REI Ruckpack 40 Review | One Bag Travel Backpack (Men’s & Women’s Version)

REI Ruckpack 40 Review | One Bag Travel Backpack (Men’s & Women’s Version)

48 thoughts on “REI Ruckpack 40 Review | One Bag Travel Backpack (Men’s & Women’s Version)

  1. Another great review, Tom! I like that you guys have been adding bloopers to the end of each review, nobody is perfect and that adds a little something funny to each review.

    I like most of the features of this bag. The pockets, all of the little hook places on the outside, rain cover, and compression straps. However, the hip belt is a deal breaker for me personally. I believe that should be a hide-able/removable feature.

  2. Great detailed review as always, and awesome, no frills shots of the actual bag. The overall shape and opening reminds me a lot of the Arcteryx Khard / Vanquest IBEX, and the side pockets of the Camelbak Trizip (this is a good thing IMO). Also, thank you for including the women's version, and women reviewers across all your reviews! From a short girl with excessive bag/gear acquisition syndrom, it is much appreciated!

  3. The side system looks great, but I don’t understand why it the zip faces outwards, that just makes it less secure if you want to put phone/keys/wallet. The zip should face the wearers back.

  4. How do you feel the "5 liters" difference between this and the AER travel 2 ? I torn between thoses 2 and the setout but I can't tell if the higher capacity has a big impact on the overall experience. Maybe I'm better off going for the AER (my favorite) and an extra packable duffel bag for when I bring back gifts or go heavy like for a cold climate.

    Thanks for the review anyway !

  5. When I looked at this bag in person, I thought it was quite strange that the main compartment completely opens up and stuff can fall out of the top side. Seems like a dumb choice in my mind and i would guess I would lose stuff that comes falling out of the top side of the pack. especially when its really full

  6. you still recomend the peak desing travel over this one? i need one carry on bag to travel and i still confused

  7. I'm glad I came across your channel for the first time today. Such a thorough review. Great work, have a like and a new subscriber!

  8. I'm curious what you guys think of the Waymark Gear Thru 40 packs? Lighter weight and a bit simpler, but too simple??! idk

  9. I’ve traveled over 250,000 miles this year alone with this pack as my one-bag travel companion. One of the best luggage investments I’ve ever made, and the quality is still holding up after 10 months of continuous travel. I’ve checked it in, it’s been tossed around, the straps are fraying, but I love this pack. I’ve even used it for a 4 night backpacking trip! Not optimal, but it worked out great and was comfortable while trekking through New Zealand! The hidden daisy chains are my favorite feature

  10. Hey, thanks for sharing this review. Awesome video production.

    Could I get your advice on this? I'm contemplating a purchase between this pack, Farpoint 40 and REI trail 40. Main use case is to bring it on long term travel but it needs to work as a backpacking pack as well. While I'm not very particular about the urban look, I need the strap to be sturdy enough to support a hike of 4 days to 2 weeks in the Himalayas. I'm a lady so I appreciate the details about the thickness of strap but still can't quite make out the quality from the video. Also I live outside of the US so can't test them out myself. Which of the pack would you recommend?

  11. Thanks for the review. I would have appreciate a lot more coverage and discussion on the main compartment. You guys spent nearly 10 minutes covering “external” areas and barely mentioned anything about the main compartment. Based on the screen at 11:54, it looks like it doesn’t even open entirely. Could you provide some comment on the main compartment please?

  12. About to take this pack to Europe for 2 weeks. So far, it works super well!

    Also, in regards to the laptop pocket; there is actually padded foam at the bottom of it. That along with the back mesh on the exterior and clothes on the interior, I haven't needed to worry about using a padded computer sleeve.
    In the end though it all depends on your preference.

  13. I like that they have a men's and women's version. I don't like that they assume all women are short. Which probably means that for me the hip straps are way too high. I also noticed (really good!) that the chest strap is much lower! I cannot really use most chest straps because, boobs….

  14. I used the similar REI Trail 40 for the El Camino de Santiago in Oct. 2017. It was perfect for that application, very comfortable and survived the trip with minimal wear. It worked carry-on even though it was slightly over the TSA limit of 9x14x22. Hiking poles are not carry-on compatible so I checked them in a cardboard tube which was a major pain in the butt in Barcelona when they put them on a special carousel that was hard to find.

    I tried out the Ruckpack 40 at my local REI loaded with 20 lbs of sandbags which was slightly more than my El Camino load. The Ruckpack 40 was not quite as comfortable as the Trail 40, but it was close.The waist and shoulder belts were both hide-able under a zippered flap on the Ruckpack 40 I tested so I was surprised when you said the waist belt wasn't hide-able, although granted the waist belt is hard to get under the flap.

  15. Love this back pack but afraid that it won’t pass as a carryon because of the dimension. Has anyone taken this pack as a carry on ?

  16. Black is a stupid color for outdoors. Not only is it hotter in the direct sun (not good for electronics or camera gear), but you also are seen by motorists less easily- especially in low light conditions. A lot of functionality and practicality is lost in looking so cool, isn't it? Kinda like wearing some 3" heels with mascara and tight pants…

  17. the side pull tabs for the zipper are looped. its like pacsafe and some other bags, when not in use, just slide the zipper through it so its harder for pick pockets to open up your pocket.

  18. This pack is awesome! I got it for $80 at REI. I used some coupons and my dividen. Well worth it in my opinion. I use it as my main carry on, so much easier to carry on my back like a backpack then to worry about a roller luggage.

  19. I was slightly curious about this pack until "Not removable" waist strap. instant deal breaker. I'm on a hunt tho. Will keep watching your videos!

  20. I bought three of these. One for my wife, son, and me. We love them and your review helped us decide. Thank-you!

  21. Has anyone on your team tried using this backpack as a carry on European airplanes (where the carry-on dimensions are smaller).

  22. This is a good review. I may have missed it, but you don’t make mention of the lack of a top carry/hold handle though. I love my Ruckpack but have found that omission pretty annoying because with the bag not able to stand on its own, there is no way to hold it upright easily, when accessing the top pocket or trying to get to just the top of the main compartment.

  23. I had a tough choice between this one and the trail 40 but eventually went with the trail 40 because it was on sale at 58.99 compared to 100+.

  24. brought one home to try out, wish the side water bottle pockets were square cut on the bottom so my taller bottles stayed in, planing on cutting the hip belt away, wish it came off like my Kelty. not sure what the plastic do hickys are on the elastic cords on the back

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