QUIT YOUR JOB and TRAVEL! | Here’s How!!!

QUIT YOUR JOB and TRAVEL! | Here’s How!!!

everyone welcome back to my channel my
name is Lea also known as travel Lea and today I am answering one of the most
asked questions I get every single day and that is how in the heck do you get
to travel full-time like how is this what you do every day so I’m going to
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everyone asks me how I travel full time that’s like the most commonly asked
question people ask me that like there’s a job place that you just click and then
you just apply to this job that’s called full time to travel uh-huh it’s not that
easy however I’m gonna explain to you guys in detail what it takes to be a
full time traveler the different types of full time travelers and the steps you
need to take to achieve all of them so just a disclaimer I understand
completely that it is easier said than done okay
please don’t think that I am just making it seem like this is the easiest thing
to do I understand trust me I was there I understand the fear that you have to
get over the determination the dedication that you need to make this
happen I understand that but I believe in every single one of you guys and I
know that if this is something that you want to do deep down in your heart you
can do it and you will go after it I am here to help you so there are four
types of full-time travelers out there so I wanted to explain all of them
because there’s different steps that you’ll need to have that you’ll need to
take to be these different types of full-time travelers this is not just one
there’s an umbrella of full-time travelers but then there’s different
types underneath that umbrella if that makes sense and just so you know there’s
there’s probably many others out there but these are just the top four that I
know that I meet these travelers all the time the first one is a savings account
full time traveler the second one is a digital nomad the third one is the
voluntary move backpacker and the last one is an expat so we’re gonna dive into
all of this for one the first type of full-time traveller is the savings
account traveler that is me currently so this is just a person who saved for this
I know a few of them on Instagram I’ll post them down below I’ll shout them out
they were similar like me they decided hey I want to travel around the world so
they saved a certain amount of money they put that away and then they left
so these travelers also know that this not might not be an indefinite definite
journey for them they know that it might end when their savings account ends just
keep that in mind that these full-time travelers might not be doing this for
the rest of their life they just want to take that big round-the-world trip like
me whenever I say that I save money people always want to ask how much I
cannot answer that because it really depends on how you travel and you as a
person but I can give you guys some kind of ballpoint numbers so this so you know
that there’s different types of travelers so there’s gonna be that boogy
high-end luxe traveler then there’s that rugged off-the-beaten-path staying in
hostels and couchsurfing I will give you a ballpoint for smack dab in the middle
that’s kind of me I’m in the middle of both of those
extremes and I would average $1,000 a month per travel that is just on average
so a lot of places you’ll spend way under and then some places you might
spend a little bit over but I think it’s a great rule of thumb just to make sure
to save $1,000 per month that you want to be away so if you save $5,000 you can
realistically be gone anywhere from three months to six months if you save
$10,000 you can realistically be gone for six thousand six months to nine
months okay okay type of traveler this is probably the most commonly known is
the digital nomad so the digital nomad is a person who has started a business
where they’re able to work remotely as I didn’t start business they might just be
on social media and be able to get sponsorships through social media they
might also be into digital marketing affiliate marketing digital marketing
they might have like a dropship company they might be copyright they might be
freelance something or other but regardless these people are able to work
remotely all they need is internet and a laptop and they are making income while
traveling this is what I inspire to be this is why I’m on my road to 10k by May
so if you haven’t clicked that subscribe button please click it right now thank
you very much that would really help me out because that is what I’m aspiring to
be as you guys know I started with a savings account but that’s not gonna
last forever so I need a back-up plan so to be a digital nomad is gonna take
quite some a process it’s going to take an entrepreneur mindset a business plan
a ton of creativity and dedication but that is probably the most solid way to
be a full time traveler I mean these people honestly this is usually what
they want their whole life to be they don’t want to ever go back to corporate
America they don’t see themselves having that normal cookie
cutter lifestyle that America brand they went to this free lifestyle so they know
that they need to make this into essentially a full-time job for them so
they are working but at their own pace whenever they want and most likely
they’re working from the beach so that is the digital nomad I unfortunately
cannot give you too much advice about how to get started except for to be
dedicated to come up with a business plan but there’s tons of videos on
YouTube on how to be a Doge digital nomad especially in this generation
where that’s like the Millennial thing to do so definitely check out one of
those videos and also come back and share that with me because I’m also
trying to be a digital nomad so the third type of full-time traveler is the
backpacker the person who you know literally can travel off of next to
nothing they don’t need much they just need a place to stay and some food in
their belly these are literally goals okay I completely admire them I have met
them they left the country with like 500 bucks and they’re still going it’s like
year two so these people have found ways to travel for free and believe me there
are ways to travel for free or for very very very very little money and if you
would like a detailed video on how to do that please comment down below in the
comment section and I will make a detailed video about all the different
ways that you can and travel for free we’ll just mention a few of them there’s
couchsurfing.com you can couch surf the world for free yes it is sacrificing
your comfortability and going outside of your comfort zone but
you are just sleeping on people’s couches for free for free in traveling
house-sitting some people houses sit in different countries I met a lovely woman
in Switzerland who was there for a month and she was couch no she was pet-sitting
or house-sitting or maybe it was both how amazing is that she got to live in
Switzerland virtually for free because she just needed to watch somebody’s
house you can travel for next to nothing there’s also volunteering where you can
volunteer in exchange for a place to sleep and food there’s so many different
ways like I said if you would like a separate video I can dive into all the
different ways and explain how you can travel the world for free or next to
nothing I honestly greatly admire these
travelers I feel like they have the best experience of travelling around the
world because they are hanging out with locals they’re seeing the country
outside of the tool the tourist traps and all the tourists just all the
tourism they’re stepping outside and they’re actually seeing the country with
open eye and they’re off the beaten path a lot of the times they are they have
the best experience I believe when it comes to traveling and I admire them and
the last type of full time traveler this might you might be like well that’s not
really a full time traveler I still consider them a full time traveler and
this is the expat so these are people who have jobs in different countries
they work in different countries and the reason I consider them a full time
traveler is because they do so much travel because you have to understand
once you put yourself in a different region of the world you have access to
so many different places that you don’t have like for example in America you
know our region you see a lot of people go into Canada and the Caribbean and
Mexico that’s our region right but if you place
yourself in Asia yo you got Vietnam you got career you got Japan you got Bali
you have Thailand you have Cambodia you have Laos you have met and buy and Mart
you have Singapore Malaysia I can keep going you have all those places and you
know with any job you get holidays you get three-day weekends four-day weekends
you know so those people who decide to move to different countries and live
there also have an experience of similar to a full-time traveler because they are
in a different location and to do this one of the most common ways to move to a
different country is to teach English as a foreign language also people teach
English online without having like a an actual job to go to they just teach
online so to teach English as a foreign language you need their need to a have a
bachelor’s degree or B have a teaching English as a foreign language
certificate or both so you just have to do the research on which country needs
what a great website to visit for that is teach away dot-org I believe I will
put it down in the description box this website has all the information about
what type of qualification that you need it has job opening so you can apply
straight through the website and it’s just for teaching English as a second
language and so that’s what I did in Switzerland
that’s what exposed me to traveling solo I was able to travel all over Europe
very very easily and conveniently and it made me want to be a full time traveler
so I quit that job and now I’m travelling full-time so those are the
four types of full-time travellers that there are out there once again there is
a savings account traveler there’s a digital nomad there is the backpacking
couchsurfing traveler and then there is lastly the expat so I want to know what
type of full-time traveler do you think you would be do you want to be or you
already are comment down below in the comments
and I’m really curious to see what type of full-time traveler you guys would
like to be like I said I’m the savings account traveler and but I would like to
also be the digital nomad so that’s me what about you I hope that you guys
learned a lot from this video if you have any questions again comment down
below in the comment section I will definitely answer them or if you would
like some more in depth support if you want to travel solo or full-time but you
don’t feel like you know where to begin you can actually at this point you can
book a one-on-one session with me I’m calling it like travel consulting or a
travel coaching whatever you want to call it through my website right down
here WWE travel a accom we can have a Skype session where I can give you tons
of advice and inspiration to support you through all your travel dreams and goals
once again thank you for watching I hope I inspired you and gave you some type of
insight to your new future as a full time traveler and I will see you guys in
the next video bye

42 thoughts on “QUIT YOUR JOB and TRAVEL! | Here’s How!!!

  1. Saving account. My husband and I are starting in april this year and we will travel for 2 years non stop. We saved up and we are so excited to see the world?️??

  2. I will eventually be an expat. My goal is to live 3 to 6 months at a time in Bali or wherever else I choose. Currently dumping debt and investing more to prepare for that leap. In the meantime I travel at least twice a year internationally. Employer also has a new unlimited PTO policy, so that is exciting!

  3. I couldn’t agree more, I packed up and left to see the world just over a year ago and I’ve never looked back ?? great video as always ☺️ I look forward to more

  4. Yasssss Kween plz make a video on how to travel with next to nothing. I’m about to graduate college but the student loans are real and I want that freedom and to be practical about it:) I would love to be a digital nomad. How much did you save to travel full time? Your are gorgeous btw

  5. I consider myself a digital nomad. I can work anywhere with internet access. I do want to travel full time but I have a teenage daughter so I'll have to figure out if I want her to travel with me and home school or live with her dad. It's easier when you are kid-free lol.

  6. So much info. Thanks a bunch. Where are you currently in Bali? Also, how do you maintain your hair (if you swim)? Keep the videos coming. We love them. Maybe you could do vlogs or a day with me or something like that? I think it’ll get you a lot of views and subbies. Keep up the good work?

  7. I heard from a man who teaches English in Hong Kong that chinese people dont want people of color, including their own, to teach their children English. So if anyone is of color, dont think about Oriental countries to teach English

  8. I would like to be the expat. Although people might not consider it as a full-time traveller. I can work for 3 to 6 months at a time in a country and move on. I would really love that

  9. As you know, I am an expat traveler ? My plan is when I eventually go back to America (quite some time from now) I might transition to a savings account traveler and take my sweet time traveling from country to country until I reach America because I can’t stand sitting on a plane for 20+ hours. You’re an inspiration Leah. You will be a digital nomad one day and have 100k+ subscribers like you deserve ?

  10. I'm a savings account traveller. This spring I'll be going to Switzerland & Scotland on my own! I have friends who live there so I'll be meeting up with them at some point but I'll also be doing a lot of things solo, so I'm very excited!

  11. Terrific video footage! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we love to run across such a contents. We produce Travel & Food videos as well, across the world, and therefore we are continually hoping to find inspirations and also creative concepts. Thank You.

  12. I’m going to be a digital nomad as an entrepreneur, working on my business plan and strategy. But while I do that i also just travel for fun and vlog my adventures. Good luck with your journey!

  13. Hello my fellow travelers, I just want to share with you my source at
    productvisibility.com for complimentary travel packages and discounted flight and hotel deals. Enjoy.

  14. haven‘t watched your videos in a while but so glad I started again! I love how you improved girl! You look so happy, you‘re literally glowing from the inside and I am up for this!! you deserve so many more subscriberrrrs!! ??? love you!!!

  15. i use to be the savings account traveler but now I'm aiming to be a digital nomad. I get my bachelor's degree next month, and I have my TESOL certification so I can teach english online. My husband is swiss so I'm hoping I can teach there after he is done with grad school, I'm working on learning languages in my free time as well.

  16. So, I finally am sitting down to watch your channel! I love how you broke down the different type of travelers! I've looked into being an expat (I'm a teacher), but haven't made serious moves towards anything. I love teachaway's format and plan on going to a job fair the next time they have one. Maybe I'll try to move Fall 2020? Who knows. In the interim, I travel on my breaks off from work, mostly, and oftentimes with my gf. We'll be in Thailand this summer for two weeks! I feel like that trip will change a lot for me. Thank you for sharing this!

  17. Hey! I just watched your amazon haul and I'm watching more of your videos! I just started posting videos up this week! I'm hoping to tap into the fashion/travel lifestyle niche. If you're ever in Dallas, I have so many recommendations for you to check out! Keep posting your videos!

  18. I love how realistic and in depth information this video provided. Other youtubers use clickbait titles & never answer the question ugh. ? You’ve really inspired me to take action since I’ve always wondered how people did it. I really admire how you’re fulfilling your goals! Subscribed 🙂

  19. I found your channel because I'll go to Switzerland next September for a year ! So glad to be able to go through your videos and experiences 🙂 I'm definitely the expat type, stayed a year in Taiwan and you are so right, it allowed me to go to so many places in Asia… Best of luck for your project to become a digital nomad :))

  20. thank you so much for making this video!
    I've been saying for the longest time that i wanted to travel and never work again lol
    i knew it wasnt very realistic, but at least now i know the different options i could have
    i think the digital nomad would be my goal…i dont want to worry about my savings account running out
    winning the lottery would be great as well lmao

  21. Perdonally I am a serial expat, meaning I move to different countries and life there from anywhere from a few months to a few years. I used to couchsurf a little bit but unfortunately the site is pretty dead by now.
    There is also another category I think, the working holiday maker.

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