“PURI” Top Places To Visit /Tour Of 10 Local Places In Puri/Day 1

“PURI” Top Places To Visit  /Tour Of 10  Local Places In Puri/Day 1

well legend has it that he lived for you
won’t believe the number of things you could have done
if you live for 300 years Hey lovely people. I am Div and this is colours and life
so today we are going to take a tour of the one the only PURI where ancient legends still live on
we will take a local tour of the city puri without further due, let’s get
going we took a train from Kolkata to Puri
departure was around 8 p.m. and arrival was 4:30 a.m. approx hired an auto to
ashram cost around rupees hundred after freshening session and keeping our
luggage we decided to book an auto for rupees 500 and if you are good with
bargaining you can even book it for Rs.300 to 400 the city is known for its beaches with a
the population of around 2 lakh I did not expect quarter of it on the beach at 5
a.m. in the morning it would be correct to say you will never find it less
crowded but the view and the sound of the waves makes it all worth it if you people want in-depth information
about the best time to visit this place the entry fees of this place I will link
down the blog post below in the description box this is the place where
chaitanya mahaprabhu is said to have come during his time and have meditated
it has statues which are on shri krishna shiv parvati Hanuman ji and more beside
the statues you even find temples and show-and-tell shows overall a nice place
to visit I would say my grandma couldn’t stop asking me to
take pictures so this is definitely a good place for elderly people Shree
totapuri was known as guru of SriRamakrishna Paramhansa well legend has
it that he lived for you won’t believe 300 years I mean can you imagine a number of things you could have done if lived for 300 years he lived his last
40 to 50 years of his life here and had attended Mahasamadhi here in 1961 his body
still lies in the shrine where he was laid down this is the ashram of sri Kuladananda Bramhachari the disciple of saint and social reformer Shree Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswami
who was a prominent figure during the British period so this happened by fluke
I met this amazing sadhvi who was collecting the personal belonging of
saints of India from around India and these belongings were to be displayed in
a museum in Germany and this museum was solely built for the stains of India can
imagine how legendary it is she was one of the kindest humans I have
met built in the 15th century this is the
the largest tank in Odisha surrounded with big and small temples I would really
like to suggest that it is not necessaryto pay money to the pundits on every
step I mean just pray and don’t stand in one place for too long the next verse
masi badi which was a small temple between the Jagannath temple and the
gundicha temple famously known as the maternal
aunts temple of Lord Jagannath during ratha-yatra the deities come here
for 9 days phones and cameras are not allowed and should be kept in Locker Athar means 18 and Nala means passage thus Athar Nala
legend has it Maharaja indradyumna who commanded the construction of Jagannath
temple had sacrificed life of his 18 sons when the construction of the
tallest tower of the temple was unsuccessful and he had offered the
heads of his 18 sons in this water i one of the most important pilgrim
centers of Puri dedicated to lord gauranga mostly visited by pilgrims
it’s a quiet and calm place not really maintained though but we did get some
good pictures so technically this is our last stop the
jagannath puri temple the importance of this temple is such that 80% of the
economy is dependent on it even the kitchen of this temple is legendary it
is considered to be one of the world’s mega kitchens which feeds from five
thousand to ten million people we decided to end the day with a tour of
the local market and the sea beach it had everything from jewelry to seafood
to hand-stitch bags there was nothing you couldn’t find you so that was the
end of the local tour day 1 in puri, if you want to see the day 2 video just
click in the description box and you see a link to see you and if you want an in
detail information about the entry fee is about the best time to visit this
places I will link down my blog post in the description box thank you people for
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