Red Rock Canyon Camping Near Las Vegas | Camper Van Life S1:E4

Red Rock Canyon Camping Near Las Vegas | Camper Van Life S1:E4

This week, we pack up the camper van and make our way to Nevada. We meet up with one of our YouTube subscribers to chat about camper van life and spend the rest of our time exploring Red Rock Canyon. Packing up the camper van has proven to be quick and easy. Depending on many items we have to put away and secure, we can be on the road in a few minutes. [Joe] I figured out a way to strap this in. My REI belt. [Kait] What are you going to strap it to? [Joe] The pillar for the seat rest. [Kait] That’s perfect. [Joe] And you can still get water. [Kait] We should add some water to it. Although we spent a few days driveway surfing with Kait’s parents we were able to get packed up and back on the road in no time. This is what the back looks like with all of our stuff packed up. Underneath the bed we keep the Instant Pot, our camera bag and different odds and ends. We are actually leaving the bed in its down position. We just throw a few clothes back here. Kait’s got her backpack. The shades we put over the windows. And our laundry bag that everyone has been asking about. This stuff stays on the counter, it doesn’t move. As you saw before, I strapped in the Berkey. Before we got on the road, Kait’s parents offered to let us fill up our camper van’s 30 gallon fresh water tank. Since we plan on off-grid camping in the desert, we were happy to accept. When it was time to leave, Leo decided to pull a “speed bump”. But of course he had no problems getting in with Kait. That’s because she always has a piece of watermelon as a treat. Well, off to Vegas. Viva Las Vegas. Viva Viva Las Vegas [Joe] Why are you going so slow? It’s a 40 MPH zone. [Kait] You’re absolutely right. I’m digging this slow travel thing. [Joe] I’m not digging it. The drive to Sin City took over four hours. We passed a huge solar farm in the middle of the desert that was impossible to miss. Kait and I absolutely love the accessibility of
camper van life. We were able to drive our home to a park, setup the lawn chairs and meet one of our YouTube subscribers who reached out about getting together in Las Vegas. Now that we’re nimble and agile, there hasn’t been a road we couldn’t drive down or a place we couldn’t park. First full night of boondocking is done. We are in Vegas at a casino. Drove from Los Angeles here last night and by the time we got here we were wiped out. Kait says I should be more excited, but I’ve only had one sip of coffee so far this morning. Red Rock Canyon. Let’s go! I need coffee. Come on, let’s go. Actually, I’m excited for my coffee. She’s still filming me. The nice thing about a Class B van, everything is always within arms reach, including my coffee. Ah that’s good. I had to wake Joe up and get his lazy butt out of bed this morning so we can get going and see the sights. [Joe] Speaking of lazy, can you hand me my glasses? [Joe] Thank you. [Joe] Coffee. This may be a bit too much information for some of you guys, we’ve decided that the cassette is really only for number one. We’re going to take number two anywhere else we can find a bathroom. This morning, I’m having my coffee waiting for inspiration so I can go into the casino and take care of business. Right buddy? We made it! Red Rock Canyon! This is what I imagined when getting a Class B. Something we could not have done in the Class A. Little overlook, we can pull in, beautiful views. And I’ve still got my coffee. Right bud?You’re always yawning. Just perpetually tired aren’t you? And that is how you dump. Red Rock Canyon is a peaceful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip. We drove the camper van on the 13 mile scenic drive to take in its beauty. After the scenic tour, we decided to roll the dice at Red Rock Campground where there are no hookups and the only amenities are pit toilets and drinking water. Do you think we’re going to find a spot at the campground? As popular as this place seems to be just driving around the park, I think the campground is going to be full. We broke our cardinal rule, which was never show up to a place on the weekend. I’m optimistic. I think we might find something. Let’s see what happens. I think mid-day on a Saturday, no way. [Kait] It’s looking pretty open to me. [Joe] You’re right. Lots of empty spots. For $15 a night, we found a spot that provided shade from the desert sun and a smooth concrete pad for Leo to lay on. After getting setup, Kait tried to put up our hammock by securing it to the gazebo, but it didn’t quite work out the way she had hoped. [Joe] Quite the hammock action you have going there. [Joe] At least if you fall, you don’t have far to go. [Kait] How far? [Joe] Inches. [Kait] At least it won’t hurt. [Joe] You’re almost touching the ground now. [Joe] Leo, what do you think about this? [Kait] Hey bud! [Joe] I would say this is a hammock fail. This off-grid camping isn’t what I was really thinking of. Here we at least have pit toilets, there’s a little gazebo, we have shade and all of that. I think we need to get out into the desert, dig holes. Stuff like that. That to me is really off-grid. So we’re semi-off-grid here, that’s really off-grid. A lot of people have said that the camper van is going to be too small for us. I disagree. It’s a little tight in there, but this is our backyard. It’s really about living not in the camper van, but out of the camper van. So we can put our chairs out, sit outside, enjoy nature and really use that. I mean, this is gorgeous. I don’t mind having backyards like this all the time. Cheers! Next time, we’re off to the Mojave National Preserve in search of off-grid camping so we can really put our solar system to the test. How many days will we last in the barren desert before we pack up for greener pastures?

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  2. We have rebuilt a 96 Dodge Pleasureway which is smaller than your rig. We use to have a class A but the B is so much more mobile. Less is More. We did have to put a box on the back to pack more stuff but this is the only way to go

  3. These Vans I think are actually made in Canada. They purchased a second facility in Southern Ontario which will allow them to make more varieties of units. though the units are mostly sold in the USA.

  4. 2 People and 1/2 a toilet! Class C all the way for me. Bigger refrigerator, living space and not much larger of a vehicle.

  5. Hi, now i have someone i can ask the question. I plan on getting a leisure van serenity or a class B, i saw the video when you were with Dean. I will be solo unless one or 3 of my kids decides to visit. Any input would help. E mail is [email protected]

  6. Your videos really take me back. I spent my 20s and 30s utilizing the Volkswagen "Westphalia" type camper vans. I like to think of myself as a type of pioneer, because lots of the ideas you folks use today were hatched by people like me 30, 40 and even 50 years ago. Enjoy! Me and mine sure did!

  7. Frozen water bottles are great to reduce heat, Place in pillow case and a thin dish towel or hand towel. Your pet can keep cool, in case of power failure in van and ac does not work. Take frozen bottles with you outside to place on body parts to cool off.

    Thank you.


    Judi Grace Storycorps.

    Murders in Chicago.

  8. I think it's absolutely amazing you two sized down to the Class B and is making it work. When I toured these vans initially. My first thought was on a trip to Mexico and back. I could be very comfortable in the Activ and others like it. But a travel partner seems a bit too much for me. But maybe not. Lord…I would do anything to get my hands on a Volkswagen T6 California. Here is what I mean:

  9. Why are you driving so slow?! Ooh buddy, that rig is waaay too small to get in an argument with the little woman! Lol. Pure joking aside: Great video! I am saving up to buy one.

  10. Your traveling is nice. Piece of freedom from home. I too look to travel live on the road. I like prefer travel state to state vs stationary

  11. I was wondering since you live in a warm climate why you have a husky? he seems to be suffering from it always panting and struggling. huskies really suffer from teh heat. we have had them in the past and know this and we live ina seasonal state where we do get cold. interesting looking van. I like it

  12. This is really a great video. It really shows how a "B" unit can go just about everywhere without the trouble of something large and complicated. It is just a "bit more" than a regular van with a place to use the No 1 and heat something up and rest and possibly spend a night without so much inconvenience and crazy costs. Goes everywhere. You're not stuck with an old trailer or motor home that costs a fortune to store or trade in and you can use the unit for everyday use and day trips. It does everything you would want in a vehicle to go exploring. You did this video so well and made it in such a way you could imagine traveling in it yourself. Perfect…".Not living in, but living out of" I just wish I could afford the $125,000 plus price tag lol. Enjoyed this very much.

  13. Just a question, is it FIAT Ducato? I really like the new 2015 shape model, I hearded it's best diesel engine I want buy new one and I'm checking … THS

  14. love that country. Took a two week trip a couple years back with family. Next just me and maybe one other. More to see and not worry about schedule.

  15. New subscriber:) we are coming to Vegas soon:) and we are also downsizing and shifting into a house on wheels with our family soon can't wait! We would love to drive thru America like this.But we are going to do it in our own country New Zealand first .and I hear ya about the toilet situation.used to hate public toilets but now ….it's all go.??

  16. Please tell me because you are vegans, you dog gets dog treats, right? Watermelon is not really a dog treat. What do you do when you go inside to seethe sights?

  17. Hi, I have a doubt: your TV has the lower part (the foot?) still attached, like if you want to put it on a table. But if you sit on the outside seat below the TV, your head bumps into the foot of the TV. Is this as it is? or did you change it? Thanks for the attention. And above all thanks for all the videos you shared with us. God bless you.

  18. Hi, new subscriber. I've been watching cheaprvliving and learning a lot, ignoring channels with expensive rvs because I think I can't afford it. Well, I love your channel. You are a beautiful couple. Today I decided to find your first video and watch them in order and glad I did. I am learning from you and definitely enjoying your journey.

  19. New sub here. Just wondering if you’re Class B has a shower? Seems that many do not. A Class B would be plenty of space for me, but I’ve been thinking that I would need to get a Class C just to have a shower/bathroom that I can live with. Would prefer a Class B though, if it has a decent shower.

  20. The solar plant you showed is Ivanpah, the company I work or built it. I was out there for three years. Cool project

  21. Try OdorLos for the porta potti. After years of wretching while dumping disgusting blue slurry the OdorLos makes the ofalcatory nightmare disappear. Thanks for the great videos!

  22. I must have missed the vid about the Berkey. Why? And if you're just driving city to city, you would need to fill up the water, but where?

  23. It took us one camping trip in the C-class to make the bathroom rule. 🙂 It is too small a space for #2 no matter how long you have been married.

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