REI | Co-op Tested, Co-op Made: Camping Chairs // Ep4

REI | Co-op Tested, Co-op Made: Camping Chairs // Ep4

– Hey, this is Jim from the Magnusson Lab. Today we’re gonna be doing a little bit of furniture testing. (vibrant music) Camp furniture is one of
those things that you love, but you hate to see it
break and throw it away, and we wanna make sure
that doesn’t happen. And that’s not always
easy to do with furniture that’s meant to be light
enough to take backpacking. And so this is something
that is kind of a challenge because you’re making a
product that’s so light that you can carry it backpacking, but also supposedly strong enough to handle up to a, I think in this case, a 250 pound load chair we’re testing. So this is fatigue test, repeated loading with a weight bag. – So when this test runs, we do a couple of our variables
that we like to control, and there’s a couple that we like to kinda let the world control. We want the chair to stay where it is, but we’re okay with the feet moving the way that they would
when a user is in the chair. We also test on a really slippery surface, so that the legs are moving as though, it was kind of in a worst case scenario. – Hopefully, if we’ve
done everything right, by the time we get to a
completed chair like this, that we won’t see a failure. What specifically we would be looking for are all those little annoying things. A total failure is bad,
but also if the experience of setting up or taking
down the chair has changed, parts have gotten loose,
it feels more wobbly. Any of those kinds of
things are just as bad, really, and would be a failure, so we wanna do testing to make sure that it’s safe, but also
that it performs well. – We’re gonna talk a little bit more about furniture testing. We’re gonna do dynamic test. So we’re gonna actually
drop a weight into a seat, kinda similar to the way a
person might sit in a camp chair. You got a plateful of food, a drink in your hands, and you plop into the seat. – Right now, we’ve got the weighted bag suspended at a set
distance above the chair. The load is live right
now in a quick release. And like Dave said, this will simulate you dropping down into a
chair with a bit of force, which is pretty tough on a small, lightweight piece of furniture like this. – [Dave] All right, I’m
ready when you are, Jim. Recording. – And here we go. (lively music) – So when we run this test, we’ll go through the chair, we’ll make sure that nothing’s
broken, nothing’s bent. Then we’ll give that
feedback to our design team and our development team,
and we’ll let ’em know. And if there’s any issues, they’ll work with our factories or with our prototypers internally, and they’ll come up with solutions to make these more durable. – This is a type of test
that we might perform or we certainly would perform on chairs, but we might also perform
it on anything else that would see this
type of a dynamic load. Other things we might do it on, a hammock, which is obviously
something where you have a person suspended above the ground, so that’s one where you definitely don’t wanna see a dynamic failure. Like Dave said, we would like to check and make sure that there’s not any damage that we didn’t see, so
everything would get inspected, and we even have special gauges we’ve 3D printed to go through and measure the parts of
the chair specifically and make sure that they
are within tolerance. This chair did really well, and considering it’s such a light chair, that’s pretty impressive.

5 thoughts on “REI | Co-op Tested, Co-op Made: Camping Chairs // Ep4

  1. Set the chair inside a larger box filled with dirt & rocks. Human testing would be a human about 150-180lbs holding two 45-pound weights.

  2. To bad no one sits down like that, do a real to test of that ridiculous direction they have the legs going that puts unneeded stress on that cheap plastic joint, guess they assumes no one ever leans slightly back in chair.

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