Profiting through Accessible Tourism

Profiting through Accessible Tourism

I think a lot of people get bogged down
with accessibility they tend to think of disabled people and things like that
whereas it’s not that at all it covers everything you know basically from young mums with very young children right the way
through to the elderly and everybody else in between it’s not
necessarily difficult to do it if you have a project where you get the
opportunity to design and build these features in from
from the onset that are relatively easy and very
very cheap to do on our newer galleries particularly our
galleries for children all kinds of inclusivity is is included from
visitors with special needs to accessibility issues exhibits have to be and are made more accessible
and we found in that process actually exhibition is better for that process – it’s not an add-on, it’s
actually making the exhibits better and more inclusive i think is a very loyal market because once they’ve found somewhere that they’re comfortable with and they know the layout they tend to book book that same cottage year in and year out so really it’s very good
for business I think it’s very important to have and
a detailed website and on our website
we’ve got an access statement there and detailed measurements of rooms so people can look and discover
exactly what size the bedroom is going to be, the bathroom or the shower room how much turning
space they’ve got for the wheelchair they can find all
this information out before they actually make contact with
us well it’s a key part of our customer training here a SS Great
Britain all of our front of house staff are trained in access in helping visitors in making the site as accessible as possible and we’re an independent museum we
don’t get any funding from anywhere else we depend on ticket sales so the more accessible we are we hope the more attractive we are as a visitor attraction accessibility and our rooms
downstairs i would say the occupancy on those is probably eighty percent
you know so that’s been a great investment and very very important and it’s
particularly having stands out in this situation where we can have groups up to
24 if you have one person that has special needs
and you wouldn’t want to lose the whole booking just for it because one person
because we can therefore say that we have the facilities particularly in one
apartment and we might save a booking well we have an
accessibility policy for each of our beaches and a)
we try and make it clear when we’re open how available things are
what facilities are on the beach we have a lot on our website actually
giving details of that and we produce large-scale menus and we have wheelchair access and we try and cover the whole
range of elements and staff training is a big part as well clearly making sure that because we are
basically a counter service operation making sure they’re very tuned into the need
to the customer maybe taking food out for them or going
outside to take an order those sorts of things to make sure but
all customers feel welcome and valued some things we do at the National might include assisted performances for instance audio described performances for blind people and touch tours before a show that’s certainly a real highlight. It’s a real highlight for our staff the actors technicians it’s a
real inclusive fun experience and caption performances we regularly do caption performances to
include deaf and partially hearing people accessibility
really just trying to think of it as the norm we
don’t think of ourselves as accessible accommodation or an accommodation just for
people with disabilities and we just happen to be a holiday
cottage that has been adapted and suitable for everybody and I think by doing that it just means the whole family can have a nice time

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