Purdue HTM Student Spotlight – Yizhu Liao

HTM for me is not only a major, or
program, I think it is literally a gift for me. So I’m originally from China. From
very young age I always know I like to help people and I like the
hospitality and how we can actually create the experience for other people.
And after coming here I actually looking for a lot of opportunities. I was
involved in more than like 15 plus student organizations and part of Honors
College. For me I think the HTM professor’s is like a mentor. Every
professor actually helped me through the four years because as international
student my parents, my whole family is back to
China. So sometimes I do feel is a little bit hard for me to handle everything. The
HTM professors are dedicated to help you to be successful. The course is not only
just based on the textbook but is more practical. The one class is about the
Union Club Hotel. I work at housekeeping, I work at the front desk, and I work even
in laundry. And then kind of figure out which way I want to go, and the second
class I like is about the lab at the restaurant, John Purdue Room. That
experience to show me how to do the food operations. So from both courses I
learned the hotel side and learned the restaurant side. I got an internship in Chicago, downtown. And that experience actually truly
valuable for me because as international student, it is really hard for us to
actually get internship or job offering in U.S. because of our status. HTM holds
its career fairs which give me a chance to meet with that recruiter every single
year. So guess what? After four years I’m meeting with her —
she already familiar with my face, and eventually when the time I actually had done
all the experience the company was looking for during the past four years. And
she eventually give me the offer and welcomed to join JW Marriott. At Purdue HTM you can customize your life — your college life, your professional life, and
customize your future.

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