Bonjour tout le monde! [Hello everyone!] We’re the Vagabrothers And this is part three of our six video series on Quebec. In this episode we’re leaving Montreal And we’re heading to Quebec City, for Winter Carnaval. First we got a train to catch. Lets go. Bienvenue mon frere [Welcome, my brother] Put your bag down, lets go. Alright guys, well we’ve just arrived at Quebec City To our hotel, Chateau Frontenac And Wow! It’s a castle. Okay so we’ve just finished checking in to the hotel, Frontenac And now we’re walking through the Old Town of Quebec. This was the original French settlement here And it’s also the only walled city north of Mexico Which is why it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also the site of that fateful battle Between the English and the French. 1759 Three months siege. Culminates in fifteen minutes of fighting on the planes of Abraham. Both the French and the British General die And Quebec became part of British Canada. Anyways guys, we’re here for Carnaval. It’s a Catholic tradition that’s celebrated all around the world And it’s basically like two weeks of feasting and partying before lent: Forty days of being on your best behaviour. So we’re gonna indulge a little bit later at an “urban sugar shack” But first we’re gonna go down and check out a tradition That only happens here. Ice Canoe Racing on the St Laurence river. Which by the way is full of icebergs And almost completely frozen. So we’re gonna meet up with Felix Who is one of the organisers And we’ll learn a bit more about Ice Canoe Racing and how it got started. First of all it was a transportation mode. Then from a transportation mode to a sports competition. Really developed and really sophisticated. We are in a special river. The current changes direction four times a day And there are huge chunks of ice that are floating on the water. It’s Mother Nature who gives the most challenging part. That event is ridiculously insane. One of the coldest looking competitions too. It’s definitely cool to see. Thank God we didn’t fall on the water. We just got to watch it from a distance and stay all toasty. Congratulations to the winners, but We’re gonna head back to the centre of town Warm up a little bit and see the celebrations. Yeah, so it’s Carnaval time Go check it out. Let’s go. Well we’ve just arrived to the Winter Carnaval Fair Grounds And it looks like there’s a lot to do man. For sure, we’re actually on the plains of Abraham Which is where the big battle between The French and the English armies were back in the day. Dude, Zorbing! Oh my God! There’s Zorbs, there’s ice sculptures So we’re just gonna check out everything And see what we’re going to get in to. Welcome to the ice palace. So we’re leaving Carnaval. We’re going to the Hotel for a little sunset cocktail. We’re walking through the Old Town And this Old Town is incredible! It recently celebrated 400 years of settlement in 2008. So this town was founded in 1608 by the French. To give some perspective,1607, just a year earlier The British settlement of Jamestown was founded And a year later, 1609 Santa Fe, New Mexico was founded by the Spanish First impressions so far? Insane! Definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the Americas Without a doubt. This feels like an alpine town Somewhere in France. But then at the same time it’s not French It’s not European It’s Québécois – Canadian It’s really cool. I’m seriously digging this place. And it’s time for a cocktail Which is making my numb fingers start to tingle again Which is great! That’s like exactly what i need. This is the Old Fashioned Fairmont Its got bourbon and rum. No it doesn’t? Yeah, it does Rum?! Yeah, bourbon and rum. What? I’m right! So that was a great cocktail And this is a classic hotel It’s really an institution. When Canada built their rail-roads system in the 1800’s They constructed all these huge, magnificent hotels Alongside the railway stations So this place looks like a castle. It’s very cool. We’re super lucky to be staying here But for dinner, we’re going to a place a lot more unconventional. It’s called La Buche. It’s owned by Yannik Parent And he is a young restauranteur Who is basically doing a contemporary version Of Québécois comfort food. So, how you feeling bro? Hungry Very ready to eat. Lets go! These are our roots, it’s a typical Quebecois restaurant We’ve put our roots aside for some years There was no Quebecois restaurant in Old Quebec It’s important to make it fashionable again to help tourists understand what our grandparents’ food was like That’s La Buche, it’s like home We try to do old recipes our way, new school. So tonight we’re gonna eat rabbit wings Smoked salmon Fried meat pie Pea soup Then we’re gonna hit the main courses We have a “tourtiere” (shepherd’s pie) And we’re gonna finish you with the beer braised ham on a poutine. You can’t get out of here still hungry. Impossible! It’s middle of winter, you can always work out in spring time Drink beer Eat up Get fat, who cares I got pea soup and a cocktail that i don’t even know what it is But i just want to say, we’re being treated so well here. This is such a cool place! I feel like Quebec has many answers to the modern world’s questions Bacon Maple syrup Plaid Beards It’s all here Everyone, we just need to come to Quebec more often i think But first i have to eat this scallop Seriously, this is like “Man vs Food” I have never been so stuffed in my life But i’m not one to give up easily. Plaid on plaid on PLAID! What!? It’s time to eat this poutine. Everything we’ve eaten tonight has been covered in maple syrup Including maple syrup whiskey. Final, final dish of the night is this “sortilege.” It’s french for “sorcery.” Basically Canadian whiskey mixed with maple syrup And it’s called sorcery because it just puts a spell on you. Wooww! I love restaurants like that. I love restaurants that have extremely deep appreciation for their heritage But also they’re so in tuned With what this new generation likes. That restaurant has their finger on the pulse Of global cuisine but also their feet firmly planted In the roots of Québécois culture And that made for an exquisite dining experience. Wow! I’m pretty much speechless And i’m stuffed I think i gained a coupla pounds in one sitting Most food i’ve ever eaten without standing up and leaving But, so happy. So pleasantly plump. Guys today was amazing. Hopefully you enjoyed this video As much as we enjoyed filming it. If you did, make sure you give it a thumbs up Share it with your friends And subscribe to Vagabrothers if you have not already. In the mean time, stay curious Keep exploring And we’ll see all of you guys on the road. Until next time. Good night, Good bye!


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