REI Co-op Gear Guide: Best Camping Lanterns

REI Co-op Gear Guide: Best Camping Lanterns

what’s up everyone I’m Miranda I’m ho
tech and this is another episode of the REI gear guys we’re out here in the
rainy Pacific Northwest to talk about the best lanterns that you can find at
REI this year so to decide our lanterns for this year we looked at customer
reviews we talked to our members and our customers when they were picking them
out and then we took a bunch of these guys out and we test them out in the
field and our first category is the best lanterns for car camping and our pick
was the goal zero lighthouse 400 so we chose the best Lantern for car camping
we were looking for something that was super bright and had a lot of variety
for hanging options as well as something that could be charged many different
ways and that’s how we landed on the gold zero lighthouse 400 so that 400
stands for 400 lumens which is the maximum brightness of this lantern but
actually goes to different light settings as well as the dimming option
so you can have the lantern turned on all the way on both sides this or you
can have it turned on only on one side Stephen has a light face it does also
have a red light setting as you can press this button and then you will get
a red light that flashes up top this is more for emergencies are like finding a
site ya are finding your site again than it is for life there’s also two
different options for hanging this letter for using this lantern you can
hang it with this guy here and then you can also use the legs like we have it
this is really great for putting it on tabletops where this is better for
hanging it that you can also fold up the legs make the whole thing a little bit
shorter like this and then one of the cool things about it because the goal 0
Lantern there’s a whole bunch of different ways you can charge it so you
can hook it up through USB to charge it up you can also set it up through a
solar panel bull zero solar panel sold separately
and finally if you’re in kind of a pinch you can actually run the hand crank on
it and a minute of crank on this guy will give you ten minutes of light
yeah great for emergencies great for entertaining kid yes definitely good
entertaining kids yeah so this guy when he’s fully juiced up will without
charging any electronics cuz it can charge electronics out of this USB it’ll
give you between two and a half hours to 48 hours depending on your brightness
settings yeah the next category for lanterns that we
have is the best lantern for backpacking and for that we chose the pack light max
phone charger lantern by illuminate so the reason why we chose the luminate
is because it’s pretty bright but also it’s super super packable and really
really really lightweight yeah and it also charges off of the solar panel so
this is great for backpacking the ancient you don’t have to worry about
carrying extra batteries with you wonderful thing about the illuminate is
that like I said it does charge off the solar panel it’ll take how long is it
like roughly 12 hours and full Sun to charge like this but if the battery is
fully charged you can use this provide a little bit of additional extra charge to
your devices by plugging them in the able USB port here you do have this
hanging strap on the top here that gives you three different puts essentially and
then you have four different brightness settings in a strobe two three hey-ya
hey-ya but it packs super small it is an error
inflated light so this is just like a pillow means you can also float it but
this is why I like it because I can just drop this into my bag and then show this
dropping to oh yeah yeah just like that and the cool thing about
this is that because it straps on the backside here you can attach it to a
daisy chain on your pack and then the solar panel is still slowly revealed yep
charging all day while you’re hiking totally so yeah that is the luminaid and
again we really like this Lantern because not only can you get the solar
charge out of it but you can provide a little additional charge to electronics
pack super small super lightweight super bright all pretty groovy yeah
our next category or the best lanterns and get for under $20 and for that we
chose the Black Diamond devotee so we chose these lights for the best you can
get for under 20 bucks because they offer a lot of brightness they’re just
really convenient and cute and you can dim them all the way down right right so
you can control them I like them because you can hang them up in your tents off
of this you can also use it as just like a really really nice little handheld
light if it’s in your hands oh wow yes because it’s so cute right these guys
run off to phase so right there so just putting some extra batteries make sure
you can reload the things go sideways out there I come in a variety of colors
yep and yeah they’re great I mean this is my this is my go-to Lantern yeah yeah
I think a lot of us really like things just because of their simplicity and how
small they are they are best hanging if you just have
them on the ground up like this and they’re at full brightness they’re kind
of like right in your face so now our guys can you hang them yep and then our
next category is the best Lantern that we like for group camps and that is
going to be the bio light base camp so our top pick for best lantern for
Group camping is the violight based lanterns plot this ledger is really cool
because it essentially functions as a base camp for all of your lighting needs
and it’s got a fun a few really neat features in terms of how it charges and
how I can charge other things so what you can do this guy is this is your
power in and you can charge that guy in through USB a pretty standard but you
can also hook it up to any of the bio light stuff so there’s bio light solar
panels you can also hook up to the bio light stove you can charge it off of
that and you can actually charge out with it too so you can charge the two
things at once right over there and this guy’s good for seventy eight
hundred milliamps and it also is obviously a light in and of itself and
so if you press the button on the top you’ll get basically the flight setting
from either side you can also get a single sided light and a red light
setting now one really cool thing about the base Lantern is that this has the
ability to hook up to a Bluetooth app on your phone which here me out is actually
really awesome so you can do all sorts of different
light settings with this you can have a strobe setting you can do different
colors you know solid colors it really like is the life of the party as far as
lanterns go and there’s also some pretty cool ports on the other side where you
can hook in other bio light lanterns we’re going to show you that so this is
the bio light sight lamp sight light and the way this guy works is that you plug
them in up here and there we go and then these guys
actually break apart so you have multiple lights right here and you’re
gonna have this guy turned on and then you can also adjust these guys
separately but if you’re using the app with the base lantern you can adjust how
bright these are or turn these on or off from this light itself that’s pretty
cool it is pretty cool it also packs down to be about the size of a sandwich five yeah
and our next category is going to be our best non electric lantern that’s going
to be the Coleman dual fuel so all the other lanterns that we’ve talked about
have been battery operated electro lanterns some of them kind of on
the like high-end tech I guess and so if you’re looking for something more
traditional that is non electric you can get some yeah so this laser actually
runs on liquid gas no batteries and yeah it more it’s warm yeah it’s a worm thank
you super super bright but it’s always a warm light it is always a warm light a
little more like old-school traditional before totally and if you take care of
the new things will last a really long time they have a lot of moving parts in
he says but many of them are replaceable and fixable
and also it uses mantle so while the mantle is that it uses our fragile it’s
those little things so the waste guy works is you’re gonna pump them up just
like that and then you’re gonna turn them on with this switch and you’re
gonna pop a little match right there and one over on this side and not a lot of
your lanterns then you’ll be good to go and those missiles do you want to pre
burn them before you use them in the field
this could have more than any of the other lanterns you probably want to be
familiar with it before you take it out but again it’s a really nice bright
comfortable more like traditional style of light you can always follow the
manufacturer’s instructions as you should
another gonna be lanterns is that wall they’re a little bit larger and bulkier
you can buy cases for them so it makes easier to kind of all yeah keep some
protective so because these lanterns do burn fuel they are for outdoor use only
do not put these in your tent you should also be like a little bit cautionary
about how you’re using them and make sure that you’re just being safe in
general that’s it for lanterns thanks for watching and if you want to come
into the Royal REI and talk to the experts there we’ll
see you on the trail stay dry

10 thoughts on “REI Co-op Gear Guide: Best Camping Lanterns

  1. Ive used the Biolite Base Lantern every night for over 2 years in my off grid camper! Biolite products are some of the best around!

  2. Personally, even collapsed, I don't find that Luminaid all that packable. And at almost 10 ounces according to their website, it's far from lightweight as backpacking luxury items go. It's also pretty expensive at $60+. Try the Goal Zero lighthouse micro or micro flash (also available at REI the last time I checked). Less than half the price, about 1/5 the weight, and soooo much smaller and more packable than the collapsed Luminaid – not as much maximum light output, but still plenty to read by in a tent. Or you could just use your headlamp…

  3. Thanks for the good video. It's nice to have the different categories explained. ย 
    It would be helpful to also include price of each item — and maybe the weight for backpack-able ones. Thanks again for the videos. Keep 'em coming.

  4. I have the luminad and its a great lantern. But after one full pH charge (I charged it fully before I left on my hike) it basically never was able to charge my phone. It was outside for 11+ hours of daylight with direct sunlight of 7-8hrs per day. The solar charger is very weak. So buyer beware..

  5. I was excited to watch this video but then was distracted by the rainbow hair, and the rain landing on coats or plastic something.

  6. hey i lived with Amish for a few years so was rite off grid lol… nobody fireing up the cookstove ( wood ) to make meals…. used some karosene hurricane lights but they kinda suck, mostly these gas lights… and coleman gas cookstove, in the house, every day, couple lanterns on in the evening…. i didnt like the pain in the ars of filling lights, stoves so i got propane lantern and the coleman " guide " propane stove that has 3 burners and one is bit bigger so more btu's and will boil a large coffee kettle quite a bit faster than the ole naphta gas…. they wernt sopposed to use such "modern" ( evil ) things as propane… but i couldnt keep mother from taking my stove lol ( they were not sopposed to have "English" , us, live with them but , you know, $300 a month rent for there small house attached to there house with a porch to avoid building permit…. worked out for us both, course ide yoink the ole mans deep cycle battery every night to run my 13"tv/vcr on lol, he pretended he kept getting bad batteries…. after a bit, you dont miss all the modern stuff like ya think ya would… old ma had a real pile of a ringer washer hooked to some old 2 hp motor that was here since the war…. i was at an auction and bid $2 on a MINT Maytag riger washer and if i dont get it lol, so i grabed her a 2 or 3 horse , new, honda to run it…. she friggen cried…. its the little things in life…. i miss my Arabian mare , that ma always took to town in the buggy cause she was the fastest, and the easiest to control lol. i miss being there, shoulda stayed, they wanted me too but

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