Remote Income Sources & Travel Friendly Jobs! | Full Time Nomad Basics

Remote Income Sources & Travel Friendly Jobs! | Full Time Nomad Basics

What’s going on everybody! Welcome back to the channel. In today’s video, I wanted to touch on one of the most important
subjects of full-time travel, and obviously that subject today is going to
be money. The journey to ultimate freedom really begins with financial freedom, so
in this video I’m going to show you a few different ways that you can make
that remote income, as well as a few travel friendly jobs that you can use as
well. Right now we are currently in Tallahassee, Florida. We just got here
from the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina yesterday, and we’re visiting my
cousin up here in Tallahassee. She works for the capital so that’s why we are
here hanging out at her apartment for the weekend. And I’m taking full advantage of making a video and using her Wi-Fi to upload this to YouTube. So thank you Leah, and it’s been a pleasure hanging out with you here. And I went ahead and wrote down everything I want to cover on this little list here. So
don’t get mad at me if I keep looking down at the list to go over some things.
But let’s go ahead and get started! So, the first income source that I wanted to mention is kind of just selling artwork that you make either online or at little
markets along the way. This seems to be something that’s pretty Universal among
travelers. Travelers just seem to be artsy people in general. So, we’ve met
people who sell all kinds of arts and crafts. My girlfriend for instance sells
jewelry. She has an Etsy shop called Stoned Darling if you want to check that
out, and myself, I also sell little live-edge wooden coasters. You can find
those on my website I’ll leave the link in the description if you want to check
those out as well. But, selling artwork is just one of those things that’s pretty
easy. You can make them in the camper or whatever you’re staying in, and bring
them to little towns sell them at markets, or even sell them on something like Etsy. The next thing I want to cover is just basically online business in general. And this can be something like your artwork business, or any business. I mean business goes across a huge spectrum of things, so just running an online business is easy
because if you’ve got internet access, you can run to town have internet access
in just about any town whether it be McDonald’s or Starbucks some kind of
coffee shop. You can usually find internet access around the country. So
running an online business is obviously a great remote source of income. I would
suggest getting that started before taking off on the road full time. We
jumped right into the fire and it was pretty stressful to kind
of build that online business income stream. So, I would highly suggest doing
it before you leave. But, if you want to jump into the fire, more power to you and
I wish you the best of luck! Another great remote income stream is
teaching a specific skill online. Kind of like I’m doing right now. Obviously I’m
doing this for free for you guys. So, on a platform like YouTube though, I can get paid in ad money after a certain amount of subscribers and views and
things like that. Also, it’s a great way to just kind of pitch products and kind
of tie together your other multiple income streams. So, having a youtube
channel has been fun for me so far. I’ve got about 500 subscribers as of today so thank you guys for subscribing to me. It’s pretty cool. But there’s also other
platforms like which is more geared towards courses. So
people can pay to take a course in a specific skill that you know. And that
can be useful as well. So those things are pretty much the best of remote income sources and how to get remote income. But if what you’re looking for is
more of like a physical work along the way and seasonal jobs that kind of thing,
I would highly recommend checking out a website called and this
is basically a website you go on and it’s got tons of jobs listed. A lot of
average kind of jobs where most of them are at resorts and things or ranches
many of them are in beautiful places. Some of them offer places for you to
park your camper, most of them are seasonal, so if you would like to you
know travel to Colorado for the summer and work up there in the summer and
maybe go to Alaska at a certain time and work up there for a little bit and
just kind of slowly bounce around while you travel, that’s a great way to do that
and kind of have that steady income stream along the way. But for me it’s a
little more restricting on travel. You don’t really have that ultimate freedom once again, but it is a good source of income on the road. If you’re just looking for a quick little weekend boost, and you need a little bit extra cash, you
can do things like Craigslist gigs. I’ve gone on there personally like while I
was out in Colorado. I was selling artwork at the time so I
just enjoyed being around art. I went on Craigslist and into the gig section
and found somebody that was running an art booth for the weekend and they
needed an extra hand. So I made 200 bucks in a couple days and that covered more
than half of my bills for the way that we live. I mean
if you’re living on the road most of the time if you’re living off-grid at least,
you’re not paying a rent bill at a campground so your expenses monthly are much lower than normal. So I mean one weekend’s worth of Craigslist gigs if
you make a couple hundred bucks, can get you a pretty far way. Another kind of physical labor type job would be something like household services.
Certain people, actually some of our friends that we’ve met along the road do
this. Basically they house sit, and dog sit. So they basically, now they have a nice
little resume built up they’ve got plenty of reviews and things like that.
But if you can get yourself a foot in the door and start house-sitting dog
sitting it’s a good way to make money and travel around the country doing it,
and at the same time you get a little break from whatever you’re living in. So
if you live in a nice little small camper, and you get to go house sit at a
nice big house, that can be a nice break from the lifestyle. And the last thing that I’ll mention is something I haven’t personally tried yet, but it does strike
my interest. It’s called and it’s
basically a delivery service. So for travellers who are constantly
driving long distances, it’s a website where you go on and people need
something shipped, you go on there and you kind of put a bid on the shipping
price, and you can go pick it up if you’re going in that direction and
you’re pretty much already going that way, and you don’t mind stopping to pick
up an item, or a dog. Whatever that is that they need shipped, you can pick it
up and take it to its destination and get paid that way. So honestly there’s, I mean there’s endless ways to make money on the road, You just really have to
think outside the box, it’s a totally different lifestyle, but it’s a lifestyle that you can take advantage of. Being on the road, and being in an age where there’s internet, I mean having internet is just… Most jobs are online already
anyways, and most money is flowing through internet and technology. So, take
advantage of the weird little things and think outside the box and you’re sure to
come up with more ways than I can think of. But that was pretty much the best
list that I could come up with for remote income and just travel friendly
type labor. So if you guys found this information useful, don’t forget to click
like leave a comment and subscribe to the channel. And if you’d like to follow along on a written blog post that gets more into detail on things like expenses
and budgeting on the road, you can go to my website at or if you’re really cool, you can type in
” Living Nomad ” on Google and just click on my website that way. I might be on the 2nd or 3rd page right now because I just got it started. But if you want to help me boost my SEO, and help me on my own financial journey, that would be really cool of you guys to Google it. So thank you again for watching this video, and stay tuned for the next one!

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  1. Not sure if this video was planned or what. But I just commented recently on a video of yours as to what you guys do for income on the road. Almost feel as if this video was a personal response.
    Anyway, you guys are awesome and I always look forward to seeing new content.

  2. Thanks for the tips! We are hoping to try WOOFING. Now we have more ideas to put in the gas tank!! God speed

  3. Just finished binge watching all your videos 🙂 loving your videos and quality reminds me of Elsa R channel I forgot her last name but yeah big fan know you new to YouTube but keep up the good work you'll be getting all the views soon 🙂

  4. I didn't see yours or your Gf's links to your stores in the description box. Did I miss them? If not, can you add them? I'd like to shop. 🙂
    Also, when you show her making jewelry on a video or your coasters, put the store link on screen. This helps so much get that out there as common knowledge for viewers.

    I am enjoying your channel. Maybe we will see you on the road this summer. If you are ever bored (ha!) check out my small playlist of my family's RV adventures.

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