Rick and Morty – We Need a Vacation [VERY UNCENSORED]

Rick and Morty  – We Need a Vacation [VERY UNCENSORED]

*Cheering* *Walking* *Doors Open* *Seat belt Clicks* *Sighs* Rick: Fuck *Morty Starts Crying* Rick: daarGHHHH FUCK Rick: FUCK Morty: I can’t fucking do this anymore Rick: That was seriously FUCKED UP, we almost died Morty: So you agree?! Rick: FUCK YES! That, that, this was insane!!! That was pure luck!! I was NOT in control of that situation AT ALL… Morty: AaAaHuHaRgHhHh Rick: Look at this, Morty!! Look at my fucking hands!!! Look at this SHIT!!!! Morty: Why do you… keep doing this to us?? Rick: I dunno Morty! Maybe I hate myself? Maybe I think I deserve to die?! I, I, I, I don’t know!!! *Morty keeps screaming his lungs out ‘cuz that’s what Morty’s do* Rick: We need a vacation…

100 thoughts on “Rick and Morty – We Need a Vacation [VERY UNCENSORED]

  1. When you're riding Splash Mountain and hit that first serious drop and your socks and underwear are soaked.

  2. After one single night working at an industrial factory making cement blocks and your homeboy asks you "Dude do we really need this job?"

  3. Me after a nightmare school group project with grown adults who should know how to act like fucking adults but somehow do not…

  4. Me after Halo 2 on Legendary. Those fucking Jackals seriously raped my subconscious mind to the point where I actually enjoyed fighting them. That's how bad my psyche got fucked.

  5. An the vindicators thaught world ender was bad. The thing rick and morty just destroyed was just pure luck. Rick literally admited that was to much

  6. Girls after beating Halo Reach: "Game was pretty fun." "Could've survived a bit longer but that's okay."

    The boys after beating Halo Reach: 0:12–0:28

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