Pros and cons of summer jobs

Pros and cons of summer jobs

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another video for the British
Council’s LearnEnglish Teens website and their YouTube channel. Now, today I wanted us to discuss the pros
and the cons of having a summer job. As it is summer, and I actually have a summer
job, I wanted to talk a little bit about my experience. So, starting with the con, the first disadvantage
is that, of course, you have to work. So, that means you’ll have less free time
to enjoy those beautiful, warm summer days. I could have gone to the park, I could have
gone bike riding, I could have had a picnic, could have gone swimming, could have gone
to a music festival, could have met up with my friends … the list really goes on and
on and on. There’s so much I think I could have done
if I wasn’t working, but here I am working. So, the second disadvantage follows on from
the first one, and that is you could have gone travelling instead of working. Last year when I was at university I had a
part-time job and that meant that I could save enough money so that I could just travel
during the summer and I didn’t have to work. Especially nowadays where, you know, the summer
holidays are really short. I feel like they’re getting shorter every
year. You know, you wanna make the most of your
summer holiday and I feel like you have to really choose between travelling or working,
which can really suck. Working is tiring, it really is. If you think that studying is hard, or waking
up for school in the morning is a chore, well, working is exactly the same – if not even
worse, because at school, you know, you’re usually sitting down in classes relaxing and
all you really have to do is listen and just pay attention to what the teacher is saying. If you’re working in a shop or a café,
you’ll usually be on your feet for the whole day and you don’t realise how tired you
are until you go home and all you want to do is have a bath and then go to bed because,
honestly, during the busy summer months, especially if you live in a city like London or just
a tourist area, there are a lot more tourists and that means that you will have to work
a lot harder than probably during other months of the year. And my final con is that you have to wear
a uniform. So, you’ve just finished your school, you’ve
just finished wearing your uniform and you’re thinking about all the cool summer clothes
that you wanna wear. But then you realise that you’re working
for the whole summer, so actually you just have to wear a uniform. Sometimes uniforms aren’t very comfortable
and they’re also not suited to the weather, so it can be a hassle … and it can be really
annoying to have to put it on every morning. Now, moving on to the pros. The first pro is, of course, the biggest one
and that is that you will have extra cash in your pocket to spend on things that you
like or things that you want to do and no one can really tell you how to spend that
money because you earned it. Now, I personally really only took this summer
job because I wanted to save up my own money to go travelling just before I go back to
uni. And I think it’s nice to earn your own money
and not always have to ask your parents for some pocket money when you go to the cinema. The second advantage is that summer jobs are
great for gaining experience. Whether you’re working in a shop or a café
or you’re interning at a bank, you will gain a lot of practical experiences, which
you can use in your future career, as well as write this experience down on your CV. When you’re working, you’ll probably make
new friends. Your colleagues are not just your colleagues
but of course you’re working with them every day, you’re seeing them regularly, so you
might actually realise you have a lot in common with someone and they might become a friend
even after you’ve finished working there. And my final pro is that a summer job is the
perfect cure for summer boredom, and I know that it may seem like the summer holidays
aren’t that long and they really aren’t. Going to school five days a week, eight hours
every day or maybe even more, when you have complete freedom, you realise that actually
you can get quite bored really easily because you have to think of ways to occupy your time,
and I know that when I was in school, I always thought that the summer holidays would be
filled with hanging out at the park and just seeing my friends every day, but that’s
not always the reality because your friends have other things to do. They might be on holiday. They might have a summer job. So, really on my days off I do find myself
just a little bit bored. So, this is the perfect cure if you are bored
in the summer. You’ll definitely have something to do and
just think about the money you’re earning from it. That will get you through. Now I wanna hear from you guys, so comment
below. Let me know what your pros and cons of having
a summer job are, and if you do have a summer job, let me know how you’re finding it. I hope you’re having a great day. Don’t work too hard and I’ll see you in
the next video. Bye bye!

10 thoughts on “Pros and cons of summer jobs

  1. I love your video so much! it's really interesting and helpful for English learners like me. thanks a lot, Sophia!! and about my summer job, i worked at an English center as a teaching assistant. Although the salary isn't high, this job helps me become more confident and improve my English as well. what a great experience!:))

  2. i would love to see Sophia more often on this channel 'cause her english is the best one for me to practice listening skills 😉

  3. Some cons probably can be you dont have much time to spend on yourself and some pros are you will be great in this job and you can find things you are good at

  4. PROS: you feel an adult, you got a little bit more of liberty, you got benefits for be an employer, it's good for your first job, you can learn from your mistakes.
    CONS:you probably stay with childrens, meet new people.

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