fine. FYI: my Prius is 2012.

  18. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed given what you are working with. Just wanted to say last night I had this bright idea to start like a "brotherhood" of RV Youtubers to share tips and tricks. Also to receive constructive criticism which I'm in need of I'm sure!. If you are interested check it out… My channel is still very small but gaining momentum all the time. Just had this random idea and it may even be kind of dumb… but thought it was worth a try!

  19. Awesome work simple yet genius concept perfect system to implement on my Prius when I get it do to once a month I typically stay at a hotel due to work if I do this I'll be fuel efficient and no more hotel fees I can't express how thankful I am for the video awesome awesome awesome thank you again

  20. Wow, you are the man!!! Thank you so much for the very complete and informative video. Sorry to repeat myself, but you are the man!

  21. Can you do a video on how to access your toilet while inside the Prius? I usually need to get up once a night and am curious as to what you do when stealth camping or in inclement weather. Thanks for these videos, I plan to use them to convert my 2012 Prius V for traveling.

  22. WHat percent tint did you have on the front windshield, front side windows, rear windows, and rear window?

  23. So would this work with a 2020 Camry Hybrid? I know that the trunk space in those is now a lot larger. I'm just concerned about the comfort whilst sleeping. I don't know if the Prius is far better in terms of sleeping angle. So do you help people do this? Looks like you're close to me, so I'm just curious. Also how does it feel sleeping on one of those 95 degree days? You know how the North Carolina heat is! There's no way that you could leave food in the back and not have it be ruined. You pretty much can't leave anything in your car and not have it be ruined in the North Carolina summer. I like to travel for concerts, those all tend to be in the summer. I'd like to do some stealth camping to avoid the $250 inevitable hotel fee per night. I would be doing very urban camping though, in big cities. A little harder to pull off.

  24. I'm about to pull the trigger. One stumbling block for me is that the seats don't lie completely flat (rear seats). Is that true or does it depend on the model/year? I have enjoyed watching all your ingenious inventions and gadgets.

  25. nice job! 2 nights ago, I slept at Mt Lassen Natl Park, CA in low 20's in my 08 gen with CC set on lowest setting/fan with a cracked window. I was comfy all night, probably kept inside temp in 50's and tiny bit of condensation that disappeared in minutes. I have a larger cooler/fridge (50 qt) hoping I can remove entire back seat and build out a platform around the cooler located behind drivers seat area?? If not, then I will remove front seat, which might be best plan for me and the dog. Then I will have huge rear platform with hinged fold back storage access to hide gear where back seat was located. Forget the microwave everyone, buy a jet boil stove and good thermos to make coffee the night before. Might try your 2000 watt inverter and a small conductive cooktop for inside cooking? I like Big Agnes brand for light weight tables, comfy camp chair, sleeping bags, etc I am thinking a hinged rear table that folds out instantly from rear of hatch with a hinged leg for nice quick kitchen table set up. Love to go see Alaska next summer on a prius budget. Scribed!

  26. Don't replace an individual cell in your battery. All the cells were calibrated to each other so replacing one would mess up the entire battery

  27. For AC, how often does your engine turn on and does it wake you? I'm wondering if that has improved any in 2019 models with bigger batteries?

  28. I may be mistaken, but I believe there is a very small wheel/knob on the left side of the steering wheel you can use to decide the brightness of that little light area above your steering wheel that you have blocked off with the reflectix. It’s on my 2009 touring model – I only found out about it cause my stuff was way fake and I couldn’t figure out how it got like that, then I discovered the controller

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