[Real GOT7 Season 3] episode 7. GOT7’s Just right Summer Vacation #2 BBQ Party!

[Real GOT7 Season 3] episode 7. GOT7’s Just right Summer Vacation #2 BBQ Party!

Three of us will..
Guys, how should we cook? Be quiet
They are so noisy.. Is this lovely sneakers?
[A nerve battle again between Team Baby and Team Bird before they start] We’ll have a good rest. We’ll get a massage
Take a nap
[Team Baby could get a break time] [Mark is spending a good time with CoCo] Yes, we are going to have a cooking show. [Chef Bam is feeling a pressure]
Is this an eating show?
Yes Didn’t you say you are good at cooking?
[It’s a cooking show to BamBam] I am good at cooking a rice But I’ve never made kimchi jjigae Do you know how to make it? Add the water, kimchi, meat, tuna, tofu, green onion and ramen (Korean instant noodle) soup Then, isn’t this a mixed soup?
If it does, I can make it I will make a call to mom to ask. I think this is the fastest way [Youngjae is calling to mother] Hello, dad Mother~ this is Junior. Ah, father, this is Junior. We are in trouble What’s the trouble?
We don’t know how to make kimchi jjiage You don’t know how to make kimchi jjigae?
Is your father good at cooking?
Of course, he is. I will pass to mom
[Youngjae’s father quickly passes to mother] Hello
Mom~ [Again, his friends start to introduce themselves] How to make kimchi jjigae?
It’s strange to ask suddenly Mother, we are having Real GOT7 that we should cook. Do you know how to make kimchi jjigae? For the simple way, cut tuna and kimchi Pour 2 bowls of water Love you
Thank you [End the call without a big advice] If she received call while she was sleeping?
Yes, my dad woke her up. So she’s not clear Just believe in me It’s honor to make kimchi jjigae for the first time Ah, BamBam said he’s good at cooking definitely Why don’t you add the meat quickly? Because it’s thick? It’s too bland It’s not yet the end Isn’t this budae jjigae? Let’s throw away some water Should we eat some?
We can boil down Hyung, give me one soup
No [Jackson is experiencing rock-climbing] Can’t I see the back? [As expected, Mark is a flyboy!] How much you’ve done?
I am now boiling ramen. If you guys just put kimchi?
No! You can’t taste yet
I am a judge [BamBam is desperate for stopping him] [JB is more desperate for eating it] I told you it’s not yet done [JB looks very angry]
Be patient Its taste is like you added kimchi in the water then boiled Did you just add it?
No. I added onion and tofu I mean, did you just put kimchi?
I cut it I mean, did you fry it? I didn’t. Ah, then I know the reason. Are you sure? I should add kimchi soup I already did Should we fry kimchi?
You should Are you sure? Or is this your style?
It’s not mandatory Honestly, there is one solution. Let’s add ramen soup
That’s not polite Didn’t you plan to add it after I leave? Dinner is ready
We got a meat. And long-awaited kimchi jjigae We will have a delicious dinner with barbeque. [GOT7’s Just right Summer Vacation #2 BBQ Party!]
We’ll talk about their works by eating them. We’ll try the foods Because we should charge the energy before the comeback Please can each of you tell the score after eating kimchi jjigae?
Hey, why the noodle became so fat It’s not ramen but udon Youngjae’s ramen was really not good
Why don’t you make it instead? Let’s try kimchi jjigae Honestly
It’s fine [Meats are cooked with a fantastic visual] What is the worst among ramen, rice and meat?
Then jump into the water Who said that? Junior? Then it’s okay Ramen was the worst Actually, I can’t get any impression on jjigae
I did my most effort There are only kimchi and tofu
No more? There is tuna
BamBam is angry It seems we are too relaxed in front of the camera. I feel something wrong.
Thank you It seems we should dance hard Don’t we have something to say to members?
There is Can I say first? Firstly, do not cook ramen anymore.. do not cook at all Actually, I have no idea on jjigae Jackson, what did you say? Let’s release everything by saying whatever you wanted to say
We told too many already You should be really honest
If not, it can’t be broadcasted That’s true but trying to be honest as much as possible Can I begin? Bad thing? Or good thing? Firstly, I have something thankful. When I am always sad, I feel embarrassed
Can you skip? When I am doing fool, or I am in slump, I wish others should not get disappointed on me Just to say, I like you guys!
I know! [Anyone of GOT7 is shaken by Jackson’s confession] I know your heart even you don’t say a word I’m not telling easily that I never talk this to anyone. I’m not an easy man Maybe people think seven of us are just business partners. But I don’t think so. To me, seven of you are… [Jackson’s appeal is stopped by mosquito’s attack] Do you know what I’m saying? We don’t need to talk about the teamwork We all know even you don’t say
We always talk about it People may doubt if our playful aspects in broadcast is true, and it’s really true. We play even harder in the dorm This is very gentle But it doesn’t mean we do not fight. We fight everyday Jackson, you should use the honorific
No, I am talking to a imagined person Everyone, do you think we do not fight? We fight everyday
It’s hard to say everyday We become more friendly by arguing… our teamwork is indescribable But it’s not a fight. It’s a quarrel Even we feel bad in a moment, it’s difficult to say sorry each other by thinking if I reacted too much In the past, we didn’t say each other for few days
That was between you and I But nowadays, we resolve right after a fight frankly
I can’t remember 5 minutes after I can remember A teamwork is usually for the efficient work, but we stay friendly and humane It’s very normal to us that it doesn’t need to be mentioned to us. Whether they feel thankful or offended, they don’t reserve something for a long time. It’s lucky that we try to resolve and adjust on the spot By the way, there is one who cares for long time
I am… I admit There is one person Jackson still remembers my cold reaction in our first meeting when I was a trainee by saying ‘JB was like that’ I didn’t say directly I GOT7 and audiences who are watching Real GOT7, our new album is going to be released very soon. We came to vacation before the comeback. We will present the megahit one that we wish you could love and expect a lot. Shall we do three-line poem again? I will try [Jackson makes everyone laughing] Junior shouldn’t do this A good album will be released. If we give a hint, this album is going to be very fun. You can feel the rhythm [Showing some spoiler]
Isn’t it like this? Please love ours a lot
We have this too That’s also similar
[If you wait a little bit more, we will meet you!] It’s really awesome that please give your many loves and enjoy it I love you from the end of the world

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  1. I am always curious about something
    What with the cameramans? Do they eat with them? Or play or do something with them? I dunno… Its kind of curious i guess

  2. Jackson: rice is the worst and I think the worst cook should be in the pool. Who did cook for rice?
    Mark: jinyoung.
    Jackson: then forget about it.
    Oh my. Jackson really adores Jinyoung xD

  3. 1:51 I remember Chen in Youngjae because he also called his mother when they cooked during exo's showtime.

    Just sharing tho because I both love exo and got7. Please don't hate me huhu

  4. Did anyone notice something about Mark around 06:03 – 06:7 ? Or I am the only one who noticed it.😂🤣😂 My polluted mind let my innocent eyes notice it.🤣

  5. Coming back and watch them again after 5th year anniversary. Obviously, nothing changed. they still remain the same. Getting stronger and tighter and each of them own success on their own way but never forgets to comeback to their base and that is the colour that GOT7 hold since debut and forever.

  6. Guys!!! Did u all notice that romantic couple kiss @ 15:59 between mark & Jackson…with headphones u can even hear the kissing sound… I will HV a gd nt slp now😍😍

  7. Mark with Coco is such a Biaswrecker. But I saw a meme about how coco is being a little too roughly handled by the guys and now I can't help but be scared a bit for cute little Coco because it's surrounded by all these huge guys.

  8. Did ANY 1 👀 👀 Notice 👀 BAM BAM Being Flirted With 1:22 till 1:26 Straight being Seriously Caressed/Rubbed down affectionately Flirty with Hand by Dude.

  9. Mark’s dog coco is as cute as Mark❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗😊😊🤗❤️💖💖😍😍💖

  10. You can tell that they really love each other and look at each other as brothers and not just group members and I love that about got7 they’re bond is real

    Side note: I love how they’re having a meaningful heartfelt moment and youngjae is in the back beating them bugs asses 😂😂😂😂

  11. 15:41 A little bit of Jackson's food fell out of his mouth and look at his reaction, it's too funny and cute!

  12. 4:37 The subs say "Hyung, give me one soup" and for a sec i actually thought it was the lyrics of the song playing cause it sounds alike lmao

  13. i love it so much, but… baby where is the seasoning. Please, I want to cook for them SOOOOO badly. Just one time…

  14. Jinyoung and BamBam need to remember what youngjae's mother said instead of focusing on laugh :))

  15. I recently stan these guys and I am really sorry about that because the more I watch videos of them the more I become attached to them. I feel like they're being true to their fans and undeniably, we can feel that. There was an interview with them wherein they were ask if what makes them different from other k-pop groups, and in my head I believe they are different because they are real and as I'm watching them, I feel relaxed. I really hope everyone who loves k-pop stan them too for they are a complete packaged group, they are very talented, good persons and GOOD LOOKING. love you guys!!!!

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