Q&A + MUKBANG: Our Hook Up Story, Our Jobs, How We Travel So Much, Getting Married

Q&A + MUKBANG: Our Hook Up Story, Our Jobs, How We Travel So Much, Getting Married

100 thoughts on “Q&A + MUKBANG: Our Hook Up Story, Our Jobs, How We Travel So Much, Getting Married

  1. I like how Emi is just eating and eating and this is her account and her video but Chad is doing most of the talking and there was no fried chicken left for him when they swapped dishes HAHAHA

  2. omg LOVE this episode of Q&A video! Love your attitude towards living and also those very honest answers! I guess I just really like your videos in general. Watched like 40 of them after got to know your channel lol

  3. Apparently girl n guy in this era would go to trips tgt and not be couples, that is actually quite awkward/ fascinating at the same time. Guess ppl can get so lonely in this new age… right.

  4. Omg! Emi I totally get what you and chad want. I guess Asian culture really is different than anywhere else. My boyfriend and I want that too!! 😇 I absolutely love this q&a! Love you girl ♥️

  5. wow i've been watching your videos non stop and from someone who usually never watches vlogs or other stuff on youtube, you guys are really entertaining and very funny so keep doing what you do! :)))

  6. Man…that dude is just hiding in the closet with his foot halfway out…what a friggin wierdo with an identity crisis…

  7. You’re my biggest inspiration❤️When i watch your videos I feel so motivated💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  8. Wow, that is so great that Chad feels the same about your parents!!! Wow so lucky, I feel like that is hard to understand but that is so awesome!

  9. Lol I kinda felt sorry for Chad here he looks pressured when the marriage question came up but I also feel you Emi. You can't be waiting your whole life lol. You guys are too sweet 😊

  10. I can't believe I just spent the last hour watching your mukbang + q&a vids! Hahaha. And I'm at work so. I'm vegan so I wasn't looking at your food AT ALL but you're so funny together. So dreaming of eating noodles right now. Nice video once again! 😀

  11. I don't know how it took me so long to find this video EVEN THOUGH I TURNED ON NOTIFICATIONS.
    I love your relationship Emi and Chad! Thank you for sharing <3

  12. UGHHHH! Chad, I'm with you on this one. I'm Chinese (from Macau actually). Every time I say I love you to my bf (he's Caucasian), he either says "Aww you doooo?" or "Oh?!" Sometimes, I think he does it on purpose just to mess with me.

  13. Great you guys … I totally understand your way of thinking … I am born in 🇨🇦 but my parents are Greek European so I totally get mixing mentalities … old and new and about the parents thing lol … the only difference is that I pay my own rent lol so I travel a bit less unfortunately for now. Keep up the good work you guys are on the right path personally and professionally ❤️

  14. Honestly, I love you guys! Thanks to this video, I'm starting to feel less guilty about eating unhealthy things on weekends and I thank you for that! Seriously, food restrictions can be so goddamn dangerous.

  15. omg i can't take my eye off from the baked cheese bread with korean fried chicken!!!!Emi can you tell where to get this ?thank you! Looking at you eating those food stuff and Chad focused on the conversation are lovely ;D

  16. I rarely leave a comment on any YouTube videos. But you guys are such a lovely couple! I really enjoy watching your videos! Keep it up~

  17. Lol idk of it's clickbait or not, but in the US hookups just mean two ppl that had casual sex and are not in a relationship together. 🤣

  18. I always thought the same thing about parents. My mother passed away from lung cancer at only 57, so its really important to cherish them! It's nice to see a young couple put their family at such a high priority enough to live with them

  19. The family culture is same here in Turkey and I’m so sad that I have to leave my family because of college next year 😢

  20. I also hate saying I love you to the people I love . In my family we never say it like emi’s family it’s not in our culture and even when it’s my friends birthday i say in message ily but I’ll never wrote « i love you » or say it in real life

  21. omg…at 16:27, i picked the WRONG time to drink water!!…hahhaha…water spatout everywhere!!…hahahahah u guys are hilarious!

    honestly, i just started doing your videos. during those workout and im spent…"i hate emi..i hate emi" chants in my head…hahah…but in all seriousness…THANK YOU, EMI! for encouraging me push myself…!!!! keep the videos coming! #emifamily

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