Red Light Area of Amsterdam – All You Need To Know! Traveling Desi’s Amsterdam – Episode 3

Red Light Area of Amsterdam – All You Need To Know! Traveling Desi’s Amsterdam – Episode 3

I am Traveling Desi! and this is the worlds largest legal red light district! in Amsterdam! Before everyone starts commenting on the video that I shouldn’t be filming here there are 4 windows at a distance of 10 foot from me with 4 ladies inside and they don’t have a problem reason being, they are not in the frame, that is what is most important! You cannot take a picture of anyone here and put it on social media! Privacy is very important But I guess they understand that they are filming for some kind of a documentary and they know that I’m being responsible not pointing the camera towards them so its fine and even if I take someone in the frame, it is my responsibility to blurr them out in the video! so before disliking the video, you have to know that its against the rules against the community guidelines and against regular respect and manners to show anyone like this while they work! now if you’re 18 years or older, I will show you this area in the next 2 videos and will answer all your questions the are popping into your mind right now! But let’s talk about safety first! you can see for yourself, there are a lot of female visitors here! and how they are just enjoying the evening peacefully! and a lot in such windows as well. as the police patrols the area at regular intervals, the environment is safe of everyone! it doesn’t matter if its just a group of girls exploring the place! because apart from being a place for business, this place is a very popular tourist destination! and I put some food in the fridge in the hostels kitchen and also a can of red bull that I got from the supermarket because if you buy it from regular stores it costs around 3 Euros and from the supermarket it costs around 1.5 Euros So I’ll just have a can now to keep my eyes open by the way, its not good for your health as it contains a lot of sugar and caffeine but since I have to keep myself up tonight for work I’m leaving at 10pm so I’ll be back by around 2 or 2:30am so while having the red bull, I’ll make my way to the red light district! Behind me is the central station and you can see the grasshopper cafe from here either we can go behind that or we can just start walking down the narrow streets of old town you can see the historic old town in here it has a lot of restaurants, cafes, pubs and coffee houses or weed smokehouses and the red light district as well. just a 5 minute walk from the station and you can see the windows! there are windows on both sides of the canals and some are right behind me you can see a lot of boys roaming around and enquiring on the windows here and the girls that are inside the windows, workers as we call them they tend to lure guys to them with some gestures they are actually taught to attract men because they have a lot of competition, even though there is a large amount of clientele and you can see a lot of guys roaming around and having fun along the street not everybody comes here for sex tourism a lot of people come here to enjoy and have good time with their friends just to sit at a bar and have a few drinks not everybody is here for that kind of stuff while talking about that, a lot of youngsters visit this unavoidable place just for fun! while walking down the street I happen to run into some digital marketing students and this lady just paid a visit to the coso roco sex show which charges 2 Euros per person?
Yes! What was it like? Yeah so its my 21st birthday,
Oh, Happy Birthday! So I’m at the show and I thought that it was very anti climatic! I wasn’t really into it it was just a naked girl rolling around, wasn’t very fun okay, so you did not see any action? No I didn’t see any action!
But were you hoping to see some action? Yeah I wanted it to be fun, it my 21st birthday! I’m from America, 21 is a big year! Which part of USA?
Uhh, Colorado! Perfect, Thank you so much! and what’s your good name again? Mattie!
Alright, Nice talking to you Mattie! enjoy the rest of your birthday!
Thank you! Oh by the way, are you guys following me on instagram? Hello ladies! Hello
What are we having? Just some lollipops!
Innocent lollipops or smart lollipops? smart lollipops! with a little bit of weed may be! I post live stories on instagram usually for which you can find real time updates on instagram so you can follow me there as well! since this area is in the centre of old town you can find people of all ages here! including a lot of couples and the I met this couple who weren’t just visiting the place, they actually live here! alright guys so while passing through street I met these people here and they just came back from the district,
are you from here by any chance? yeah I actually live a few blocks away Really? Yeah! I think we can get some good information from these people Alright so tell me one thing so while passing the street, do you feel awkward? you particularly as a woman or as a couple? what do you think? She’s a bit shy, but after a few moments she’ll open up! do we need to get you some beer before you start talking? so we’ll just let the gentleman speak. Yeah sure
what was the question again? do you feel a little awkward living in this area or what are your general feeling as a resident? actually it doesn’t really bother me because I’ve lived here for a few years already but still sometimes, I was just telling her! Its really strange that the oldest church in Amsterdam is located here! Yeah! And the whole red light district is built around it so its kinda weird if you think about it its not something I really think about but when you think about it, its kinda strange! and what do you think? How much time do people usually spend inside these windows so according to statistics, a customer usually spends around 6 minutes inside the window and this happens in Amsterdam specially because this place is very touristy but the places which are not known for tourism and is only know for business like Antwerp or Brussels the time goes upto 20 minutes and its only 6 minutes here! So guys, think! Only 6 minutes! And these windows are in the centre of the historic old town and surrounds the old church of Amsterdam! The red light district is located in the centre of the city’s most popular historic place! every local here has a different opinion whether the red light district should be here or not! some wants it to be shifted elsewhere but not for it to shut down completely! if they shut it down, criminal activities will see a rise, and this stuff always happen, legally or illegally! they say, that if its legal, it can be in a organised way to keep away from the crime! but they cannot just shut it down because if they do, the illegal part will come in like in our country, if there’s a liquor ban somewhere, you can still get it illegally but you have to pay a little extra! its the same here! for a lot of years the statues of prostitution bounced between legal and illegal and during the time of Napoleon, prostitution was regulated properly so that his soldiers don’t catch STD’s like Syphillis! But finally, since the year 2000, prostitution in Netherlands is legal and it’ll come out as a surprise to you, but around 3000 male sex workers also work here! and for the people who want to stay away from the diseases and be indirectly naughty, they come here! So this is basically a short movie and not some porn movie a short movie that shows the experience of a guy who is exploring the red light district for the first time! and all his experiences will be shown in a funny way in this 6 minute movie and the ticket costs 12 Euros! I anyways can’t show it to you guys because its a 5D experience! and they can claim a copyright as well!
and it’ll be against the community guidelines as well! but if you want to explore something different in Amsterdam this could be the place! in a of way its kinda strange with the red light district, all the coffee shops and the sin city is located in the oldest part of the city! oldest part of the city! So I can understand if they wanna close it but from a different angle, it has been here for a very long time its already a part of the culture here! since this place is so close to the hostel area and regular market streets a lot of people don’t get an idea of when they come here! anyways, no one goes back without visiting the red light district when they’re visiting the old town! and since this place is open 24 hours and is lit during night time! there are a lot of small restaurants a lot of Turkish and Indian small restaurants for small snacks! and the cheapest option is to get a Shwarma roll for 3-4 Euros or grab a sandwich! There are a lot of smokehouses here and weed is easily available! along with a lot of small restaurants, bars and grocery stores so if you’re staying in this area, everything is easily available here all the time! and what do you guys think about the relationship status of the girls working in these windows? Single? Incorrect! 70% of the women working here are in a committed relationship or are married! and its according to the statistics! Its quite a fascinating area! But obviously! Don’t indulge! And while shooting I met this guy so I decided to ask him about his experience! Like prostitution being legal generally, what is your opinion? it should be legal yeah! Why so? Its a romantic thing! Its anything but romantic! Yeah it helps a lot of people! Not everybody gets as lucky! It’s true! So for those people who cannot get lucky every now and then Anyways, it was nice meeting you, and what are you smoking by the way? is it a joint or a cigarette? just a cigarette! Okay, alright! So did you indulge? Did you have a conversation with someone? May be! Alright! Have a good night! Do I have the permission to put this on youtube by any chance or no? Yes! Permission granted! Perfect! Permission granted! Thank You! Have a good night! Bye bye Since most of the comments are going to be about the price! let me tell you this first, for the workers, the rent of the window is 80 Euros during day time and 160 Euros during night time! but if someone else wants to go inside, the price is on the screen, you can read it! While walking down these narrow streets I felt so awkward so I thought how awkward would girls feel? When you visit this place or when you pass through here, I don’t feel awkward, I’m used to it! But when you came here for the first time, did you feel awkward then? Not really! Okay, and as a woman do you think this idea should be socially acceptable? Tell it in English! She’s shy, maybe you should translate! No she thinks its alright, its nothing really special! cause she grew up here, Its normal here in Netherlands! Since its normal in Netherlands, it does not mean that you can come back without trying this place! And in my bangkok’s adult nightlife video, I made it very clear to not indulge in such activities! Its highly unsafe and very risky! people were commenting just put a condom on and do it! you should be aware that the condom is not even a 100% safe! would you like to play with your life? If the condom breaks then what? and there are a lot of STI’s or sexually transmitted infections which can be dangerous even with a condom on! Syphilis is one of them, its a bacterial infection and is very risky! and the most dangerous is Herpes Simplex 1 and Simplex 2 you should be safe from this as it causes small and painful boils either on your lips or your genital area which can be extremely painful and it has no cure! they just come and go! and can be triggered by anything! so Herpes is extremely dangerous so please guys don’t indulge in any of this! just come here, explore the area and go back! since people drink a lot of beer here and Heineken is one of the popular brands! when they get drunk, they have to attend the tiny call of nature, which means they just pee in the canal you should never do this, its a 140 Euro fine and a lot of times people just fall in the canal and so they have roadside washrooms on both sides which are free for use for the public! don’t pee on the street or in the canal!
In the canal it can be very dangerous a lot of people fall in there and then there’s a huge fine as well! this is a really small part of Amsterdam and the city is in itself very large and beautiful! which you’ll see in the upcoming videos! And then I called it a night and headed back to the hostel! Since I have to go back to Amstel, I just realised that its 2am and the metro doesn’t operate now! now the only option is to get a bus, and the city wifi isn’t working as well! so I’ll just go and ask a bus driver about the bus number! I finally got a bus, bus number 285 and this will directly take me to the same stop as metro goes to but if you’re taking the bus at night, you have to note that it runs once in one hour! I’ve finally reached and the bus dropped me off very close to the hostel! now I’ll just walk to the hostel and sleep like a baby! and I came back with my hostel mates who helped me a lot with my video! And all of them were coming back straight to Meiningar! One question, did you feel safe or unsafe while coming back here in the bus? at 2 am in the morning! well it was really safe we were with a guy from Spain! Yeah it was really safe to get back! so no problem at all alright I’ll let you sleep now and have a good night! Since this is an adult video, I won’t be getting any money for this and it will get a lot of dislikes as well, but if you liked it, don’t forget to hit the like button and to support my channel, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon!

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