Recycled Plastic Picnic Table by Kedel – Derwent Range

Recycled Plastic Picnic Table by Kedel – Derwent Range

Hello my name is Lewis Walch, I’m one of the
directors of a company in Colne called Kedel Limited. And we manufacture a synthetic wood,
which is made out of recycled plastic. And from that wood, we make things like these
picnic tables here. It’s entirely recycled plastic. It’s actually made out of crushed
CD cases which might surprise you. But this is plastic that would otherwise end up in
landfill or incinerated so it’s doing quite a lot to reduce the carbon footprint of any
project if you use something like this. The additional thing to know about it is that
this recycled plastic will last at least 5 times longer than treated wood, and these
means it actually works out much cheaper to buy a recycled plastic picnic table than to
buy a wooden one, even though initially your outlay might be a little bit less. There are
no splinters in it, so if there are children involved – we sell quite a bit of this type
of picnic table to schools and colleges. But theres no chance of getting any splinters.
It’s impervious to water and frost and insects; so it doesn’t get damaged by frost. It doesn’t
crack, doesn’t warp. It’s very hygienic. It’s non absorbent. And also even graffiti will
clean off these tables with WD-40. And of course you can use a bit of ultra fine wire
wool – As you can see it comes off perfectly. It’s as if it wasn’t there. And this again
is very different with what you’d find with a wooden picnic table. The other thing is
that these tables. They don’t rot. They’re not going to look shabby within 12 months
or 2 years. They’re not going to need any maintenance. No painting or anything like
that. And they’re going to last a very long time. Some institutions have to raise money
to buy their outdoor furniture, and its always comparatively easy to raise money for something
that has a long term value. Just as these do. Once you’ve installed them you’ll not
have to install anymore picnic tables for a very, very, very long time. They’re UV protected
– as you can see these are quite bright colours. We’ve also got them in green and in red. And
we can also do them in an oak finish. And mahogany. And black walnut. And they’ve proven
extremely popular with educational institutions – I know that we’ve sold some red ones to
recreation area in some offices in London, and they have inside not outside, but they’re
main purpose was to have something that was brightly coloured, that would be hygienic
and easy to clean. So the other additional thing we’ve done is put a little hole here
for a parasol, so if you do get a good summer, then you’ll be able to get your parasols out
to give you a bit of shade. These are really wonderful tables and are a very, very good
investment. And if you have any special requirements, because of course we can make them in different
lengths – we have extended ones which are ideal for wheel chair access. And we also
have one which have a place cut out at the side, in two places, so you can have a mixture
of people with push chairs; wheel chairs; and adult seated. So if you’re interested
give us a call, and you’ll also find us on the internet at You
can call us on 01282 861352. Or
you can email us at [email protected] Thanks for watching.

5 thoughts on “Recycled Plastic Picnic Table by Kedel – Derwent Range

  1. The adult version of our Derwent Range of Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables. Available in various bright colours as well as Oak, Mahogany, Black Walnut and White.

  2. Recycled plastic great for organic gardening!   I bought extrusions from Kedel to make 14 raised beds, after some wooden ones had semi-rotted.    The extrusions were easy to deal with, not much different than timber, but many times more durable for sure, and no maintenance needed.   I am now thinking of raising the height of the raised beds to increase the soil depth in some of the beds.  Maybe Kedel do raised bed kits?    Cost a bit more than wood, but worth it in the long run.

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