Rather Odd Journey – 3. Hostels

Rather Odd Journey – 3. Hostels

I’ve been a crew member of sorts on a tall ship to Antarctica we volunteered on an organic farm and now we’re exploring the hostels concept to the beach towns of Uruguay and Brazil this is a journey for my delegate to the Arctic where myself with the help of willing friends export travel concepts concepts you may not learn about from a travel agency before we travel into more tropical lands erin was traveling without insurance needs a shot no I know my name is Karen Isis from data my sexes male oh I’m good for y’all here for 10 years very short been a respite another errand system hopefully handled the yellow fever we’re ready for the next adventure tonio del sacramento the first stop in uruguay after crossing over from one owes ares his best known for its historic and pretty center a good way to choose your hostile to check a travel guide book when we planets suggests that el Viajero hostel is brighter and somewhat cozier than the competition when it comes to the dorm rooms I don’t think they meant this cozy and sometimes people share bed so why are the two of you in the same bed right now gonna see haha Sherpas don’t always gonna when I want that grid anything dorm rooms are not usually overbooked they do have drawbacks sharing a bathroom with I have other people like we were today being woken up before I’m ready to be woken up and so I don’t like one of the pupils alarms go off and stuff so there also is an upside yeah I always usually I choose to sit in mixed arms if I can and a lot of hospitals are female dorms but I found that in mixed songs you end up me in lots of different people you know it’s nice to meet guys as well as skills instead of just sort of being insulated to what happened I’ve never said in a private room in a humble I’ve always dead in the problem the whole point of being in hostels meeting other people just going for an awesome you meet these people you keep in touch with inflator you move on to other hostels with the origins of this best thing we traced back to nineteen twelve in Germany when Richard Sherman grade the first permanent youth hostel I obtained a castle his first youth hostels an exponent on the German youth movement to get poor City youngsters to breathe fresh air outdoors next on the agenda punta del este the part of town of the Argentineans from mid-december to mid January last year when we were here two weeks earlier than this year the beaches were packed but this year we arrived the end of January reason why it’s an empty vh1 out a hundred percent sure but is to exami last year punta del este the sleepy town of your glands from mid-january to mid-december mermaids came from me depths of the ocean my cousins an ass he’s always going on about shit come to talk to the end of the earth but why take it out on me huh why look at me in a town shuts down the optin remaining bastions of life of the hostels hostile 1949 with its own bar is in short of life and it’s a great spot for us to kick off new rule for our tour of hostels so we’re talking to the lovely Californians yeah they added a rule breath which was like we have to cook at every hostile we stand so Kelvin then modified that rule today that I have to cook at every hostile we stay at and I’m not I’ve know what I’m cooking until I start cooking and I don’t know how to cook I can make eggs and hotdogs noodles okay I know how to mix me Spanish yeah that was lovely home I’ll precisely on the view I get it others pants anyone who’s willing to cook for him overcome alright our next beach town is punta del diablo don’t may have a similar tourist season to front of the last day is a rather different feel and this year the rains of carbon new look for the town our hostels about there my name is Brian Meisner from hostel el Diablo tranquilo and punta del diablo uruguay I got involved in hostels really kind of a try to do a short version of a long story but traveling around in hostels really great experience got to meet a ton of people tiny different perspectives and it’s a great for a little melting pot of people and when I was working on other things I think one thing I missed was working in a service industry where you really can you know see people enjoying what you’re doing so that’s kind of why I came back to working in the service industry and restaurants hostels and things and muscles and particulars for the crazy eclectic mix of people at your nightdress one must retreat I would take a fun awesome but I’d like to say that we’re both probably go for fun you can take your own measures to a make it better I guess fun for sure clean i would say 65-percent fun and then some clean phone home clean i think i think i should show my age gotta clean yeah you guys can get past somewhere else is it different from one dat stays here yeah for sure actually I mean one it’s kind of branded sort of flashpackers now I guess but somebody that we’ve seen a frequent our place definitely see more slow travelers people like to come take it easy spending more time we kind of sink it into a place than just getting along it is no longer peak season and most rentals in town are vacant so why is this hostel full the answer may lie what this type of hostile offers the backpacker what do you think is the most important thing about a hospital the social atmosphere for sure okay you can have a nice place or you can have a dump but if people meet somebody they’re gonna stay in contact with you give people a chance to get to know each other and really connect especially those that might not come together or necessarily fall into the same click like that’s what what separates and what are you drinking my team’s winning Thank I’m not real sure I all right you’re not dying anymore Colin I believe I said day one and I wait wait dollars there’s back playing first-person drink or drinking game the previous night’s activities are still putting a damper on things when the dual of Aaron and Calvinism ended with a rival of my brother also known as Pancho and rang my fate due to the hut he wears while traveling any idea where Kevin is I was then yeah ya like like what are you gonna do right we’re gonna fight he’s got to keep it a hostel is a great place to learn new things from your fellow travelers such as spin poi and four dozen if it is your rent if you drink reverse London way more do this releasing board if you notice my hip action after one more chill day it is time to move on like medic medic guide so you need to go get money first leg machine no second bank machine no third bank machine you know the guys I just don’t wear bank machine oh wait go back to the last one and I’m trying to credit card credit card spill two dollars and every one of us will survive and leaning our final stop before Rio florianópolis is very brief the delaying carnival is not really an option how did you hit by a surfer you only have time for a quick swim and to interview Whitney we doona work exchange with the hostel I’ve stayed here for about a month and I’ve been paying this mural and I before this I hadn’t really stayed anywhere more than like five days because I’ve been on the move for four months of stock packing and came here and I liked it so much that I’ve stayed yes backpackers often stay a while and they don’t always have a plan we left january twenty fifth and i’m returning april seven and i do not have a flight home yet but I will because I borrowed a backpack and it has to be back by jun 12 I started traveling a few years ago I would say and i hope i will never go back home I started traveling in June like seven months ago and I go home full time buy a new zealand dimension we’ve been wasting it but first rough to the heart of carnival rio de janeiro hostels gently provide lots of information on things one can do based on a recommendation by casa 579 we visit a favela a favela is a community that is developed by the poor without government support or land ownership is generally arranged in a disordered in dense way and lacks essential public services one thing though that this one has that one might not find in other parts of the city is a sense of community casa 579 even though it has dorms in a kitchen for use as more of a guest house with private rooms in a certain level sophistication we may not live up to so how did we come across this place with such a view an aspect of hostels is the opportunity to meet other travellers I was in a sh Y Argentina staying at a hostel where I met another traveler Ning Liz he kept in touch and since her paws were crossing at carnival I took her up in recommendation for a place to stay well I decided to come quite last minute to Rio Carnival and I did some research on the usual hostile sites hostile world hostelbookers to see what was available these usual sites right lots of detailed information hostels including user rankings for a fee they also make it super easy to book a hostel this may be your final stop in the hostel tour but our food is still whatever MC stars in the kitchen whatever ingredients we happen to find how do you do oh good if it smells good tonight is the big night tonight thousands have been getting ready for over the past year for the price of a few hundred tourist dollars my brother is given the opportunity to be transformed into Lord poncho two bows how’s your Samba skills coming working right now give us a little signal course no out of course at all but it looked like an enterprise and Lord poncho tubos is also preparing but perhaps not in the same way as the others yes you are lucky wife this is also follow of war Pancho two bows we finish this after we actually made to the end with a net make it to a block party mask you see but so far things simply good Celeste a little drunker than the others we’re all good spirit at this point to push holy so let’s see where we end up ah yes sophisticated to finish things off in a true carnival fashion hinted at 8am street party stayed in many interests in hostels in this episode and in other parts of the journey question though is to these experiences bring you closer to the place and its people the answer would have to be know what hostels do offer is a place to meet and hang out with people from other parts of the world the fun we are out exploring this road together feeling makes us so enticing to the traveler a home away from home you

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  1. estoy planeando un viaje a alemania, holanda, belgica y republica checa que comienza en abril del 2014, y estoy muy interesado en los hostels, mi pregunta es la siguiente: que diferencias existen entre los hostels de latinoamerica y los europeos? (si los conoces)

    agradecería muchísimo tu ayuda

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