Quit my 9-6 Job to Travel and Freelancing #AskSUDO 5000 Subscribers Special – Social Sudo

Hello everyone namaste 🙂 I am SUDO and today i am very happy because this channel have reached 5000+ subscribers now and to share this moment with you all i am making this video so first of all let me say thanks to you all for watching my videos, liking them commenting on them sharing them and subscribing to my channel as this channel have started growing i thought i should interact with you all so in this video i will tell you about myself and also i will try to answer some of the questions you asked me so let’s do it! first question that most of you have asked me is Where are you from? I am from Himachal Pradesh from district mandi, Lad Bharol town recently i made a video about my town hope you have seen that video but i am staying in Chennai from last 3 years and I LOVE CHENNAI second question that is asked to me is What do you do? let me tell you from start i have done graduation & post graduation from LPU in computer applications then i got selected in campus placement then i came to Chennai I joined as a software engineer but i was not that good in coding then i shifted my career to Visual Designing and i worked in Cognizant for 3 years and recently i have quit my job yes i have wuit my 9-6 job it took me almost 1 year to quit the 9-6 job actually but finally i quit it’s been 3-4 months and i am doing full time freelancing now i work from home only please comment below if you want to know about how i quit my job and pursued freelancing maybe i will make another video on this topic these were the 2 mostly asked questions to me and i hope i have answered them properly now will answer some of the questions that you have asked me on instagram and youtube comments first question is from deepanetto as if now i fund my travels by myself to travel i keep saving from whatever i earn because i love to travel so yes i fund my travels by myself 🙂 actually i love making videos i am making videos from long time i love this process of making videos travelling, making videos and sharing with everyone before this channel also i used to travel and make videos and i used to show it to my family and friends and everyone loved the videos that time this channel was also not their so yes i really love this process i started making videos with my mobile phone only actually i love making videos and i never really thought of taking a DSLR and then make videos i used to just make videos 🙂 recently i was planning to go to Coimbatore but i had to cancel it because i am shifting to my home town from my travel experience my 3 fav places in india are first is UDAIPUR – such a beautiful and clean city second will be HAMPI because there is so much to do in HAMPI and if you have not visited Hampi yet then third and most fav is Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi i started with mobile camera(motorola) then i bought GoPro Hero 5 Black recently i have purchased GoPro Hero7 Black and right now i am shooting in that also i have a DJI Drone i hope now you know lil bit about me so if you want to ask me any question then you can comment on my any video do add #AskSUDO with your comment, so i can easily pick your questions I will do the next interaction video when we reach 10000+ subscribers

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