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Oh yeah it was pretty rough – yes I loved
it. It’s so pretty I mean you heard it so many times, you seen it so many times and
finally seeing it yourself It’s rewarding Good morning from Cusco yeah I don’t
know if it’s morning It’s about 3 o’clock in the morning and we
are waiting for a van We’ve been up since 2 o’clock
actually just to get ready to walk down here for about 15 minutes and be ready
for our next adventure today, which is going to Rainbow Mountain. Rainbow
Mountain is some place that we’ve always wanted to go and we’re working today
with Rainbow Mountain Travels, they’re gonna pick us up here before 3 o’clock 3:30
yeah so we should be maybe 10 or 15 more minutes at the latest so we’re just
standing here at the Munay Wasi Inn waiting for our van to take us on a
two-hour drive, to a place where we’re going to do an hour-and-a-half trek up
about 5,000 feet You think Cusco is high but Rainbow Mountain is
actually about 5,000 feet higher. Before there, supposedly we
gonna stop buying a place to get a breakfast but I don’t know what I can
eat anything at two o’clock in the morning. Anyway,
we’re gonna go back here and play with our puppies that we found while we’re
waiting for that bus to show For breakfast, the recommended drink is the coca or muna tea just to acclimate with the higher altitude here. It’s warm, it’s nice. All right here we go after an hour drive
from the breakfast place, we finally arrived at the starting point of our hike
we are about to hike for about an hour and a half and on the way there, gonna be flat
except the last maybe 10 percent of the track, it’s gonna be pretty steep so
we’re just gonna take your time. So far so good even though the altitude is
pretty high over 5,000 meters of elevation supposed to be much much
higher later on so we’re just gonna take it slow and easy the Sun is out at least
it’s not gonna be snow we were told that yesterday was actually snowing in
rainbow mountain but this one is that we open the rift valley vamos a ver este camino hence up at the florida supposed to be
good for you were not getting sick in the altitude very strong rap in the face
but mounting is located wish me luck and let’s start the hike okay here we are rainbow mountain I’m
already beat out we are about four minutes from 30 seconds into the hike
only another hour and 24 minutes and a half left to go I hope it’s like this
the whole time this is easy anyway you gotta catch up to the group Oh God
are you feeling don’t sound good I’m feeling pretty good I’m gonna make it
that’s good I’ve called Florida oh gosh yes yes there was snowing I’ve heard
this yesterday story is rain it’s raining did you see the rainbow no really Wow
lucky for us ya know there’s people up there that’s where we’re going yep
definitely started to fill it just short of breath in started climbing up the
hill we’ll be okay we’ll be okay I get hit with something it’s like a
heart palpitation but it’s more like a breath palpitations I’m going and then
and then there’s that jarring breath I know I’m gonna make it yesterday
I wanna keep saying I’m not going to because it makes me feel better to
complain anyway I’m wording up for it so what are we going and eventually we’re
gonna be going up here and all the way up this is where we’re gonna end up
right now we’re at the equivalent of around base camp and the rest is pretty
steep uphill right now if what we’re doing right now what’s flat it would
take about ten minutes but I think it’s gonna take at least half an hour to get
up there maybe more maybe some oxygen if someone has some oxygen certainly a bit
chilly but it’s gonna be fine at least it’s not snowing there’s snow on the
ground but there’s no precipitation in the air today so we’re gonna be good
not easy 45 this is one of the hardest things I’ve done I want a horse find me
a horse like this don’t pay them for it’s buy the damn horse just behind me
is the optional track that we could do after the rainbow mountain it’s called
the red valley it’s supposed to be sort of flat then all the way up to the top
again we’re wanting at the time rainbow mountain it is just to give you
perspective the actual rainbow mountain is here you can see all the colors and
striping and then to view it you have to climb all the way up here to look this
way so close but yet so far pull yourself up it helps we made it to
the bottom of rainbow mountain and we still need to go all the way to the
viewpoint I guess but we sold it here yay I will feel like I made it as far as
I know we’ll go up there it’s not that far
it’s du Bois maybe in like a minute he’ll do it lots of vodka coughing your
lungs oh yeah surprise surprise there’s our Packers up here hey I never
heard you complaining once I was dying I think I was too busy dying all the way
up to BC dying yeah but we’re here we are we made it we’re all here together
yeah be on the very top off we need to go
today we have made it all 5,000 75 meters or things six thousand six
hundred feet to the top of rainbow mountain a place that wasn’t even really
known about five years ago and now about two thousand people a day visit here and
as you see it’s kind of packed so it’s kind of hard to get yourself easier than
everything like that but we made it to the top that’s the main thing it’s
really windy up here it’s really cold and now we’re gonna stop and go down
right yeah how it goes out I don’t I can’t feel my nose anymore and my
fingers are in my pocket I was complaining the whole time but I was
gonna do that anyway because it makes me feel a bit better but honestly it’s not
that bad looking back it’s not bad but doing it oh yeah it was yeah someone
told me it was tougher than the Inca Trail and it probably is but the Inca
Trail goes for several days of doing the same thing I loved it it is so pretty I
mean you heard it so many times you’ve seen it so many times and finally seeing
it yourself it’s rewarding for sure is let’s walk down I’m so glad we got here
as early as we did because there are literally many many hundreds more people
now everybody’s hiking up and we’re coming down I just realized that this is
where you can drive it a horse still yes then you have to hike from this point on
in a lot of people definitely struggling yeah well we’ve been offering
encouragement because after having done it
we know that it’s worth it so even though I was having a really terrible
time I knew from being up there was worth it so I tell a few people that on
the way up who were a couple of people they said they were about to tap out so
anyway back to the van yeah good good yes love it a lot of horses getting good
workouts today I’m 210 pounds and I would not get
on a horse I would not just wouldn’t do that to the horse but you know what
they’re probably so strong that it’s probably nothing to them when you do
this trip to rainbow mountain I’m going to suggest there you go with the company
that we did and the reason for that is because you leave at 3:30 in the morning
and you get here at a reasonable time and by the time you get up on the
rainbow mountain you are one about probably 60 or 70 people on the mountain
and if you can look behind me right now you’ll notice we’re on our way down it’s
about 9:30 9:00 five and there are literally hundreds
and hundreds of people on the mountain right now so sure you can get a cheaper
in town but rainbow mountain travels offers the entire thing for $30 that
includes all your transportation in a nice van is your breakfast did mission
and it includes lunch and your way back so $30 is great for that the guys are
great too and the guy just told me that they have
about 2,000 people every day on this little mountain and then both my own
travels takes about 200 people to make this a good call the yeah very good
quality you get there early you get the first glance at the mountain so we
totally recommend it anyway that’s it from rainbow mountain if you like this
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acclimated now I’m gonna run up you actually believe I’ll serious where what
are you doing I’m just trying to see where I am on the video

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