REAL LIFE Walmart RV Camping Stories

REAL LIFE Walmart RV Camping Stories

WARNING!! This video contains footage that some people may find disturbing! Hello guys! Ben and Rebecca of
his-and-hers vlogs and welcome to another studio session. I think we may
have taken this one a bit too far this time. We!…We…Yeah! Guilt by association.
You’re wearing the fake Walmart uniform to…You made me do it. So…. As you know I like to stir the pot and…You know we’re RV travelers. We spent the better part of two years
driving around North America for that matter in our motorhome. And we have a
lot of memorable experiences…At Walmart’s in particular!…Exactly! It’s not that bad
of a deal, when you’re on the move. You know you have the self-contained unit.
You don’t have to pay for a place to park every single night…Now especially
when you’re moving between places and you’re just, it’s just one night.It’s
perfect! Really… Exactly!… Perfect! You can stop and get a red box. You can even get a
haircut… You can do a lot at the Walmart. So let’s jump right in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our buddy Keith from Alaskan Motorhome…..
Yeah this one is fun because we actually have footage from someone other than
ourselves in this parking lot of our rig. And we loved that Keith he, he loves… So
Keith… A little background. Keith loves to stop by the Fairbanks Walmart during the
summer. Really popular place for folks to pull in after they’ve done the Alcan or
before they hit the Alcan. And some people are known to stay more than one
night there. …And the rigs can be mighty colorful and interesting….Yes they can! So I
do see the appeal and keep going down there… But let’s just roll the footage….. Oh my God!!…They have plug-ins for you? They’re plugged in…. No shit!…I’m not shitting… I think it’s plugins for people, for like cars…for block heaters but the RVs are using them.
Alright let’s do a boondocking report! Alot of RVs here… Alot of RVs. This one
sat here all summer last year. That scenic Cruiser…. hmmmm… Now the reason I’m out here is, is because I know there was an RV out here that I’ve been
looking for. Check this out… I see on the back window… Nelle Seward
Alaska…. His-and-Hers Alaska!!!
Ben and Rebecca….. Ben and Rebecca…They got the curtains drawn they might not be
home…They might not be home… Bummer! Pretty exciting stuff seeing somebody,
another fellow youtuber….So i got them this little magnetic muse and a nice little postcard I can write a note on… Hey Ben and Rebecca! Saw your RV and wanted to stop
by and say welcome home to Alaska! Thank you very much Keith!… Okay… So the
next one on the list.. I think you probably should talk about because I
really didn’t see much of it. You wouldn’t let me out of the motorhome in
Cortez, Colorado…. Yeah, yeah! This is the shadiest Walmart camping parking lot
that we had seen in our travels up to that point. That was until we went to the
one in Taos New Mexico. But I don’t have any footage of that so I don’t have something to show
you… But that one was bad to! My part kind of
goes out to some of the people that were camped there. I almost think they were
living there. I know they, they had some struggles and it was just nasty in a way…
But I don’t wanna like… feel you know, be like stuck up or anything but, it was
just…. I guess gonna let the footage speak for itself….
Good morning from Cortez, Colorado! We spent the night at a Walmart and this is
a very interesting Walmart!… So some of the rigs here are… You know… Fairly modern!
But then….. But then over there you got one that looks like the top of the cab over
has been smashed down. You’ve got somebody who added in addition to their
little cab over on their Class C…And then over here on our starboard side…
There’s some vehicles that I’ll be damned if they don’t look abandoned… Like
that one has the window smashed out! Somebody might be staying in that van.
That green thing wasn’t there earlier… But that Explorer was there all night!
See yeah! It’s a pretty diverse crowd and also there’s a legal weed shop right
here in the parking lot…. You know I’m remembering that trip to Cortez and just
thinking about… We had some really interesting experiences in parking lots
and that part of Colorado. Because that’s also where we had to change out the
toilet in the parking lot…Really late at night in Durango… Yep! So something about the parking lots in the corner of Colorado really interesting experiences
for us! So…Alright Next one…Right next door is a very memorable moment… The Las Cruces New Mexico…. Yeah…. Walmart. So we just came off an
extreme-ish situation. For the record…. Two-wheel drive Class A motorhomes
towing a trailer that’s probably maybe a few thousand pesos… They don’t do well in
the snow and going up grades!…Yeah… So there is this weather moving in… And we
get right up to the top of this grade. And there was an accident at the summit. And I’m like… No I can’t stop! Because you guys all know what will happen if we
stop. So I bomb it into this little side government access roads. There’s a bunch
of military bases there. And we waited out.. And the road finally clears! Well, I
guess… Just let the footage speak for itself!….And now the road is completely
open! It looks like some people are being
escorted down the eastbound side of the highway. But… The westbound side is
completely open…He’s going back in…He changed his mind!! His wife is probably yelling…”What are you
doing?”…”Get back over here”…”Damn it Jim!!”…”You never listen to me!” Left or right babe?….. I don’t see any
other RVs in this parking lot…Oh good! We’ll have it to ourselves…Yeah! And if anybody says anything I’m gonna
start crying….Hahahaha! “You have no idea what it took us to get off the mountain!”…” You can’t ask us to
move now!”… What a mess!!.. This is it! We’ve made it. We don’t have to worry that
we’re gonna slide backwards off that little parking spot we had.We are off
the mountain! Whatever happens we’re on solid ground for the night. We’ll worry
about tomorrow, tomorrow….We also have Walmart Wi-Fi…Hahahaha! Ben’s happy about Walmart Wi-Fi!..So if I finish a video I can upload a video now!.. Alright! This one’s gonna make some people’s hearts go pitter-patter… Exactly!
This full of violators!… Oh my goodness! And so many of them in one place.
Yeah! Like the whole summer! Keep in mind; Whitehorse of yukon
territory is what we’re referencing on the alaska highway… Pretty
much the biggest town in the middle of absolutely nowhere! People will spend
the entire summer at this place. Jack’s down… Slides out… And I guarantee
they don’t ask the manager… Oh yes! It is bad but… It’s accepted….That’s what it is…..It’s the norm… And I guess we just have to let the footage speak for itself!
There you go!… Yes and it looks like the Whitehorse Walmart is not gonna
disappoint. Yes!This is an RV parking lot sale. “Don’t you know the Walmart ethical code?”…..No jacks! Okay!…So not all of our videos that we are gonna share with you today are about like people and extremes…Walmart violators!….Sometimes you pick up hitchhikers when you’re at Walmart. And…. One night we
picked up a fat Mouse! This guy was chunky!…. He was like the chunky little
mouse on Cinderella.Remember how there were three…Gus was this chubby…. He was Gus!
Totally Gus! It was totally convenient because it gave me an idea… And we were
at Walmart… So… I just ran with the idea! We were able to catch the little sucker
in this little Rubbermaid tote thing….It’s working.Wow! He’s kinda cute. He’s kind of cute!…. You didn’t say that
when you screamed at high heaven about three minutes ago!….There you go buddy! See yah!…. I’m looking for a little toy mouse. We need to destroy the cat toy
part of it. But it is very realistic looking… 4-pound test fishing
line, a travel sewing kit. My plan is to tape this end to the cabinet door where
we keep our trash… And leave this little sucker in there… Beck just took the dogs
potty and that gives me the perfect amount of time to stage this prank. Could you grab me ahhh…a plastic bag from like…Under
the sink thing….. How did you know it’s there?..It’s freak!…Hahahahaha!…You thought it was real?…Yes… Well all I can say about that is…
‘Paybacks bitch!’… Not to tongue you but… I’m still waiting!…hmm… I think you’re
just too good of a soul and I’m the kind of naughty one in the couple….Is that
what you think it is?… Yes! Well I guess you’ll have to wait and
find out…. Alright! Moving right along… Tigard, Oregon…. We take a lot of heat for
this one! But it was an extreme personal situation for us. So let’s lay it out… A
tree fell on the motorhome in Californian, NorCal…. It didn’t like
totally destroy it… But it totally just crunched the roof as well..It needed some serious repairs….An insurance claim was
needed. Unless we wanted to backtrack.You know we had to essentially go forward up
to the Portland area. Which is where Tigard is and… On our way up there… To get the estimate, the left rear brake caliper on the motor home locked up… We’re
talking just… locked up! Like not good at all!! And timing is what it is…Spring
break and… Easter weekend! And all the campgrounds were full.All the RV parks
were full. And the only option was the Walmart!…. Yeah! We had never intended to stay there while we were waiting for the estimate to go back to the insurance
company and get approved or denied. We were gonna leave Portland..Yes!..Yeah well then when you have locked up rear calipers you’re not going anywhere!!….. And there was nowhere to go! Exactly!…I guess we just have to let
the footage speak for itself… But we are sinners for this one…. Go easy
on us! The jacks were down… The slide was out… And we camped at Walmart for like a
week!… But here in the lot there are always travel trailers and some camper
vans and the occasional motorhome staying the night. So hey! You know we
gave it a shot and for three nights knock on wood…. We can continue to stay
here until the insurance company gets back to us.And… We can have a direction
to go. There are some of the vehicles that we’ve seen parked here. And as the
night goes on there’s various other vehicles.And….Here is our campsite. If you
want to call it a campsite. But…. We’ve been pretty comfortable here.It’s been a safe quiet place…Seriously this is like an amazing camping spot in Portland.Because you have a grocery store across the street like Ben’s said was Sushi, we got Walmart right here, get your hair cut,get your nails done, get your eyebrows waxed…I mean what more do you need in a campground right?…There’s even a Costco about half a mile away or less if you take
some shortcuts….. Oh and the movie theatre within walking distance!… Yeah we went to go see the Batman and Superman movie
yesterday…. Ever since we left the Bay Area and that tree fell on us. Things
have kind of been blah! And I know that’s just a reality of life and travel and
RVing on the road. But yeah… This blah sucks! It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re really hoping the insurance company gets back to us tomorrow with some type of an answer. So we can just take a positive
step forward towards doing and accomplishing something. But we need more water.
We still have room in our holding tanks… We are still waiting and waiting…..
That’s who I’m on hold with right now to do my routine 3 hour check up on them. To
see when they’re reviewing the claim. Last night they asked for some more
pictures at the what? 4:00 4:30 hour The insurance company came through. The claim has been approved and I just pulled into RV Northwest here in Tigard… To
drop the motorhome off. So we are now moving forward in a positive direction.It was kind of nice and convenient staying at that Walmart. I didn’t plan on
staying six nights at Walmart! But it worked!
Nobody bothered us! So I wasn’t gonna move…. Well, now you’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly……Real life is what it is…It’s just real life! You know like you can say… “Don’t do this,
don’t do that.” “You can’t do this, you can’t do that.”…But…Then life happens and….It is what it is…So…
Alright! I hope you enjoyed our very kind of blunt Walmart
video… Yeah! If you already haven’t unsubscribed, I want you try to subscribing and we promise to show more real-life experience as we travel… Yeah! We’re
going global next…Maybe we’ll find a Walmart internationally to camp at…Totally! I’d love to rock a Mexican Walmart…Hahahahah!… Okay! Hit thumbs up and do all that other stuff. This
video is a wrap! See you next time! Are you done?… No yet!

100 thoughts on “REAL LIFE Walmart RV Camping Stories

  1. Did'nt really see an issue in cortez,co. You showed people with under 40k dollar rv's and possibly some people living in a beat up car or two. (Sometimes life sucks) Maybe I missed something or you need an rv resort with consierge services.

  2. OMG I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Poor Rebecca hahahahaha …. and when Ben said "Not to taunt you, but I'm still waiting…"and then trying to convince you that you're just too good of a person to get him back…yeah, that means he's nervous LOL

  3. Hey I'm from Squarebanks… Good camping out in Two Rivers too. Mouse trick…. Lol that was so mean…. Lol

  4. Picked up our new RV last weekend in Albuquerque NM. Long day, 3 hours sleep the night before, all RV parks full, camped at a Walmart. Woke at 4am to gangster rap coming from a vehicle that drove by us twice the previous evening….yep they're back. A crackhead with his pants halfway down his ass kept walking by our RV, obviously high as hell staring at his phone changing directions every 5 steps, kicking stuff and cussing about something. Then to top it all off, when the sun finally came up, an angry black woman (Walmart manager) came pounding on our door and said we were not welcome and had to move immediately! F WALMART! Never again! I'll take my chances in a rest stop before going anywhere near another Walmart. RV friendly my ass!

  5. If you are an RVer and like water toys or fishing boats, Look into Expandacraft, a modular watercraft that stores in small spaces and converts into all sorts of different craft. Oh, and we ship all over the world.

  6. I live in Las Cruces and we rarely get that much snow! That must have been fun driving over the pass since people here do not know how to drive in the snow.

  7. Walmart started out in Reynolds, Arkansas in 1962 selling cut rate merchandise (crap that people didn't need)… but Wally Mart knew America needed to spend money as by that time spending money with God emblazoned on it had become a form of prayer. Wally Mart realized he could make money simply by advertising crap as the 'lowest possible price'… which is what he was selling.

    What brought Walmart to full throttle? Women's panties! Ten for a dollar! And in an environment– the Bible Belt– where a woman could still get her face slapped for saying panties in public. Now people could talk about sex by talking about cheap panties! Women had panty modeling parties and men who wore panties went insane.

    Due to Walmart offering cheap panties to sexually inhibited puritan America it ushered in the sexual revolution, the women's movement and the gay rights movement.


    Wal-Mart greedy Walton family exposed + underground bunker!

    Alice Walton daughter of Sam Walton founder of Walmart was arrested for driving drunk. She was driving home from her 62nd birthday party in Weatherford, Texas with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

    She said to the cop: "Do U know who I am, Bitch?"

    The cop didn't know she was the 21rst richest person in the world or the 10th in the USA.

  8. I am a Walmart associate… We are not the rv friendly types. However, depending on the time And who is the manger sometimes makes a difference.

  9. i worked for a division 1 [1 of the largest in a 3 state area] Walmart for 9 years overnight. in 2017 it grossed $185 million.
    It's your standard big F*cking Walmart.

    so with that in mind, when i tell you it can get Real bad at a Walmart parking lot, from people blowing there heads off, to drug dealers, to the revolving door of meth heads looking to steal anything that isn't nailed to the ground. then there is the general weird enough to look at your co worker and ask if that really just happened.

    so my critic of your experiences at Walmart in the parking lot is….

    eh, I've seen much weirder.

    [your "chunky mouse" was a she, and pregnant]

  10. it can be pretty expensesive if you pay for a site more the a motel room? I don't understand why rv parks charge a lot for a site? at least in Franklin NC. we love to camp with are rv but anymore rv site are getting out rages with there prices

  11. My friends and i rented an RV for a week (All of us fairly young, in our 20's), and we leave on Friday, just wanted to say thank you for the great videos! I am addicted, and you guys make me even more excited for our adventure,

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  14. Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico have A lot of those shady type Wal-Mart's were people are living there!!

  15. Unfortunately just Washington state, when they legalized marijuana it brought 10s of thousands of people to their state and not all were upstanding citizens!! Seattle and Tacoma have a huge problem now with homeless people!! The same thing is occurring in Colorado!!!

  16. If you're going to Europe!! Forget about taking yours RV!! The European camp grounds aren't built to handle big rigs like youres!! Also there really isn't anywhere to boondock!! They just don't do it in Europe!! You'll have to rent a much smaller RV and fuel is really expensive ( by the liter ,not by the gallon) also most camp grounds are set up like resorts!! IT'S COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!

  17. You gotta Say,WALMART folks are really great letting folks stay on their lots. My hats off to WALMART folks

  18. I live in Fairbanks, Ak, and they're right, we get some very interesting 'RVs' at our Walmart. Some that are hand built more like mobile, wooden tiny houses. There are several that stay a month or more in the parking lot.

  19. I am really looking forward to more maintenance and repair vlogs from you two. I am an apprentice diesel mechanic and once licenced, I want to travel on my time off and go RVing. I am also looking into training in motor home maintenance exclusively. This is my goal for the next ten years. I will start travelling as soon as I get a travel vehicle in the next few years.

  20. Crescent city California is terrible. Drug deals all night long, people talking really loud all night long, thunderous car stereos at the damnedest hours, and that’s just what I’ve noticed as a customer. I have insomnia so sometimes I do my shopping late night

  21. Very nicely done. I don't have a motor home and have only been from Louisiana to Calgary so not that long a trip with a travel trailer.  Looks like a drone was used for some pictures. I like the mouse trick, but sometimes not good for older people.

  22. Says a lot that you think people that can't afford nice rigs, or just don't want to buy expensive rigs, are somehow shady…

  23. Gotta love those self appointed Wal-Mart experts that make up so called "Wal-Mart Rules" Wal-Mart has never enacted a list of rules like FMCA has taken the authority to do…I have had the conversation with a few managers in my local area that I have become buddy buddy with since I shop there daily…They have said there are no rules although they do prefer people with RV's to park on the outskirts..That's it!!! Naturally common sense is not to look like you live there by putting a grill out and lawn chairs but no, they don't give a rats ass about slides out…He also said their parking lots aren't that fragile that a simple jack lowered would hurt…They also laughed when I told them about the FMCA rules or recommended guidelines…He laughed and said "Gee, someone is on a power trip or has some control issues!!! haha I really think it's funny how many many on various Facebook pages for RVing and on here try to act like they are the Wal-Mart Over-Nighting authority!! Ultimately he said you will get a different answer from every single person at Wal-Mart that you would talk to because half of them dont even know what an RV is and that Wal-Mart's corporate policy is to allow overnight parking..unless a city code bans it…like the Wal-Mart down in Osprey,FL south of Sarasota…it's a huge county or city no-no…they have signs as well…but guess what…there are always RV's parked overnight and no trouble..they don't even care…Just had to add my thoughts as I'm sure many have on this hot button topic!! Safe travels and safe toilet dumping!!

  24. I am a trucker. I haul frac sand for the oil and gas industry. Sam Walton was a trucker. Was 45 when he founded walmart. It was supposed to be a safe haven for truckers. But the rv people fucked it all up.

  25. I recently traveled the west coast and found that most Walmart do NOT allow RV, overnight camping.especially if they are in the fancy shared lots. We spent most our nights in truck stops and rest stops, out of absolute necessity. No where else to go. Pulling a 30 trailer behind a 4 door, 8' bed truck. Even many campgrounds turned us away. Returned the trailer, due to many issues. But certainly made the trip back to AK easier.

  26. Your camping at Walmart and you are snobby about the people there? Let me rephrase that; You're camping at Walmart? What fresh hell is this? This must be the trahiest example of an absolute lack of taste I have ever seen. White trailer trash brought to a new low. Have you died and gone to hell? Well, it's nice that you are so easy to please.

  27. The prank was awesome.great reaction.i think the dog was safe,have fun.i really enjoy y'alls vids.

  28. Wal-Mart use to let truckers park in their lots, unfortunately some drivers slobs and ruined it for the rest of us.

  29. There are fewer and fewer Walmart's that allow RV's because too many losers abused the free space and created numerous problems. Losers using their washrooms to bath and spilling water all over the floor and not cleaning it up afterwards. Then if someone else comes in the washroom and slips and falls – Walmart is legally responsible. Losers leaving the parking area and leaving behind excessive garbage – Walmart is responsible. Losers going into a 24 hr Walmart late at night and shoplifting because there is a reduced staff. Losers using the parking lot as a free 1 week spot to camp and see the sites in the area. These and others are the reasons why now it is no longer allowed.

  30. Where can I find a full list of Walmart's that does allow overnight stays and also a list of them that do not allow overnight stays.THANKS FOR ALL THE INFO ON THE GOOD BAD AND UGLY.

  31. Sorry but you sound judgmental….talking about others rv's….especially showing others hardships….like you said life happens!!!! Hope you humble yourselves because life can happen to you as well…

  32. How do you protect you water tanks, Gray & black tanks when it’s snowing and below 32 degrees while out driving ?

  33. But in Utah or Colorado in the snow and winter and while at night while parked, is there any precaution you must take for liquid in the RV home not to freeze up?

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  35. So there is your Camp Walmart, Fort Walmart, Shop Walmart, Holding pattern Walmart and Ghetto Walmart…Oke I get it… I feel really sorry we (in Europe) have no Walmart. I may have to get into contact with some franchises/chains to see if any of them have a founder which is/was fond of camping…

  36. In Fairbanks the electrical outlets are turned off during the summer months. The people who park there and stay all summer are often summer workers. I'm assuming that is the case in Whitehorse as well. I lived in the Fairbanks area for three years. I've learned living in these more isolated areas that with the influx of tourism during the summer months there is a need for summer workers. There is also a need for construction and road crew workers, as it is the best time of the year to get some things accomplished.

  37. If you live full time in your RV, where did you stay while your rig was in the shop? If it was in a motel, did the insurance pay for it?

  38. Great App to get "Walmart Overnight" USA map shows every walmart in USA. Contact info and write ups by campers so you know if they are camper friendly. Wife calls first and asks to see if ok. Once you stay update app about your experience for others.

  39. Cool story, Dumas Texas in panhandle. Wife calls walmart and they wont allow campers but tells the wife about a local city park to stay for free overnight with 50 amp hook ups. Sure enough nice little park, space for maybe 20 big rig RV's. 50 amp service for each. Donation box by driveway and a dump station close to donation box.

  40. What’s wrong with camp grounds? Isn’t that the point of having a camper? You RV clowns have ruined a lot of Walmart’s for people that need them for their livelihood. And slides don’t belong out at Walmart.

  41. Gotta love it when folks with $100,000 or even $200,000 motor homes don't want to spend the money to stay in a campground!!!

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  44. I just found your channel, and subscribed. Our Walmart, in S.E. Michigan, had to ban overnight RV stays, due to the scary, begging for gas money people, however, Planet Fitness, does allow stays, for RV's in good shape.

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  46. I guess if Walmart management doesn't have a problem with RVers staying for lengthy periods then why does it bother you?

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  48. The craziest story I have ever heard and was true the guy that was involved with the other party told me. It happened in Amherst, New Hampshire about 10 years ago. Him and his girlfriend were sleeping in his camper van, I guess he was parked next to a 18 wheeler, something started about noise. So there both honking and yelling so the guy gets out of his camper van and was yelling with the guy in the 18 Wheeler, I guess the guy came out dressed in women's clothing and was drunk and had a tire iron, guess the cops were involved, they couldnt do nothing . The guy wanted the 18 wheeler to leave and the Police said no he was Drinking and they didnt want him Driving. Man some of the crazy people you meet at Walmart lol

  49. I thought you guys were going to have something really nasty to say about Walmart in condemning Walmart. But you didn't because I really like how they let us all Park and use their facilities for free that is so nice ?. I enjoyed your video ?️. I have to say if it wasn't for my motorhome I would be homeless living out on the street in a tent. Not everybody has it as good as you be thankful you're doing good. And when you see a person needs a helping hand help someone don't walk by with your nose up in the air like you're too good. You it will make you feel good to help someone ?

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