PUBG – Season 4 – Erangel Tour Guide Episode 2

PUBG – Season 4 – Erangel Tour Guide Episode 2

Good morning, Battlegrounds enthusiasts! I hope everyone had a good rest without having
to keep one eye open like a real contestant would. To recap, yesterday we visited
the Northern parts of Erangel, starting from Kameshki and ending up in Gatka. Today, we’re trekking back across the island
to the Eastern shores, so pile back into our authentic
Battlegrounds Tour Agency UAZ and let’s get moving! Our first stop today is simply known as the Ruins, and is one of Erangel’s most historic landmarks. What you’re seeing is actually the remaining
foundation of a giant castle that predates most other structures on the island. Unfortunately, with resistance bunkers lining its border,
it was always at risk of attack, as we can see from the occupation’s tanks
still lying around. Following the road to the East,
we find Rozhok, which is pretty much smack dab
in the middle of the core island. Economically speaking,
Rozhok was a nice central hub, as many of the islands major roadways joined up here, to make use of its bridges across the river. Strategically, if you’re looking to keep
an eye on enemy movements, the outlooks around the well-traveled city
provide pretty reliable information. For people just trying to live their lives, Rohzok was quiet enough,
and nearby the island’s school as well. Rumor has it that the Battlegrounds Administrator
himself attended that school, before the conflict around here got too bad. Ole Yasnaya here was a strange marriage of
rural and residential. It’s one of the biggest cities on the island, even though it’s surrounded by farmland
on every border. There were good, hardworking and humble people here, which probably made it all the more jarring when the military moved in and took over. Humble beginnings or not, it didn’t take long for those hay fields to become mortar fields when the conflict escalated. A little Southeast of Yasnaya, there’s an out-of place structure
for what we know about the island. Erangel was known for having a relatively
meek and humble population, so whoever built this mansion compound
either had some political power, or ran one of the island’s commercial ventures. Historians believe that the hole blown in
the side was from a resistance attack, judging by the photos found in some of the bunkers. For the most part, the Battlegrounds are kept
as close to natural as possible. What we’re about to see is one of the few
cases of post-Battleground construction on any of the fields. This building here is special to the island. Original construction was abandoned at some
point before the bombs, but after Erangel became a Battleground, it was decided that this building would serve
as sort of a museum, commemorating the island’s past, as well as some of the key influential organizations in Battlegrounds history. Construction is still underway, but will be
completed soon, so make sure to take our tour again on your next trip! We’ve seen military bunkers and outposts
all over the island so far, but this one has historians a little baffled. The hillside artillery here would have made
a pretty good defensive point for any enemy aircraft coming in from the Southeastern coast of the island, but that direction would have been the allies of the military as well. This spot is a little close to Sosnovka for us to assume the resistance controlled it. Regardless, it makes for an interesting stop on our tour, and always gets our guests
thinking up their own theories! Historic Erangel wasn’t really known for
rampant crime, but the military sure made use of the island’s prisons, while trying to keep control over the population. The largest of which is coming up here. Prisoners were kept locked up during the night
and put to work during the day. Normal citizens weren’t treated much better, but at least they had a home to go back to
once the work was done. That was quite a long day and we certainly
don’t want to overwhelm you, so we’re going to stop and rest for the night here. Tomorrow, we finish up our tour with some
of the major remaining areas of the island. The good news is, each of you will get to
spend the night in one of Erangel’s historic prison cells! This type of experience can only be had with
the Battlegrounds Tour Agency, so remember to leave that 5-star review, and tell your friends and family all about how you got to experience the Battlegrounds like never before! Sleep well, inmates!

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  1. These videos are useless. When will fix the game itself, so as not to fly during the battle? Or will remove all cheaters? THE GAME BREAKS THE BOTTOM.

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