Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen and today for our Easter table We’re gonna be making Rick’s picnic beans We’ve shared this with you before in a video about eight years ago and it’s still today continues to be a family favorite we decided to go ahead and update the video because You know tried-and-true is ageless and timeless so I can’t wait to show you how this all comes together Eight years ago, we posted a video of Rick’s picnic beans and we call them that because These are perfect to take to any potluck picnic barbeque and we almost always have them every Thanksgiving and every Easter and because this is Easter week we couldn’t think of a better time to remake this video and bring it more up-to-date and Have it better quality for you. So here we are Rick’s beans are delicious and they’re a family favorite He brought this recipe with him and of course, he’s standing right here behind the camera. So He brought this recipe with him. We always use Pre-made baked beans, but we always have a favorite brand And that’s what we’re using today. We have two 28 ounce cans of country-style. Bush’s baked beans and We add to that very simple ingredients. We add about a half a cup of brown sugar and an entire pound of rendered bacon I do not drain this if your bacon is Extremely greasy then I recommend that you drain it but what you see in the ball is exactly how it came out of the pan It didn’t render hardly any grease at all. I gotta say this actually the way my mom used to make them. Well, there you go And if you like or prefer you can sub out the brown sugar for molasses We have done that in the past or you can use half-and-half and make sure that if you’re going to increase this Then you add a commensurate amount of sweetener because it really does make a difference Now these go in a slow cooker and they cook until they’re nice and thick they’re not soupy and that’s one of the reasons people love these beans because they’re nice and thick and they’re just delicious and They’re not soupy and they don’t totally run all over the plate Now we have made these for a crowd like we have put to number 10 cans of baked beans these just a regular old Bush’s baked beans that come in a number tin can and we have doctored them up with like two pounds of bacon and lots of brown sugar and they always come out perfect every single time and People love them. These are definitely a crowd-pleaser and like I said a family favorite without further ado I just have a small slow cooker here You guys have more than one slow cooker because I have like four baby different sizes. It just depends on What we’re doing? And like I said, these are 2 28 ounce cans. They also make a large I think they make a 16-ounce can and they make a number-10 can so you use What you think is best for your needs and then you can adjust the other ingredients in goes our bacon There’s a whole pound of Nice’s bacon and This I I just cooked in a skillet I cut it up first into little pieces and I threw it in a hot skillet And I rendered I just cooked it really slow until it was crispy and there goes our brown sugar Give that a stir and my idea this week because we’re leading up to Easter is just kind of keeping it budget-friendly But delicious and traditional so these are gonna go alongside our Chipotle brown sugar apricot glazed ham and My mom’s pineapple bake and some green beans and that’s gonna be our dinner I’m making this a week in advance of Easter because you know, we do this for you guys So into the slow cooker I’m gonna set it on low We’re gonna let this go for a few hours and then we’ll be back and we’ll show you what they look like There you have it. Rick’s picnic beans are all done. They’ve been cooking in the crock pot for about three hours They’re beautiful. They’re thick they’re steamy and they’re ready to enjoy these I Kid you not. These are the best left over they get better with time and If you get any leftovers because I have been known to take over a gallon of these to a church function and not have a Spoonful left to bring home with us. Isn’t that right? Mm-hm We make these for Thanksgiving we make them for Easter and we make them in between in smaller batches But when we make when you know for holidays and for church events we go big time These are super delicious super easy They don’t break the budget and everybody enjoys them so you can see how thick and beautiful they are You can see the big pieces of bacon that are in there and Rick wanted me to remember to mention That if you get to a point where you’ve it’s been in the crock pot for a while sometimes Crock pots cook differently or slow cookers cook differently and some of them create a lot of condensation so if you find that your beans are a little bit soupy ER than you like just kind of offset the lid a little bit and or put a wooden spoon in there and keep it on high for about an hour and let Some of that liquid cook off and reduce your beans and they’ll be perfect. You all ready to taste them even though you know what they’re gonna taste like But they’re they’re gonna be perfect. They’re thick and delicious just as they should be I Really want you to get that bacon crispy When you’re rendering it in the pan and it could take you up to a half an hour To get it nice and crisp. You don’t want to cook it too fast you want to cook it over a nice medium high heat and just stir it occasionally and then when just when you think it’s never gonna get crisp it will start to crisp up and Then you can either drain it or you can just pour it right into the crock pot And it’ll be perfect. So flavorful nice and smoky great bacon flavor great sweetness and They’re just really perfect baked beans So that’s how you make them. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. I hope you’ll consider Including these in your Easter menu, and if you loved today’s video Please give us a thumbs up If you’re new to my kitchen and you wandered on over looking for Easter dinner ideas, or otherwise Welcome always a pleasure to have new friends join me Be sure and hit the subscribe button and as always if you’re a tried and true member of the nerine’s kitchen family Be sure and hit the bell notification button so that you get a push notification on your smart device or a message in your inbox Notifying you every time we upload a new video because we don’t want you to miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope that you give Ric’s picnic beans a try sometime soon, and I hope you love them and until next time I’ll see


  1. Wow, no onions ? I know we alway put onions and ketchup in ours but maybe with the different type of bean and a pound of bacon that will make the difference. Thank you for your great recipe Noreen.

  2. I have never eaten beans, in my life. Is that weird ? In chili … that’s it ???‍♀️ I need to try this recipe, it looks delicious.

  3. Very good recipe!! My recipe is so similar.Thank you for sharing Rick & Noreen!! Have a wonderful blessed Easter ?

  4. Hi Noreen & Rick! ?
    It's always nice to try out different bean recipes.
    Rick's Picnic Beans look like a winner to me, thanks for updating!
    Looking forward to that Pineapple Bake recipe of your mom's.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter!!

  5. Noreen……these beans were fabulous….and I always love how with everything you cook you always say "Let me fix you a plate cause I know your hungry," just like moms do…your channel is a blessing to have and I love the retro recipes….all the ones you have showed I grew up eating.. keep cooking and posting…and many blessings to your husband on his birthday…and Happy Easter…God Bless.

  6. The one reason I have yet to start my channel is the rude and over opinionated comments lol this is their recipe folks you want other ingredients add them and i for one like how her recipes are all over the place from healthy to homestyle to informational….cant wait to see what the pineapple bake is ?

  7. Looks so good! I love that you use a crock pot this would be great for summer BBQs! Happy Easter to you and your family

  8. Hi Noreen, how are you?Thanks for this recipe. Everyone loves these beans. I sure will remember this recipe. Thank you. Have A Blessed Easter with family. ?♥️???

  9. Great video!!! We love baked beans and Ricks recipe looks wonderful. I'm going to try these right away!!! Thank you Noreen!

  10. I’ve been making these for years except I add one if not two diced carmelized onions as well to give it extra flavor. I agree…these are almost like dessert and better as leftovers!

  11. I make these too with bushes. I like your procedure better so I'm going to hunt up s smaller crock pot. Thankyou!!

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