Ring of Kerry : the Ireland travel story

Ring of Kerry  : the Ireland travel story

Ring of Kerry : Ireland travel Ireland heritage village on the way to Ring of Kerry Ireland natural reserve 102.89 km2 area in the beginning of Ring of Kerry Name given by Queen victoria ladies in waiting in 1861 during visit to Ring of Kerry Village nearest to Ireland skellig experience inside Ring of Kerry Place that Charlie Chaplin loves so much in Ring of Kerry, that he visited it every year oceanic view while driving in Ring of Kerry Celtic Stone fort alongside Ring of Kerry Last city we travelled to in the Ring of Kerry

5 thoughts on “Ring of Kerry : the Ireland travel story

  1. Wow your pictures are absolutely stunning! You went to some of the same places I vlogged in recently and you made them seem absolutely gorgeous. It makes me want to go back haha

  2. Beautiful! I'm named after this county – and I have family in neighbouring County Cork. Skibereen. Lovely pics! I will visit someday!

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