RADWIMPS – ピクニック【Picnic】『10th ANNIVERSARY LIVE TOUR』[ライブ] (English lyrics + Portuguese)

I was standing at the doors of my last summer, a blue soul with a knife hanging from the neck. I stare at the world with my big eyes from somewhere, transparent blue. I can hardly call myself a good friend as I say goodbye to this “everyday life” too suddenly. Even if you didn’t like me and rejected me, I was always laughing by your side. It was my greatest wish, and I actually met you somewhere far away, looking for a flat snow where nobody stepped before. There are two blue solitudes in this silver pool, and I don’t even know the ending of these overlapped lips. Even with a miracle, light is unattainable for us, and yet I think I’ll look at you tonight. Small warriors rolling out of your just starting life, change your whirling skirts into wings and live today as well. Each time I lived a good day I hid to laugh. Thanks for looking up at the stars, laughing, sorry if I wasted your time. We didn’t even do it once: to secretly
run through the world under the moon. I won’t get tired of the sky, that today as well is blue; actually, the downpour saved me yesterday. Someone distant says: “even if clumsy, you exist”; well, who should have taught me that since I was born? In a blink of an eye of the universe, I fell in love. There are two blue heartbeats in this silver pool, and as the lips overlapped I slowly remembered. On the day I was born, I’m sure that you spilled out of my head, you piece of me. I started holding on this world’s edge, but I let it go as it shook me off. Even with a miracle, light is unattainable for us. Even so, more than ever, this is us.

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