Queenstown South Island New Zealand Holiday Travel Guide

Queenstown on the south island of New Zealand has been high on my my visit list for a long time known as a great winter ski destination I found out that it also offers amazing experiences all year round Well guys we’ve travelled across the Tasman and have landed on the South Island of New Zealand and here we are in Queenstown This place is absolutely stunning some of the most beautiful views you will ever see but it doesn’t just offer that there’s a lot of advernture and fun to be had here as well Queenstown is renown as the the place to go for adventure and fun in the great outdoors and after spending a few days out and about I can understand why when you want to get high in Queenstown this is the way to do it and what really sets these experiences apart in Queenstown is the environment and places you get to do them in Everyone who lives in Queenstown or comes to Queenstown there sort of a special type of person they want adventure, and live life on the edge a little bit more upside down is so wrong They say Queenstown is the jewel in the crown of New Zealand tourism and I really feel it is it’s a wonderful location for people to centre their experience of New Zealand in the south island I’ve been here fifteen years it’s just such a tremendous place to be it’s the best of a lot of worlds you’ve got a bit of culture there’s just no end of thing you can do but if you just want to go out and have a great meal and have a nice glass of wine there’s an abundance of world class restaurants in the area you can spend two weeks here and still be discovering things Wow, you have to actually see the beauty of this place to believe, it even exists it’s incredible when it comes to finding somewhere to stay in Queenstown there is a great selection of excellent accommodation to choose from and we’ve organised some special deals for our members The hub of Queenstown is based around the waters edge of Lake Wakatipu This vibrant village has a european feel and is small enough to walk around while still offering an endless array of entertainment You can walk along the lake front up to the wharf where you can sit on the waterfront and enjoy a drink and one of the cafes or bars and Queenstown is also know for its vibrant nightlife with over fifty great bars to choose from you’re bound to find somewhere that suits your style from the first rays of light that touch the ground to the ways that you can spend time together and relax Queenstown on the south island of New Zealand is a paradise that has something special in store well, that was just a quick taste for everyone Well, that was just a quick taste of what you can do in Queenstown if you like this be sure to to like and follow our social media channels because we have some more great stuff around Queenstown to share with you real soon

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