[Real GOT7 Season 3] episode 6. GOT7’s Just right Summer Vacation #1

[Real GOT7 Season 3] episode 6. GOT7’s Just right Summer Vacation #1

GOT7’s Just right summer vacation We come to a (resort) pension before a comeback, and how do you feel?
Very awesome! Then, let’s get into a swimming pool for the first step…
Play the game, rock-paper-scissors What’s this?!
Rock It’s rock
[Yugyeom slightly changes into rock] [But it never work]
Yugyeom and Jackson, rock-paper-scissors! Uh, you didn’t throw! No way, one more time!
You can have another chance
[Again, rock-paper-scissors!] [GOT7 completed warm-ups beforehand!] Let’s go to the dorm [GOT7 dives into the pool one by one] Then four of us will lead a program It’s fun. Come inside! [Diving as martial arts!] [Let’s enjoy GOT7’s ‘Just right’ water play!] We were so excited in the beginning that played in the pool
[GOT7 already exhausted their energies] Actually, we have to prepare the dinner
What will be the dinner? Depends on the losing team
[Members are curious a lot] Will the first menu be a barbecue?
Oh, yes. BBQ! Who paid the money by the way?
JYP Thank you JYP We should draw lots
Let’s not Do not? Jackson has it in his back already.
It’s ready, so let’s draw Let’s begin from here [Draw for team partners] I get it. I will do the last Hold on, should a judge prepare the dinner?
No, he shouldn’t He does nothing. No need to play the game but just lead the game
Even he doesn’t eat The judge can have a meal
Can he go to home after the game? Yes, he can leave after game and dinner
[JB believes strongly he is a judge] Mark is always lucky with drawing Please show after one, two and three [Team Baby: JB, Jackson and Yugyeom VS Team Bird: Junior, Youngjae and BamBam]
I don’t want. I can’t play with BamBam Ah, we are lost~~! [It’s definite that Team Baby is superior] Wait! I want to play the game Do you want to be the judge? I can change for you
[Team Baby rather seems stronger] It’s sad we could’ve had fun game Everyone, I become the judge. We are going to have a game, and could you stay as a team? [Cheerful Team Baby] [And energyless Team Bird]
Are you ready? Guys, I am going to give 3 minutes to make a team slogan Then, Team Baby goes first. Let’s see Team Baby’s slogan [What’s the slogan of Team Bird?]
Start (You should’ve tell us you’re running into the pool in advance)
[Missed the diving scene] Why?
(He missed running scene)
It’s okay Do you must film it?
It’s better. Could you do again? [Do it again for the best scene] The camera couldn’t catch us that we should do again. It would be funny when there is a broadcast. We are wet already Team Baby, are you ready? One, two and three You could catch it? What’s this…. It was good
Was this time enough?
Yes, you get one hundred points I felt something bad when I was running. There was no one follows
[Yugyeom suffered for diving twice] Team Baby, please be focused. Next is Team Bird If you guys are going to enter, too? Ah, we are lost because of Yugyeom Team Bird, let me see yours. One, two and three I totally became a bird (feat. Psy) Hey, can you say a word correctly? It’s not that clear … Okay, are you guys ready?
[1st Game: Relay in water] Youngjae! We bet our lives on you
[First runners are Mark and youngjae] Please start when I say ST~ART! I will go fast
No you must leave when I say start Then ready. ST~ART! Wait
Please say start, hurry! START Youngjae, what are you doing? He’s taking off my pants [Mark suddenly becomes so sexy] [Second runners are Jackson and BamBam, START!] [Jackson is too strong to BamBam] I am sorry but I didn’t say I will pass you [Team Baby is already sending the last runner, Yugyeom] [JB can’t bother Yugyeom] We win! [Team Baby won!] I think this judge is not qualified From now on, do you understand how to play exactly? You can do it from now
[Game starts after they know the play] From now on?
[GOT7 is exhausted] You played hard
It was too hard. No more And is this not a rehearsal game?
No, it’s not [BamBam man says okay with 8 x diving]
We are men And is this not a rehearsal game?
No, it’s not Start
[Suddenly composed cheerleaders by youngests] Start
[Real game STARTS!] I also love Youngjae a lot Uh, you didn’t make a round at turning point [Junior couldn’t forward by many obstacles] [As well, he never stop loving the youngest] We lost again
Team Baby won slightly The judge is the problem
Baby!! You did great!! This game’s winner is Team Baby. Shall we move to the next game Each team, be ready
[JB judge stays comfortable] [Super Team Baby made self-penalty that current score is 2:3] It looks stable [2nd Game, mock cavalry battle in water!] You should not hit [Fully activated BamBam and relaxed Mark] [Guys~ A lonely judge JB is calling out players] You can attack the people who are carrying on! [A secretly prepared water gun] [Failed by self with a secret weapon!] I tried to hold on as much as possible Why don’t we play one more round? Was it too fast to be bored? Let’s play seriously together with Yugyeom
[Play mock cavalry battle with 3 to 3] Then we can’t lose!
No one knows The play will have three rounds. Three rounds for taking off the cap I can never take off
[BamBam and his cap become one] Ready Should we ride him on shoulders?
Yes, on shoulders Okay, two teams should be ready [Team Baby’s height is uneven] [Team Bird’s shape seems stable] Anyway, we could sit him on shoulders
[Giant youngest is crumpling shoulders] Hey, my face is too close to him to make a kiss What’s my pose! Please do more intensive Come on! Challenge me I will not fell off. [Team Baby won again!] Hey, you are not matching with the snapback [This time they made a right shape to compete!] Don’t trip me! I’m wearing sandals! [GOT7 makes another mess as today (-1)] [Cap string is fell down!] [Again and again, Team Bird won!] We played two kinds of game, and how do you feel, Team Bird? It was too fun to finish it Mr. Youngjae, how do you feel?
My feeling? It’s good
I am good because I was a king in the last week Because BamBam is good at cooking Baby Team is the winner of today’s game
We won for I GOT7 I know we could win You are confident
Mr. Jackson should drink more water It was really fun. Our 6th story was about the vacation, and 7th story is going to be the dinner. Are you a good cook? Cook? BamBam does great
[Restaurant business man’s son, BamBam] BamBam has told he’s good at cooking that it’s the time to check how much he’s good at Actually, he didn’t teach or made a food to us
There was. Ramen Are you saying I didn’t cook any?
Meat and kimchi But Ramen and meat are what everyone can cook easily. I want to have jjigae Let’s see how he is good at Please make a Korean style
[Chef Bam should try jjigae (soup)] You’ve always shown confidence that wonder how much you are confident Are you guys ready?
We are ready when BamBam is ready Okay, I understand. Then Team Bird should prepare for cooking
We are going to take a rest I really thought we could win today I didn’t know why I never think that Yes~ We come to the pool again
Sorry [Jackson, make a smile ^^] Because we did a swimming game in LA house with couple members last time, it was fun to play altogether in the water with a barbeque party soon. Thank you for inviting us. It is the first time to us to dive into the water because of REAL GOT7. Our comeback is soon that please wait for us little bit more. And we really appreciate your waiting. Love you.
[Yugyeom is humble to say thank you until the end] Now, now I got a muscle little bit. Still there? Oh, looks good. I am now monitoring. Can I try a bodybuilder? What do you think, I GOT7 fans? I know

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  1. Ahgase u r the best fandom ever ㅋㅋㅋ
    The fact that ahgases who can speak Chinese translated that MarkCheatSon thing is jus2 so cute ㅠㅠ
    Saranghae ahgase hattue

  2. 9:41 Ya -_- y r u walking Son~ah ,I thought it was a swimming relay </3 ㅋㅋㅋ
    Lol sorry I think I watched too much Free!Iwatobi swimming culubu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. This is still one of my (top 2) fave vids of GOT7 reality shows…along with Hard Carry 2, the episode where they're surfing at Yangyang beach. It just hits me really hard, my heart always feels so full everytime I watch these 2 eps

  4. Yo, I'm here watching this video in 2019.
    God, i just realized their voice changed so much😭😭😭💕

  5. 10:13 watching back from now… omg JB like annihilated Bambam with that throw. 🤣🤣 All that pent up frustrations… I bet JB still wants to do that to him now

  6. I can't believe it's been this long loving these kids. Ah. Proud. Now all I need is a live version of "Like Oh" and I can die happy

  7. The first 4minutes always make me emotional. They look so genuinely happy. And when Forever Young plays, it's just too much.
    We have come a long way, huh?

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  11. They are very happy. but I personally like them not too physical playing. I know that for men physical games are common. but when other people see especially their female fans. I guess they don't really like it

  12. 10:15
    How’s bambam being yeeted into the water repeatedly as if he’s some rag doll😂 we can clearly see which team the mc is rooting for 🤣

  13. Jinyoung is so extra, he probably wore a raincoat to the pool because he didn’t want to get wet😂 this emits the same energy as Jin from bts 😍

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    Got7 is not got7 when they would follow the rules 😎😎
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