Puri, Odisha Episode 4 | Temple, Chhena poda, Khaja, Raghurajpur & more

Puri, Odisha Episode 4 | Temple, Chhena poda, Khaja, Raghurajpur & more

Jai Jagannath Ji! (Praise be to Lord Jagannath!) We are in Puri right now! Our day started very late in the morning. It is already 12.45 pm. We are leaving now to go to the Jagannath temple. It is 5kms from here. The hotel where we stayed last night is called Hotel Sagar Kanya. We got a double occupancy room for Rs. 3000. Room is quite large in size. They also had a smaller room available at Rs. 2500 tariff, but we didn’t choose that. Breakfast is included in the tariff. We can see the ocean from our hotel window. I can see the waves crashing against the beach. You will need to walk for just 200 meters and you will reach the beach. We are leaving here now for Jagannath temple. We will pray at the temple and then go for local sightseeing. The crossing where I am standing right now is called Medical Chowk. Lord Jagannath Temple is just 0.5kms straight from this Chowk. And if you go in this direction, you will reach the Gundicha Temple. You must have seen or heard of the famous Rath Yatra of Puri. So, that Rath Yatra passes this road over a distance of 3-4 kms. You will pass this Chowk while on your way to the Puri Jagannath Temple. Vehicles are not allowed beyond a certain point, and you have to park your vehicles. And there are autos like these, shared ones charging Rs. 10 per person, they will drop you at the temple. Jai Jagannath Ji Ki! Jagannath Temple is the most prominent temple among the Char-Dham circuit. The four main religious destinations are – Rameswaram, Dwarka, Badrinath, Jagannath Puri. Lord Jagannath is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This temple is home to the idols of two brothers and one sister. The elder brother is Dau ji (Lord Balram)! And the sister is Subhadra ji. There are four entrances to the Jagannath Temple. In the East direction is Sinha Dwaar (Lion Gate)! In the West there is Baagh Dwaar (Tiger Gate)! In the North is Haathi Dwaar (Elephant Gate)! In the South is Ghoda Dwaar (Horse Gate)! The main attraction of the temple ceremony is Bhog (religious offering)! Bhog is cooked in earthen utensils and we cook a total of 56 different dishes. There are 3-4 varieties of rice, khichdi, dal, vegetables! There is some dry prashad like Khaja, Barfi, etc. The temple has an arrangement so that devotees can receive that Bhog too. Inside the temple complex, there is an Anand Bazaar, where you will enjoy eating the prashad. The Temple flag, Dhwajaa, is replaced every day in the evening. Every evening, between 4 and 5 pm, the temple Dhwajaa is changed. There is a family whose job it is to change that Dhwajaa. There are 36 such families, who serve inside the temple premises. Do come to Jagannath Puri, visit the temple and enjoy the company of the gods. Jai Jagannath ji ki! For your information, mobile phones and cameras are prohibiited inside the temple premises. You can keep your belongings safe inside the cloak room. We had a beautiful view of the idols inside Lord Jagannath Temple. Usually, idols in a temple are made with stone or metal. But in this temple, the idol of Lord Jagannath is made of wood. The Hindu religion has four main religious destinations, which devotees love to travel to.’ We visited the Badrinath Dham in Uttarakhand. And today we are at Shri Jagannath Dham. In the coming days, we will also visit Rameswaram and Dwarkadheesh. We got the Maha-prashad from the temple and came to our hotel. I am standing upon the terrace of my hotel. We will eat this prashad sitting here. When you visit the temple, you can eat your prasad there as well. Or you can carry it back from the temple, like we did. Just take care about one or two things first. Take a banana leaf like this. When you eat prashad, eat it while sitting on the floor. Also, you need to ensure that the surroundings are clean where you eat this prashad. We asked the hotel management and they got this terrace cleaned for us. In the temple, we saw that prashad is served in earthen pots like these. And this prashad is cooked in earthen pots too! This is Mahura. Dalma. I’ve been told that the Dalma that you get to eat in Jagannath Puri temple, you won’t get anywhere else. Ghee rice! Khichdi! Sweet Kanika! Also known as sweet rice! And there is one more thing. This is Besar! When the Mahaprasad is being prepared inside the temple complex…. ..nobody except the temple staff is allowed inside the ktichen. After the Mahaprasad is ready and offered to the deity…. …it is brought out and devotees can take a look at it. Ghee rice, Dalma and Mahura! Absolutely delicious! I mean to say, it was a divine experience for us to come here & to eat this Mahaprasad. The Mahaprasad prepared inside the temple premises doesn’t have potatoes, tomatoes, onions,…. …green chilis and garlic in it. I’ve added a bit of lemon juice to salt here. I will add a little bit. I can’t even tell you….. …my today’s experience….. …how beautiful it is! I don’t have words to explain. Too good! I wish I had got my family members with me on this trip. They could have also enjoyed this experience! To go into the temple and view the idols and then eating this Mahaprasad! Whenever you come to Shri Jagannath Temple, there is no fixed time of Mahaprasad. It is served to devotees after it is offered to the gods. So, after 1 or 2 pm, you can go and eat Mahaprasad at the temple. For now, we will finish this prashad. We will spend about 10-15 minutes here after finishing the prasad. You can see the beach view in front of us. Such a good location! Afterwards, we will go for sightseeing. So, we will meet again in a while. To enjoy the rest of our day, we have reached the Puri Sea Beach. If you want to experience the hustle and bustle of this place…. ..then you should also spend the night here like us. Brother, how much for this coconut water? Rs 30 and Rs. 40! Okay! This is the money! Till what time in the night do you stay here? 10 to 11 pm! And when do you come in the evening? Or do you spend the whole day here? We come at 6 or 7 am in the morning. Great! Your visit to a sea beach is not justified till the time you have coconut water! There are lot of food stalls here. After every 20 meters, you will find a stall selling gol-gappas! This stall is selling Bhel-Chaat! You’ve made a beautiful face of Ma Durga! It was a pleasure to meet you! Thank you! And your passion, with which you come here and sculpt a new creation everyday….. He just told me that people come and click pictures of this art. When he asks them for some donation…. …whether it is Rs. 5 or Rs. 10…. …Just click a picture and donate some money. What was the most donation you received today? One of the visitors today gave me Rs. 100. Brother, I am impressed with you. So, from my side too, I will give you Rs. 100 as donation. Just keep doing what you are doing and stay happy! Just shake hands buddy! Thank you! Great! How much for this Shankh (Conch)? For Rs. 750/-. Rs. 750/-. Can I blow it once? How do I blow it? The food section was till there. Now here you can buy souvenirs. They are selling bangles, sculptures,… This is Lord Jagannath and Balbhadra and Mata Subhadra! Can you open the packaging and show me? I must buy this souvenir as a memory of this place. What is its cost buddy? Rs. 250/- So brother give me one of these. Brother, what is this bangle made of? Conch? Yes, conch! We cut the conch shell and carve these bangles. What is the price of a pair of bangles? Rs. 300/- Very good! The number of people buying at these shopping stalls is double that of those at the food stalls. And these stalls are spread over a large area. I mean, we’ve walked a distance of a kilometer or so to reach here….. …and you can keep walking further because there is more marketplace spread in that direction. Now I’ve understood why the shops are crowded. It is because they are selling a huge variety of things. You can easily spend 2 to 2.5 hours here in the evening. The is 8.30 pm and we’ve been roaming on the sea beach for the past 2.5 hours now. And we didn’t even realize it. Look at how pleasant these waves look at this time of the day. I am enjoying it here. Now, we will meet tomorrow. Whatever activities we missed out on today, we will do those tomorrow. We are in Puri for tomorrow as well. Bye-bye! See you tomorrow! Good morning! It is 10 am! Our hotel is behind this white building that you see there. Now we’ve come to the sea beach near our hotel. Beach is very clean! Where we are right now on the beach, there are not many people. But if you go about a kilometer or so further, there are many tourists there because….. …there are more hotels on that side. By the way, on this stretch of 2 to 2.5 kms, there are number of hotels. This area is called Light House! How is it possible that you come to Puri and don’t come to see the ocean! Let us go near the water! I am going to get my GoPro from the hotel in 10 minutes. This is very exciting! It is quite fun. Though the salty water irritates the eyes a bit. We must leave here now. It was a lot of fun! I cannot even tell you how much fun I had taking a dip in the ocean. Earlier, I was just standing along the edge of the water. We spent about 15-20 minutes like that and then we came across this gentleman. Your name is Kalia! Kalia is a very popular nickname around this part of the country. He works as a lifeguard! So he charged us Rs. 100 and took me into the water, not much, just 30 meters. And wow, what fun we had deep in the water. We came back running with a huge wave behind us and reached the beach side. Quite a memorable experience! So, the best time to visit here is evening. Okay, either it is early morning or late evening then! That is the time you will enjoy more. Since the sun is not up yet, we are enjoying ourselves. Wow! Don’t miss this fun on the beach when you come to Puri. That is East Gate and this is South Gate. Right now, we are standing in the middle of the two gates. When you reach the temple, there is no way you can miss Khaja. There are so many stalls selling khaja here! There is a sweet shop right there, Narsingha Sweets. Let us go there.’ Brother, I’ve heard your Khaja is quite famous! So, please give me one Khaja. Yes, Khaja! Take a look at the texture and appearance of this Khaja, it is made in pure ghee. It is made of maida (all purpose floor). The Khaja sold in Puri is so famous that if you ask anybody about the best Khaja,…. …you’ll be asked to go to Puri. Really, I love it! There are basically 3 aspects of this sweet. Maida, sugar and ghee! Really delicious flavour! If one could have a good cup of tea with Khaja, then the taste would be doubled. By the way, it is an awesome snack! If you come here, you must not miss this at all. It has slightly crunchy texture, flavour of ghee and absolutely perfect sugar level. I am enjoying this taste like anything! Really fabulous! Gur (jaggery) Pitha! This is Gur Pitha! It is made with rice, sesame seeds and gur. It is deep fried iin oil and you can see sesame seeds on it. At this time, they are telling me that their stock of sweets is almost over. So, all that is left right now is some savoury item, Gur Pitha and Khaja. It is hard! Frankly speaking, the main flavours in this sweet are coming from the sesame seeds and gur. It is a bit too hard for my taste. Now, the thing is, I enjoyed Khaja so much before this that I am not enjoying its taste now. I should have eaten it first. Khaja rocks! We enjoyed Khaja a lot here. Now we are moving on from here. Take a look at this market, which has other shops too selling Khaja. There is Mamata sweets, Mahalaxmi sweets…. …Radharaman Khaja,…all are Khaja specialists! We’ve walked 100 meters from the market. Now, we want to eat something made of Chhena (separated milk solids). Somebody told me this is a famous shop for that. See there is lot of crowd at the shop. Give me one piece of Chhena Poda! How much for one piece? One piece, 100 grams, for Rs. 25. This is 100 gms in weight? Yes! For Rs. 25. Chhena, is made from split milk and Poda means slighty burnt on top. This sweet has a slightly burnt surface….obtained from placing burning coal on top of it. I really want to watch this sweet being made but that won’t be possible right now. Wow!!!!! What a sweet! Really soft! Just handling it makes it clear that it is going to be delicious! Such sweet chhena! The taste of the burnt surface is awesome! Wow! Really soft, really smooth! Just one bite of this melts in your mouth and it is perfectly sweet! I am highly impressed with this taste! Too good! Chhena is super fresh, on top of that the burnt taste and the sugar syrup! Rocking combination! When you come to Puri, you must try it, you will like it and will praise it just like I am doing right now. Wow! We have just come back after praying at the temple of Lord Jagannath. It felt good and peaceful! As I told you yesterday,….. A total of 56 different dishes are offered to the deity here. We ate Mahaprasad both yesterday and today. About 10kms from here is a village called Raghurajpur. We are going there. We’ve heard that there are lots of handicrafts made in that village…. …and we want to check those out. Jagannath Bhagwan ki Jai! The place where we are standing right now is called Chandanpur. It is written there ‘Chandanpur, Puri.’ Raghurajpur village is one kilometer from here. That is the handicrafts village. While passing through Chandanpur, a lot of travellers stop at this shop. Hotel Padmalaya! Let us go inside and enjoy the food! We’ve come inside the shop. Let me tell you now what you and I can eat here. Firstly, there is a large variety of sweets here. Second thing that I can see on the shelves is Chhena Poda, which I just ate! You can see Chhena Payas Rasabali & Rabdi! I want to taste the Dalma here! And with that I had told you that Chuda Kadamba sold here is quite famous. So, we are going to eat these two things. Chuda Kadamba, this, basically, Chuda means Poha. Poha is ground and then roasted in ghee. They have also added Chhena and Rabdi to Chuda. You already know, Dalma needs no introduction in Odisha. A lot of vegetables go into making Dalma. So, let us start eating. This is such a unique thing. Earlier I assumed that it won’t be sweet in taste. But it has sugar inside. And you can see, from its texture, that is very soft to eat. So, in a way, these salty and sweet dishes make for a classic combination! Well, you can enjoy Dalma with chapati or rice both! But this Chuda Kadamba and Dalma – very good combination & very unique recipe! One thing that I forgot to tell you is that Chuda Kadamba also has a prominent flavour of elaichi (cardamom)! Let us finish it now. We will go to Raghurajpur now. It has started to become dark and by the time we reach the village, it will be even darker. In the village, we will request someone to show us the handicrafts. As soon as we turned towards Raghurajpur village, we saw a couple of shops in a corner. They waved us to a stop. So, we thought this is the village but our driver told us the village is still 300-400 meters away. Now, you can see this temple. This is where the village begins. We’ve reached the village now. Let us find out what is available in handicrafts here. Hello brother! You’ve got quite a collection! How many houses are there in the village? There are 150 families in the village. All 150 households have at least one artist in it. In my life, I haven’t seen a village where the whole population is involved in handicraft work like this. I am impressed! How old are you? I am 20 years old. 20 years! What is this made of? It is made on a coconut shell. Coconut! It is painted with stone colours. Wow! What is its cost? Its price is Rs. 1000. It must be a kilo in weight! Yes, it must be! 700-800 gms. Wow! And how is this made? This item is made upon a paper mask. Really! It is lovely! Wow! This is a work done on palm leaf engraving. One such piece takes upto 3 years to complete. This work is done by engraving on leaves of the palm tree. This work will last upto a century! So beautiful! This painting is guaranteed to last! The painting depicts the life stories of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna! Lord Rama’s story is depicted through the story of Lord Hanuman! There is Krishna-Leela too! Very beautiful! Price? It must be Rs. 3.5 lakh! So, it took 3 years to complete! Yes! Look at these pretty designs made on glass bottles. You can use these bottles as flower vases! The price of this bottle is Rs. 200. This one is for Rs. 300 and this one with the elephant design, this is for Rs. 500? I liked these cups as well. This cups are made of clay. You can buy these for having tea at home! If one wants to purchase 10 or 20 pieces of these, what would be the cost? Ten pieces would cost you Rs. 80/- Rs.80 for 10 pieces! Okay! You see this photograph? My father received an award for his work in palm leaf engraving. Really good! So you see the level at which the artists of Raghurajpur are being recognised. We’ve just visited one shop here. This village has 150 such households and there is a a shop in each one of those! Yes brother! This is the home to our Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, our first Padma Shri. He is one of the first doyens of Odissi classical dance form! Yes, it is written there! So now we will go inside? When we came inside the house, we saw this group of artistes who will be performing in Puri tonight. They were just leaving and we came inside. Best of luck to you! Namaste! We won’t be able to talk much to you since you are leaving for performance. Are you students? Very good! All the best! Please carry on! We are leaving too! Guruji, you teach dance? Yes, I do! If a tourist, or a group of tourist, would like to watch an Odissi performance….. …can that be organised here? Yes, it can be done! It can be done. Just give us a notice of a few days first! We were discussing and he told me there is no fees as such, which you have to pay. So, what you can do is, come here at the time when he is training his students and watch them perform. You can watch the students learning in the class. Rest, if you want a special performance organised separately, you can give them a donation too. As he told me, there is no fees involved such as. Okay Sir! Can you show us around the village a bit! Sure! The gentleman standing in front of us right now…. He is the recipient of ‘Shilp Guru’ award of 2014. This is his photograph with the former President of India. Well done! This is the whole story about Durga Ma drawn here. How much time did it take for you to complete this picture? I did one portion at a time and it took me about 3 years to finish. It took you 3 years to finish this picture bit by bit! Really wonderful! This type of work involves so much hard work and patience! If you want to buy this type of a painting, its cost is Rs. 1 lakh. It felt wonderful to meet you! I want to shake hands with you. Just keep up the good work! Namaste! We cannot show you around the village since it is dark. But all I can tell you is that walking through the village feels like you are moving around inside a house. Handicrafts! This house belongs to this gentleman. It feels good to sit here. See, if we put this up in kids’ room, it will look wonderful. This is made on palm leaves. This painting has been created using kajal in a needle to engrave upon leaves. So beautiful! This engraving depicts a typical Krishna Leela story. Leela (works) of Lord Krishna! This work, which took 3.5 months to finish, is priced at Rs. 40,000. When you will come to Raghurajpur, come with at least half a day’s time at your disposal. Because there is a lot to see. In fact, wherever you look at, you will find something unique and antique! For the past few minutes, I have been constantly watching this painting of tribal people. And I am appreciating such beautiful art! He told me, this painting sells for Rs. 1800, with frame,… …and for Rs. 1200, without frame. This ‘Tree of Life’ in my hands has been painted upon tussar silk fabric. So, brother, what is its cost? Rs. 500! So, please give me one of these. I will get it framed when I reach home. And I will put it up in my room! Okay and second thing, thanks a lot for showing us around the village! And I have just one regret, why didn’t we come here earlier in the afternoon! I mean if we had come here by 12 or 1 pm, we would have visited the village properly & spent more time here. So, if you come, keep some time in hand! There is a lot to see here, especially in handicrafts. You will find an artist in every home. Thank you again. We will take your leave now. Please give me one of these and I will just make the payment to you. Alright? We came to this village at 5.30 pm. The time is 7 pm now. We are going to SakhiGopal Temple now. Brother, how much time will it take to reach there? 15 minutes! We will reach there in 15 minutes. Let us go! We just reached Sakhigopal Temple. I just found out that the Lord Krishna idol placed here had appeared on its own to the people. As per Hindu belief, when you come back from visiting the Char Dham….. …your yatra (pilgrimage) is considered complete when you come here and visit this temple. I had talked to a priest inside the temple and requested him for an interaction. So, we are waiting here for him now. We will get to know from him a detailed history of the temple. We have Panditji with us! Please tell me and our viewers about the significance of this temple. We believe that Lord Krishna walked all the way from Vrindavan to this place during the ancient time. Lord Krishna was accompanying a Brahmin man on his journey. During the journey, when the Brahmin looked back at the Lord, the Lord himself turned to stone. Therefore, whether you travel to the Char Dham or to Jagannath Temple,…. …visiting this temple completes your pilgrimage. Jai Jagannath ji! Jai Sakhigopal ji! Jai Jagannath ji! Jai Sakhigopal ji! Usually, the idols of Lord Krishna that we see in Vrindavan and other temples… …he is accompanied by Radha ji. But here, both the idols are placed separately. Though the two idols are placed side by side. Since videography is prohibited, we cannot show you inside the temple. Once you’ve visited the Jagannath Temple, do come here and seek blessings. Jai Gopal ji! As per our plans, tomorrow, we want to leave at 6.30 or 7 am to go to Gopalpur. On our way…. …we will visit the Chilika Lake. And someone suggested us to eat at the Chilika dhaba for an enjoyable experience! In that way, we will reach Gopalpur at night. We haven’t decided yet whether we will spend the night in Gopalpur or Berhampur yet. But this is our journey plan for tomorrow. Tell us your views about this episode in Puri. We actually spent 3 nights in Puri. In all we spent two days here. Whatever places we could not visit in Puri, or the activities that we couldn’t do…. …I will mention those in the description of this video, so that you…. …can include those in your itinerary when you plan a journey to Puri It is time to say bye-bye to you. That is it for now! Thanks for your time!

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