Project 2020: Leaving to Travel the World!

Project 2020: Leaving to Travel the World!

Planet earth is incredibly beautiful. It’s filled with many amazing people, Of all different backgrounds There are tons of incredible landmarks, and beautiful cultures. Yet, for some reason, we spend most of our lives working for someone else… And not actually living for ourselves. Because of this, we miss out on most of the crazy, spontaneous adventures life has to offer us. Have you ever thought about taking a massive leap of faith? Have you ever thought about leaving everything you know behind… In search of what makes you happy?

16 thoughts on “Project 2020: Leaving to Travel the World!

  1. please come to Australia, its a beautiful country despite all the bushfires, we have so much history from before people even knew about the land down under, how cities came to be, how we became independent, how we had to populate or perish, and our aborignal culture is incredible, please come!

  2. Waiting for you Guys in Algeria … Have a nice time crossing around the world and never forget to enjoy every moment

  3. Welcome to India guys and also make your dreams of travelling around the world true. Don't miss Himachal Pradesh in India , most beautiful himalayan state of India and not far from Delhi ..

  4. hi rich i like your voice and video grahy its very amazing i'll wait when u visit india hope u explore our indian culture and and a difrent kind of places goodluck

  5. Great video! Good luck! Full-time travel is quite the adventure 🙂 you guys seems to be fitting in a lot in just one year! We found that we had to cut our plans down as it was just too rushed feeling with our original plans. The world is so big!

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