Hello hello welcome to Québec City it’s
Run The Atlas! Stay tuned for this amazing fortified city. I’m on a three-day solo trip to Québec
City where I’m gonna explore the history culture food and arts let’s start with
the food at cafe Paillard which is a French bistro the Bistro feels as if I
stepped into France with its delicious Hasan’s and baked goods while there I
plan my itinerary before hitting the streets to check out the sights of
Québec news restaurant here my first stop is called Immersion Québec
a 3d virtual reality show showing the origins of Québec City while I couldn’t
film the actual show I felt like I was right there back in time in 1608 at the
origins of Québec City so I’m walking past this fortress area here in Quebec
this is so cool and unique it kind of feels a little bit like when I was in
San Juan Puerto Rico with these walls in these hiking trails
this talks about the end of the French regime five days after their victory the
Plains of Abraham on September 13th 1759 British troops entered Quebec City which
was in ruins after more than two months of bombardment I’m looking for a matcha tea spot to
work out it for a little while after a historic city walk I check out bogu cafe
one of my favorite cafes in the city where I get a little bit of work done
and grab a matcha and if you love travel in history be sure to subscribe right
below for more travel videos whoa I’m back at my hotel this is the
Hilton by the way. Tt is sunset here The whole city lights up! I’m
walking around Quebec and I’m looking for a matcha tea…
what did you just say nothing just a little deja vu. I’m looking for a matcha tea
spot to workout up for a little while on the way to the cafe I stopped off at
a local shop selling traditional products of Quebec made by the
Aboriginal peoples including dream catchers and moccasins after walking by the Chateau Frontenac I
check into a cozy cafe to log on and get some work done I think I timed it just
perfect because check out these cannas so these fortifications were built
between 1608 and 1871 by the French and British regimes to protect and capture
back City these cannons are from 1798 defending the old city of Quebec so the
city is built upon two levels it’s kind of like a citadel so at the top
see all these canons protecting the walls and then at the bottom you can see
the rest of the city and inside the Museum of Civilization
here in Quebec there’s a lot of cool exhibits an article about the origins of
Quebec the Museum of Civilization traces the origins of Quebec and Joe’s what the
city looked like when it was first founded this is a model showing the
Battle of the plains of Abraham September 13th and 1759 the British
versus the so this section of the museum talks about the Aboriginal peoples like they definitely stayed warm the
First Peoples Hall celebrates the history diversity creativity
resourcefulness and endurance of Canada’s First Nations beautiful so this
is a replica of a we plan in the middle as a drum and a drum beat symbolizes
life it’s like the heartbeat perhaps that that original
they still make today in fact I saw a lot of the baskets and Marcus ins in the
Torah scriptures made by the local people now it’s time to grab a bite to
eat at the Museum cafe this cafe is the perfect place to eat as a solo traveler
because it offers free Wi-Fi healthy food and views of the Quebec port I get
a little work done and also plan my future activities for the day including
researching the Beaux Arts Museum okay so that was the Museum of
Civilization I actually worked from the cafe for a little bit we had excellent
internet so if you’re here solo traveling I recommend it. so this area underground is Circus 1667 you found the red door has become very
very popular now something wrong with that the city is so cozy and decorated so
this walkway is called the promenade to Governors in 1958 the federal government
built the governor’s walkway to commemorate clerks three hundred and
fiftieth anniversary looking good so far if you’re looking for an outdoor gym
here in Quebec the governor’s promenade is your spot get this you can see the st. Lawrence
River the air is so fresh here it just took the governor’s promenade walk it’s
so peaceful such a perfect thing to do if you’re solo traveling also today I
worked out of a couple cafes that were really nice and I also worked out of the
cafe in the Museum of Civilization that was really perfect there’s so much to do
like there’s so many rocks around town there’s so many cafes and restaurants
it’s super safe I finished out for the day I finished
working I’m gonna log on a little bit later for Spanish class and I’m gonna
head back to the hotel but it feels very French right here in fact
the Parliament building was modeled after the design of baby hello from Quebec City such a treat to
be here for the next couple days so follow me as I check it out oh hey guys it’s my last day here in
Quebec just grab the coffee from the hotel room
here and I’m gonna pack up and possibly see a museum and or walk around let’s
see oh my gosh you guys I brought this huge sweater and I didn’t even use it get this street be any cuter look at
these little mansions the street is called Grandal a here is the beaux-arts so I’m inside the Beaux Arts Museum here
in Quebec and they have a jail here crazy cuz Marty’s this was cool have some local artists
here they are from Quebec so this is what Quebec looks like during the
winter time this is my artist called Joseph lagari
and it’s interesting because he’s depicting the native peoples by these colors and it readers what a
modern contemporary and I got this beautiful
park this is the plains of Abraham so as beautiful as it looks right here there
was a massive battle in 1759 Plains de Abraham This is what it looked like.
193 French dead and 282 British dead The British has their eyes on Nouvelle France ever since the
French arrived well here’s where they overtook the city and the victory fell
to the British right here Planes of Abraham. The people around here must be crazy good I keep picking up the leaves so the British built these towers they
were afraid of Americans coming on their independence in 1776 woody attacks Upper
and Lower Canada so they both these watchtowers here they turn the lights into ghosts here
and then everything is decorated for Halloween they had public executions here between
1763 and 1810 large crowds would gather that is a little scary so today I went from the beaux-arts I
walked around the Parc des Champs de Bataille and I’m here of the Museum of
the Plains of Abraham I don’t think they’re open still so I’m gonna go back
to the city look at this language somebody comment
below I think it might be that in English so let me take a quick sip of
this maple water it’s supposed to be natural hydration that’s good
coconut water watch out!

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