Recreation, Park and Tourism Management

Recreation, Park and Tourism Management

The RPTM is the Recreation, Parks and
Tourism Management major. With this major you can go into all different types of
fields, whether it’s more recreation based in rec centers and youth sports or
park based, going into being a park ranger or tourism based. You can go into cruise
lines and resorts. This major helps you go anywhere in the world. I loved the
program. All the professors were very approachable. If I had trouble with the
class or, you know, a project or just, you know, questions about the industry I
could always go to any of them and they’d be willing to help. But the big
thing I think, with outdoor recreation, we try to learn learn by doing, so I think
the professors did a really good job of making sure that we did things that were
hands-on, so we weren’t always just sitting in the classroom, you
know, listening to lectures and taking notes. I’ve had classes where I do — I
make up programs and actually put them on for the class, or I’d go outside
and explore the park or I go and explore the maintenance side of the parks. You don’t
just sit in the class you go out and learn. You get to go on a trip with
the Adventure Center and do many trips such as backpacking, kayaking, rock
climbing, so those are all really cool opportunities you get. And you get
to write about it and express how it you feel. The classes, when you sign up
for them, you had to do it with a smile because the classes just were so
engaging and so interesting but also really hands-on. So we had to do a lot of
classes with designing programs and working on different outreach methods,
and going to national parks as your classroom is always a special treat. And
that seemed to be the norm major. It’s been like a ton of fun.
I feel like RPTM is different than a lot of majors because it’s like we’re
with so many other students that are really passionate about what they’re
going for. Just the people you’re working with, they all have the same goal as
you. That makes everything so much easier and that’s so rewarding. Before I found
this major at Kent I said I just wanted to get paid to hike and I never wanted
to have to sit in an office or wear a tie, and I can happily say that Kent
State and the RPTM program and the professors here got me to that point.
And it was a day before I graduated that I was offered a full-time permanent
position, and it was the Monday after I walked across stage that I started permanently with the Park Service.

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  1. Awesome video! Nice to see Chris Lukas, Ryan Ainger, and Crooked River Adventures featured in the video. I am grateful for the experiences I gained as an undergraduate student in the program. Proud to be an alumni of the RPTM program at Kent State University!

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